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Comprehensive Guide to Dialog Data Packages in 2024

If you’re looking for reliable and versatile data plans, Dialog Axiata PLC has you covered with a wide range of options to suit every need. Whether you’re a heavy social media user, a gamer, or just need reliable data for work and streaming, there’s a Dialog data package that’s perfect for you. Choosing the right data plan is crucial for managing your expenses and ensuring you have the connectivity you need without interruptions.

Does Dialog have an unlimited data package?

Yes, Dialog offers unlimited data packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers. These packages are designed to provide continuous internet access without worrying about running out of data. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Speed Options: Dialog offers unlimited data packages at various speeds: 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps, and even 8Mbps. The price varies depending on the speed you choose, ensuring there’s an option for every budget.
  • Prices: For instance, the unlimited 2Mbps package costs around Rs. 2,685 per month, while the 4Mbps package is priced at Rs. 5,928 per month​.
  • Special Features: Many of these packages include unlimited access to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, making them ideal for social media enthusiasts​.

What are the Dialog Data Packages?

Dialog offers a variety of data packages to cater to different needs. Here’s a breakdown:

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Dialog Anytime Data Packages

These packages are designed to offer data that can be used at any time of the day without restrictions on when the data can be used. They are perfect for users who need flexibility.

  • Features and Pricing: Anytime data packages typically include a set amount of data that can be used throughout the month. Prices vary depending on the amount of data provided.

Dialog Data Packages Prepaid

Prepaid plans are ideal for users who prefer not to commit to a long-term contract. These plans offer flexibility and control over spending.

  • Options for Prepaid Users: Dialog offers a range of prepaid data packages, including specialized plans for social media and gaming. For example, the Fun Blaster plan provides unlimited access to Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube along with additional anytime data​​.

Dialog Data Packages Postpaid

Postpaid plans are perfect for users who need a consistent and reliable data connection with the convenience of monthly billing.

  • Benefits of Postpaid Plans: Postpaid plans often come with larger data allowances and additional perks such as unlimited calls to any network and exclusive discounts. They are designed for users who require significant amounts of data and value the convenience of not having to recharge frequently​​.

Dialog Unlimited Data Packages

For those who never want to worry about running out of data, unlimited packages are the way to go.

Dialog’s unlimited data options vary in terms of speed and cost. Whether you need basic browsing speeds or high-speed data for streaming and gaming, there is an unlimited package for you.

  • Pricing and Validity: Unlimited packages are available in daily, weekly, and monthly formats. Prices and speed caps are structured to provide flexibility and affordability. For example, an unlimited daily plan might offer lower speeds at a lower cost, while a monthly plan offers higher speeds for more demanding users​.
  • Removing Speed Limits: Some packages allow you to increase your speed by paying an additional fee, ensuring you get the performance you need without restrictions.

Monthly Dialog Data Packages

Monthly plans offer great value for users who need consistent data access throughout the month.

Dialog’s monthly plans range from affordable options for light users to more expensive plans for heavy data users. For example, the Fun Blaster plan at Rs. 547 per month provides unlimited social media access plus 3GB of anytime data​.

  • Special Packages: Dialog also offers specialized monthly packages like the Gamer Plus plans, which cater specifically to gamers with significant data allowances and bonuses​.
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Dialog Data Packages 2024

Staying updated with the latest packages is essential for getting the best value.

In 2024, Dialog has introduced new packages and made changes to existing ones to better meet customer needs. This includes enhancements to popular plans and new promotions​.

  • Special Promotions: Look out for special discounts and offers available only for a limited time. These promotions can provide significant savings and added benefits.

Dialog Data Packages 447

The Dialog 447 package is one of the specialized options available.

This package typically includes a specific data allowance and additional benefits. To activate the 447 package, users can use a USSD code or the MyDialog app for easy access.

How to activate Dialog 540 data package?

Activating the Dialog 540 data package is straightforward.

  • Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Dial the USSD code specific to the 540 package.
    2. Use the MyDialog app to select and activate the package.
    3. Reload your account with the required amount and follow the prompts to confirm activation.

What is Dialog data package 129?

The 129 package is designed for users needing a small data allowance.

This package typically offers a limited amount of data at a low cost, making it ideal for light internet users or those who need occasional data access. It’s perfect for checking emails, browsing social media, or light web browsing.

Dialog Data Packages Code

Knowing the right codes can make managing your data easy.

List of USSD Codes:

Dialog Data Packages 999

The 999 package is a comprehensive option for users needing significant data.

This package offers a large data allowance at a competitive price, suitable for heavy users who need consistent and reliable internet access. Compared to other packages, it provides more data for both day and night usage.

FAQs – Dialog Data Packages

Can I upgrade my Dialog data package?

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time through the MyDialog app or by contacting customer support.

Are there any promotions for new users?

Yes, Dialog often runs promotions for new users, including discounts on data packages and additional benefits. Check the official website or for the latest offers.

What is the validity of Dialog data packages?

Validity varies by package, with options for daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Specific details can be found on the Dialog website.

Can I switch between different Dialog Data Packages?

Yes, you can easily switch between different Dialog Data Packages based on your needs. Simply deactivate your current package and activate a new one using the appropriate USSD code or through the MyDialog app.

How can I check my remaining data balance?

You can check your remaining data balance by dialing #456# or through the MyDialog app.

Can I share my Dialog Data Package with others?

Yes, Dialog offers data sharing options through certain packages. You can share your data with family and friends who are also on the Dialog network.

What happens if I exhaust my data before the package expires?

If you exhaust your data before the package expires, you can either purchase an additional data package or wait for your current package to renew.

Are there any special data packages for students or seniors?

Yes, Dialog offers special data packages for students and seniors with discounted rates and additional benefits. Check their website or contact customer service for more details.

Can I use my Dialog Data Package while roaming abroad?

Yes, you can use your Dialog Data Package while roaming abroad, but additional roaming charges may apply. It’s recommended to check Dialog’s roaming packages for the best rates.

How can I contact Dialog customer service for further assistance?

You can contact Dialog customer service by dialing 1777 from your Dialog mobile or 0117100100 from any other network. They are available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or concerns.


Choosing the right Dialog data package can significantly impact your online experience. Whether you need unlimited data, a reliable monthly plan, or a specific prepaid package, Dialog offers a variety of options to meet your needs. By understanding the features and benefits of each package, you can select the best plan for your usage and budget. For the latest updates and detailed information on all Dialog data packages, visit

For more information on Dialog data packages, visit the official Dialog website or contact customer support. Stay connected with the best data plans tailored to your needs!


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