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Airtel Message Center number in All States in India

Airtel Message Center Number: SMS is a very important term and is commonly used around the world daily. Every day we will send business messages and important messages via the SMS services of our network operators! Did you know how these text messages were successfully delivered to the recipients? Well, this is through the SMS center number.

Each network will contain this number, which is very useful for sending, delivering, and even storing your messages in the network’s database. Here we provide you with the list of numbers from Airtel’s message center below.

So today we bring you the list of Airtel message center numbers for Airtel users. There are different Airtel message center numbers for different states. So there are all the unique numbers for each state. Many of us are unaware of these numbers. Don’t worry, I will give you the details about the Airtel SMS service center number and also all the details about this SMSC.

Information about the Airtel Message Center number:

So friends, now you have some information about these Airtel message center numbers. Now let’s delve into this topic. All of the SIM card company’s networks and mobile networks will maintain a message response platform called SMSC (Short Message Service Center), a very important network element for any network operator. This SMSC is very useful for forwarding, delivering, and even storing your text messages. You can check how to set message center number for GLO, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile here.

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The message sent offline via the mobile network will be forwarded by this network. So every company keeps a unique number, just like Airtel. Airtel is a huge network spread across the country in several states. For your help, Airtel has also provided Airtel’s SMS service center number, which is unique for different users in the state. Here we will list them, scroll down for details.

Airtel Message Service Center number and Airtel SMS Center number:

The table below provides important details about all Airtel SMS center number statuses that will always help you when you need help regarding your text message problems. Here we have added all the statuses of the Airtel SMS center number list, just look and find the relevant status message center number for Airtel and tell us how useful it is.

Airtel Message Center number in All States in India

  • Airtel Message Center Andhra Pradesh number +919849087001
  • Airtel Message Center Assam Number +9198180230015
  • Airtel Message Center Gujarat number +919831029416
  • Airtel Jammu and Kashmir Message Center number +919845086007
  • Airtel Jharkhand Message Center Number +919845086020
  • Airtel Message Center Karnataka number +919845086007
  • Airtel Kerala Message Center Number +919810051905
  • Airtel Kolkata Message Center Number +919845086007
  • Airtel Maharastra Message Center Number +919898051916
  • Airtel Madhya Pradesh Message Center number +919845086020
  • Airtel Mumbai Message Center Number +919898051916
  • Airtel Message Center Orissa number +9198180230015
  • Airtel Punjab Message Center Number +919815051914
  • Airtel Rajasthan Message Center Number +919898051914
  • Airtel Message Center Telangana number +919849087001
  • Airtel Message Center Tamilnadu number +919898051914
  • Airtel Message Center West Bengal number +919932029007

NOTE: We have provided all valid numbers, if you have other details please share them with us, we will update them as soon as possible.

Default Message Center Number for All Networks in India

There are many mobile networks in India just like lots of people are using different networks.

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So many people have encountered this SMS Center Number issue. If you face this problem now, Select the Default SMSC number from the below list and set that number in your SMS Center number Box.

If it’s not working, We have another list of All Networks SMSC Numbers for All states in INDIA [This List contains SMSC Number of different Networks in India (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Jio…etc.)]

Operator                                                               Message Center Number

Airtel Message Center Number                                         +919895051914

BSNL Message Center Number                                          +919440099997

Idea Message Center Number                                            +919847099996

Vodafone Message Centre Number                                    +919846000040

Jio Message Centre Number                                                  +917010075009

Reliance GSM Message Centre Number                              +919020000500

Tata Docomo Message Centre Number                               +919032055002

Aircel Message Centre Number                                            +919809099060 Telenor Message Center Number                                         +919084051550

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How to change the SMS center number on Android:

Many are wondering how to change the SMS center on Android mobile. This is why we provide the full process below.

First of all open the messaging app from your mobile, click the Menu button, and go to Settings, Go to More settings, or Advanced settings.

Scroll down to find the SMS center number. Enter the correct SMS center number available above.

So, guys, this is the way to easily change the message center number on your Android phone. You will only find these options in the standard messaging app on your phone. You can read full details on how to set or change message center number on Android here.


So that’s it, friends, here we have provided almost all the details about the Airtel message center number and also all the other details about this SMSC and also about the Airtel SMS service center number. Hope you found it useful. If you want more interesting and informative things, keep visiting 9jaboizgist and get all the information you need in minutes. Thank you for visiting our website.


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