July 25, 2024
WhatsApp Started Rolling Out Voice And Video Calls For The Internet

Rumor has it that WhatsApp is rolling out the video and voice calling feature in the desktop version of the app. A new report suggests that WhatsApp is rolling out the feature for non-beta users. As of now, the voice and video calling feature were only available in the mobile version of the app, but WhatsApp is working hard to bring the functionality to the web.

According to the WAbetainfo report, WhatsApp’s video and voice calling features are no longer in beta, which means they will be rolling out to non-testers soon. WhatsApp is running calls for more users today through WhatsApp Web / Desktop version 2.2104.10. Note that it may take a while to get the functionality, but that’s good news, ”Wabetainfo said in a tweet.

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on a new feature for self-destructive photos. WhatsApp has been spotted testing the self-destructing photos. “WhatsApp is working on self-destructing photos in a future update to iOS and Android. Self-destruct photos cannot be exported from WhatsApp WhatsApp has not yet implemented screenshot detection for self-destruct photos. The same concept of Instagram Direct” reads the WhatsApp feature tracking report.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

The upcoming feature would be available in the chat until the moment you are active in the chat window, the image will be deleted once you exit the chat. We also saw something similar on Instagram. Before sending a photo, Instagram gives the sender options depending on whether they want the photo to be seen only once or whether they want the photo to stay in the chat. WhatsApp gives users the same option when the feature is deployed. There will be a special icon for self-destructive photos. When the mode is activated, the image will be deleted after a specified time.

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WhatsApp is also testing the ability to import third-party animated sticker packs to countries such as India, Brazil, and Indonesia for iOS and Android users. WhatsApp is finally offering the ability to import personalized animated sticker packs into the app today!

The team is currently rolling out the feature for users in Brazil, Iran, and Indonesia, and the compatible versions are listed above in the summary table. However, updating to the most recent versions (such as 2.21.40 iOS and Android beta) can help get functionality quickly in those countries, ”the Wabetainfo report states.

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