how much is caravan insurance

How Much is Caravan Insurance

How much is caravan insurance? While there is no legal requirement to take out caravan insurance, you will probably pay around £150 to insure a £9,000 caravan if you buy a policy. With a policy, you can protect your mobile home or touring caravan against damage or theft. While you may not need to worry if you also own an older RV, those with a younger or more valuable RV may want to consider purchasing coverage, especially since more than 4,000 RVs were stolen last year, the AA said.

The Average Cost Of Caravan Insurance For Tourists – How Much Is Caravan Insurance

How much does it cost to insure a tourist caravan? Based on our research, the average cost of touring caravan insurance is around €300 for a caravan with a value of €20,000. In general, the more valuable the caravan, the more expensive it is to insure it. Caravans that are worth more are more expensive to repair or replace in the event of an accident or theft, so insurance costs are higher.

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ValueAnnual PremiumExcess

The Average Cost Of Static Caravan Insurance – How Much Is Caravan Insurance

How much does it cost to insure Static Caravan Insurance? While mobile homes can be more expensive to purchase than touring homes due to their size and amenities, they are generally cheaper to insure (ie per £ value). Static RVs are generally less risky to insure as they won’t be damaged in a car accident or easily stolen overnight (or during the day!) as a touring RV would. Based on our research, the average cost of mobile home insurance is just under €300 for a caravan with a value of €45,000. These quotes do not contain a table of contents. While home contents coverage can sometimes be purchased as an add-on to RV coverage, your home contents insurance policy can cover all of your outside possessions.

ValueAnnual PremiumExcess

While it may not be required by law, buying motorhome insurance can help protect this valuable accident from theft or damage, and many motorhome owners include these costs in their budget for the annual cost of ownership of a motorhome.

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Methodology – How Much Is Caravan Insurance

To arrive at our average cost analysis, we collected dozens of online quotes for static and touring caravan insurance. For the touring caravan, we provide policies for a two-axle Coachman Vision with a factory-installed alarm and tracking system. It is stored with a wheel clamp on a CaSSOA site with fencing, security gates and CCTV for theft protection. The owner has a 5 year discount for not claiming. For the mobile home, we declare policies for a Regal Elegance with no content coverage used only for personal family vacations.

The factor influencing the cost of caravan insurance?

All these factors play a role in your premium:

  • The model and make of your caravan.
  • The security of your caravan, even if it is equipped with a tracker (possibly a policy requirement).
  • Where the caravan is when you are not using it.
  • How much is the content worth?
  • Where do you live?
  • Your age.

How can I lower my insurance premium?

You can reduce the cost of your insurance by making your caravan safer. Ground anchors and tow hooks will make life miserable for thieves. RV wheel clamps are a condition of coverage rather than the key to discount.

By storing your caravan in a recognized caravan shed, the premium is reduced. And if you have a high-value caravan, insurers may insist that a tracker be installed. You’ll probably still get a discount if you put one in a cheaper RV.

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If you register your caravan possession with the Central Reservations and Identification, this will help the police in locating your caravan in the event of theft.

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