9konfam Migration Code – How to migrate to 9mobile 9Konfam?

Do you want to change your 9mobile plan? Craving more data, longer call times, and intriguing bonuses? Not looking any more! 9Konfam from 9mobile is the mobile equivalent of your prayers. I switched myself not too long ago, and I can tell you, it changed everything.

I will reveal all you need to know about 9mobile 9Konfam in this extensive tutorial. We will go into its definition, amazing features, and—above all—how to move with the 9konfam migration code. Prepare to have 9Konfam improve your smartphone experience!

What is 9mobile 9konfam?

9mobile 9Konfam is a lifestyle as much as a tariff package! It is a prepay bundle made to maximise your money. Social butterfly, data-hungry streamer, or business professional—9Konfam has something unique for you.

How Does 9mobile 9Konfam Works?

The special bonus structure of 9Konfam is its charm. Recharge your line and get a whooping 9x bonus for each recharge over N100. Nine times as much worth, that is! You can use this extra airtime for data as well as calls and SMS. For the first six months, new customers will also receive an extra 100% data bonus on their initial recharge each month. Quite the welcome!

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Features and Advantages

  • Massive 9x Recharge Bonus: Every recharge over N100 entitles you to a 9x bonus.
  • 100% Data Bonus: For the first six months, new subscribers only, receive twice as much data on your initial recharge each month.
  • Reasonably priced calls to every network.
  • Special Data Packages: Get access to packages of data just for 9Konfam members.
  • Welcome Bonus: New SIM activations come with a N1,000 welcome bonus.

Using 9mobile 9Konfam Data

Using your 9Konfam data is a snap. Just enter the relevant USSD code when purchasing a data bundle on the 9mobile app. You’ll have even more data to surf, stream, and connect after your data bonus is immediately applied.

What is the 9konfam Migration Code?

9mobile 9konfam Migration code is 1400#. Simply follow the instructions on screen after dialling *1400# from your 9mobile line to migrate to 9konfam. It really is that simple. Upon completion of the migration, you will get a confirmation message and can immediately begin taking use of 9Konfam’s incredible features.

Moving to 9Konfam is easy! Just do these actions to get started:

Get a New SIM or Use an Old One:

  • Get a new SIM card if you’re new to 9mobile; current users can keep using their current SIM.
  • From your 9mobile line, dial 1400# to obtain the Migration Code.
  • To finish the migration procedure, follow the instruction.
  • Verification: When the migration is successful, you will get a verification email.

How to View 9konfam Balance

Just call *232# from a 9mobile line to check your 9konfam balance. Your main account, bonus, and data balances will all be broken down in great detail for you.

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Opting Out Off 9konfam

To opt out, call 3441# and follow the instructions if you feel 9Konfam is not for you. Remember, too, that you will be moved back to your old tariff plan and forfeit any bonuses that are still outstanding.

Comparing 9Konfam to Other 9mobile Tariff Plans

9Konfam is unique among 9mobile tariff plans because of its huge 100% data bonus for new subscribers and 9x recharge bonus. Though other plans like Moretalk, Morecliq, and Moreflex have special advantages of their own, 9Konfam is a great option for people looking for the best value.

In brief:

Troubleshooting of Typical Problems

How to Proceed If 9konfam Is Not Migrating for You?

If you run across problems when switching to 9Konfam, make sure your line is operational and you have enough airtime.

If moving is proving challenging for you, think about these options:

  • Make sure you have enough balance to start the transfer.
  • Verify the dialling of the migration code (*1400#) twice.
  • Get help from 9mobile customer care.

Should the issue continue, get help from 9mobile customer service.

How Can a Barred 9mobile Line Be Reactivated?

You may reactivate your blocked 9mobile connection by going to a 9mobile experience centre with a valid ID and ownership documentation.

FAQ – 9konfam migration code

What are the benefits of 9konfam?

Can existing 9mobile subscribers migrate to 9konfam?

Yes, existing subscribers can migrate by dialing *1400#.
Existing customers also enjoy the 9x recharge bonus and other benefits.

What are the call and data rates on 9konfam?

Call rates vary depending on the bonus balance used.
Data rates are competitive and depend on the chosen data bundle.

How long are the bonuses valid on 9konfam?

The welcome bonus is valid for 7 days.
The 9x recharge bonus is valid for 24 hours.
Data bonuses have varying validity periods depending on the bundle.

What is the 9konfam migration code?

The 9konfam migration code is *1400#.

How to use 9Konfam data?

Simply recharge with the specified amounts to activate your data bonuses and enjoy browsing, streaming, and downloading.

What is the code for 9mobile migration?

Dial *1400# to migrate to 9Konfam.
What does 1400 do on 9mobile?
Dialing *1400# migrates your line to the 9Konfam tariff plan.

What is the code for 9Konfam data bonus?

The data bonus is automatically activated with recharges; check your balance by dialing *232#.


Folks, there it is! The amazing 9mobile 9Konfam pricing package provides outstanding value to both new and current consumers. It makes sense why so many people are switching with its 9x recharge bonus, data benefits, and reasonably priced call rates.

Moving to 9Konfam now is a great way to improve your mobile experience. Recall to use *1400# as your 9konfam migration code. Turn it on right now to start enjoying a multitude of advantages!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the 9Konfam family and start enjoying the best that 9mobile has to offer!


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