Access Bank loan code - How To Get Loan From Access Bank in 2021

Access Bank loan code – How To Get Loan From Access Bank?

What is the Access Bank loan code and how to get a loan from Access Bank online? Getting a loan in Nigeria is inevitable be it from a loved one or an institution. Almost everyone probably has a history of having to take out a loan.

The Access bank loan is designed to fund that need you started in the first place.

Types of Loans Offered by Access Bank

  • Creative Sector Loans: This is a Central Bank of Nigeria loan intended for capacity building and job creation for individuals and businesses in sectors such as fashion, information technology, film production and distribution, music, etc.
  • Lending Against Turnover (LATO): This is a direct lending product aimed at unpaid account holders who have been tied to the bank for more than six months. This type of loan requires no paperwork or collateral from the recipient and takes 30 days. You can easily apply for this type of credit with the Access Bank loan code – *901*11*1#.
  • Personal loan: This type of loan is intended for employees to bolster their needs through a salary product. It is flexible and lasts 36 months.
  • Advance: The salary advance of Access Bank gives employees access to a maximum of 100% of their net monthly salary. It requires no documentation or collateral and can be easily requested using the Quick Bucks app or the Access Bank loan code. The person must be repaid within 3 months.
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  • Small Loans: Access Bank offers up to 400% of your net monthly salary for this type of loan. You are expected to repay this loan within 12 months.
  • W Power Loan: This unique Access Bank loan product helps close the funding gap for women-owned businesses. W Power Loan gives them access to credit and credit facilities.
  • Advance school fees: As a parent or guardian you can take out a loan to pay the school fees of your child/department. This type of loan also allows you to take out a loan to pay for professional courses and certifications.
  • Device Financing: This is an Access Bank loan program designed to help you finance the purchase of mobile devices.
  • Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS): This loan is used to fund birth and fertility treatments.
  • Vehicle Financing: If you are looking for a way to easily buy a new car, an Access Bank vehicle financing loan can give you the money you need to get it. It is open to wage earners, SME owners, and business organizations. You get access to different providers and must repay the loan within 48 months.
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To make your job easier and make sure you make the best decision for your needs, you can use this platform to compare loans from different lenders in minutes. This is the best way to weigh various pros and cons and make an informed decision accordingly.

Access Bank Loan Code – Access Bank Loan Requirements And How To Get Loan From Access Bank Online

For the creative sector loan, you need a business plan or an explanation of how much you need for your company

  • For the LATO loan, the small credit personal loan, and the advance salary you need a telephone number that is linked to your BVN and proof that you received your salary in the previous month
  • For a personal loan, you need a completed application form, a completed employer’s statement, a copy of your work ID, BVN, a credit check, and a Pfandbrief.
  • For a W-Power loan, the company must be 50% owned by women, have been in business for at least 1 year, and employ at least 2 people
  • For a study advance, you need a correctly completed application form, a correctly accepted letter of offer, a tuition fee/invoice drawn up in the name of the student, a valid identity card, and an up-to-date electricity bill for the last 3 months

Access Bank Loan Eligibility

The following entitles you to provide this Access bank loan:

  • No outstanding loan with Access Bank or another bank
  • A phone number linked to your BVN
  • Proof that you have received salary in the past month

The Maximum Access Bank Loan You Can Get

With this Access Bank loan, you are entitled to a maximum of 75% of your monthly income. This price is subject to the following factors:

  • Salary account holder Access Bank: If you are an Access Bank salary account holder, you are entitled to a personal loan amounting to 75% of your monthly salary.
  • Other bank customers: If you receive your salary through another bank processed through IPPIS or Remita, you are entitled to a bank credit from Access equal to 50% of your monthly salary as long as it does not exceed NGN 500,000.
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Access Bank loan code Features

  • The 24/7 service, which requires no visits to the bank and the application, is conveniently delivered through *901*11*1# QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, and Mobile App.
  • No documentation is required.
  • No collateral is required.
  • Up to thirty-one (31) days term.

Applying for the Access Bank Payday Loan Using the Access Bank loan code

The personal loan is a digital product, so you do not have to apply for it physically. You can access the personal loan through Access Bank’s personal loan code using the USSD – *901*11*1#, through Internet banking – which allows you to borrow money directly online or even through the WhatsApp banking platform of Access Bank. You can also access it through the Access Mobile app and the QuickBooks app.

How to pay off the access bank loan?

Your Access Bank loan can be repaid with your next salary payment or 30 days from the date you take out the loan. You don’t have to go through a process to make a refund. The loan amount is automatically debited from your salary account.

Interest On Bank Loans

The interest on the Access Bank personal loan is a fixed 3% and is subject to prevailing market conditions. This means that your interest rate can differ by 3%. Before applying for a loan, make sure to ask for all the necessary information from the bank.

Conclusion – Access Bank loan code

With a wide range of loan products to choose from, Access Bank has made it easy to access fast loans in Nigeria. To make things easier for you, they have several channels through which you can easily access their loans and ask further questions. Some of their channels include their Access Bank loan code, Access Mobile App, Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, and QuickBooks App.

You can also go to any Access bank branch to access the Development Bank Loan.

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