5 Features That Will Come To WhatsApp Before The End Of The Year

5 Features That Will Come To WhatsApp Before The End Of The Year

Although it is the market leader, WhatsApp should not leave loose ends. The instant messaging application knows that it is not exempt from the same goal that companies like BlackBerry Messenger, Hi5 or Vine had, which were pioneers in their field of action in more ways than one, worse still that they eventually gave up the market they created before the failure. of updates and the arrival of new platforms that seemed more attractive.


And it is that while WhatsApp is the undisputed leader in the instant messaging industry, for now, the truth is that competition is growing significantly.


Projections from eMarketer indicate that there will be more than 2,000 520 million app users of this type worldwide this year, while data from Visual Capitalist shows there are currently more than 41.6 million mobile messages per minute. In these numbers, WhatsApp is the undisputed leader.


In a specific way, in this market, WhatsApp is maintaining exponential growth. A study conducted by Telefónica indicates that WhatsApp traffic only grew 698 percent between the week of March 9 and March 15, which means that 381 Gbs management is more than usual.

While the above figures are undoubtedly important, the truth is that competition for WhatsApp is getting more and more aggressive.

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Just a few days ago, several reports indicated that Telegram would have added a feature to make calls, which, while in beta for iOS users, is invading one of the perks most appreciated by WhatsApp users.


Given this context, it is important for Telegram to offer features and tools that set its platform apart from the rest of the messaging applications. This has been its hallmark of maintaining a close relationship with its user base which although it is growing slower than other players Yes it is on a sustainable basis last April it reported reaching 400 million worldwide.

While this number seems to compete little with WhatsApp’s wide user base and even more than 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger, the reality is that for many Telegrams this is the case in terms of security and innovation.


5 Future Functions On WhatsApp

With this in mind, WhatsApp was forced to constantly update its service, from offering greater security guarantees to its users to providing better connections and entertainment options.


In this sense, WhatsApp is expected to have at least five features that can change users’ experience on the platform forever by the end of this year, which we list below:

Advanced Search


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In the next update of the platform, it is expected that there will be a search engine in every chat that allows users to search for keywords, files, photos, and links shared in both individual and group chats, among others.


Multiple Devices

Perhaps this is one of the most anticipated features from users as it promises that the application and all its features currently available can be used on up to four devices at the same time. This means that the session may only be opened once to be able to use it from, for example, a smartphone, tablet or computer without losing the connection.


Forever Silence


While it is currently possible to freeze a chat for a few hours, days and even years, it is expected that in the next version of the application, these options will be accompanied by an extra that will allow the Saurians to mute a chat for life.

Disappearing Messages


In the style of Snapchat, WhatsApp could enable an option so that certain messages have a predetermined duration in the service and then simply destroy themselves. As a move to improve the privacy and security of the information being shared, message life can be determined in both group and individual chats.

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Offline chats On WhatsApp

Finally, users are expected to have an option to be able to chat without necessarily being connected to a wifi network or data plan.


While little is known about this potential feature, it will undoubtedly be one that would enhance the premise of keeping users connected from the service at all times in more ways than one.