How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN

How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN? If you’re using MTN your data consumption has increased tremendously and if you are in suspicious of people sharing your data or using your data without your knowledge, you’re not alone.  

Check different online communities like X(formerly known as Twitter) Nairaland, Reddit, and Quora, you will see a lot of people complaining about this problem. So, today, I will be showing you How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN and how you can stop that from happening.

If you are an MTN subscriber and want to know if someone is sharing your data, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to check if someone is sharing your data on MTN and how to secure your data on the MTN network.

Can you share data on MTN?

Before we get into How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN, let’s first see if it is possible to share data on MTN. The answer is no. MTN does not allow its subscribers to share data with third parties.

MTN, unlike some mobile operators like GLO, does not allow data sharing directly with other subscribers. Therefore, you cannot assign part of your data directly to someone else.

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However, MTN offers a feature called data transfer. It allows you to share data by transferring data bundles from your account to another MTN subscriber’s account. Please note that all data transferred comes from your own data allowance.

How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN

Checking if someone is sharing their data on the MTN network is impossible because MTN does not share data like the GLO network. On the MTN network, you can only gift data to someone, which means if you want to give 500 MB to someone, you have to send it to them as a gift. In this case, the data will be automatically deducted from your data balance. If you do not have enough data, please note that your transaction will not be successful, which means you will have to try again when you have enough data.

The only way someone can share their data on MTN is if your hotspot is activated and the third party connects via WiFi. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about someone sharing your data balance because that’s not possible.

So, the shortest answer to How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN is not possible, because, MTN does not allow data sharing except data gifting.

How to Check if Someone is Sharing Your Data on MTN – Solution

Step 1: Choose the USSD code

To check if someone is sharing your data on MTN, you need to dial the USSD code *131*4#. This code shows the remaining shared data balance on your account.

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Step 2: Check the details

Once you choose the USSD code, you will receive a message detailing the remaining shared data balance. If you notice that your data balance is lower than expected, it could be an indication that someone is sharing your data without your knowledge.

Step 3: Change your password

If you suspect someone is sharing your information on MTN, change your password immediately. This prevents unauthorized access to your data and ensures that you are the only one using it.

Step 4: Contact MTN customer service

If you are still unsure whether someone is sharing your information on MTN, please contact MTN customer service for assistance. They can give you more information and help you resolve the problem.

How To Know If Person Dey Use Your Phone Data Without Your Permission

  1. Check Your Phone Settings: Go to the settings on your phone, click on your name. You go see list of devices wey dey use your account. If you see any device wey you no know, tap the device name and press “Remove from Account.”
  2. Face and Fingerprint Check: Look your phone whether e get another person face or fingerprint wey you no set up. You fit do this by going to the settings where you set up Face ID or Touch ID for your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Check Your Apple ID Online: Sign in to your Apple ID for internet and check all your personal and security information. Make sure say no be another person add their own. If you dey use two-factor authentication, check the devices wey you trust make sure say you know all of them. If you never turn on two-factor authentication, you fit start am by following the steps for your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Look The Apps Wey You Get: Go through the apps wey dey your phone. If you see any app wey you no recognize or you no remember say you download am, you fit search the app for App Store to know wetin e dey do.
  5. Check For Unknown Settings Weh Fit Control Your Phone (MDM): Some settings fit dey your phone wey allow your work place, school, or other people to control your phone. This one na MDM configuration profile. If you see any wey you no know, you fit delete am.
  6. Check Your Sharing Permissions: Make sure say nobody don change or add anything to how you dey share your phone content. You fit check the guide on how to stop sharing your iPhone or iPad content.
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In conclusion, it is not possible to share data on MTN. However, you can transfer data from your data balance to another MTN subscriber. If you suspect someone is using your information, you can check whether they are sharing it by following the steps described above.

If you don’t recognize any of the numbers, you can stop sharing data with them. We hope this article has been useful.


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