How Can I Get A Small Business Loan In Nigeria

How Can I Get A Small Business Loan In Nigeria?

How can I get a small business loan in Nigeria? In Nigeria, are you looking for a small business loan? Getting capital is one of the most challenging components of beginning and growing a small business in Nigeria. Typically, people use their savings and gifts or loans from friends and family to launch their businesses. The business owner must look for other funding sources if the money from these sources needs to be increased to establish the company.

Due to a lack of suitable credit facilities for small business owners and entrepreneurs, getting a small business loan in Nigeria is extremely difficult for most small firms. However, outside funding may occasionally be needed to launch or expand a business and pay for ongoing costs like payroll and inventory. Finding, meeting the requirements for, and getting approved for small-business loans may be difficult, but the more knowledge you have, the simpler it will be.

Nigerian Small Business Loan Options – How Can I Get A Small Business Loan In Nigeria

The key strategies and techniques in this post will help you get a small business loan right now:

In Nigeria, there are numerous ways to obtain a small business loan.

Financial Institutions & Banks

Banks may assist anyone who desires to launch their own business but lack the requisite funds. Banks and other financial institutions help nearly all stages of a small business or firm’s development. Suppose your business idea, anticipated firm returns, ability to repay the loan (through trade or another means), management experience and competence, and other given securities satisfy them. In that case, a financial institution will give you a small business loan in Nigeria.

Even if most bank loans have high interest rates, you must conduct your research by comparing Nigeria’s top banks’ many business loan options to small businesses. Make sure you fully comprehend the terms of the loan agreement and are confident in your ability to repay the loan within the allotted time frame before determining which course of action to take.

Here are five fundamental actions you may take to raise your likelihood of getting a bank loan and expanding your company.

It would help if you thoroughly comprehended the primary justifications for bank loan approvals. Banks lend money with the hope that it will be repaid. A bank will lend you money if you show that you have a strong business strategy and will use the money as you’ve planned.

They also take into account your reputation. Most banks won’t lend you money if you have a history of bouncing checks or not paying your debts.

Do you have a reliable accounting system in place at your business? Many banks will only offer loans to companies if they have a precise and organized accounting system.

Are you knowledgeable in your area? If you can prove that you comprehend the industry in which you operate and the value you provide to that industry, it will be easier to convince a bank to lend to you.

Remember to value the importance of perseverance. Applying to just one or two banks is common among small business owners. After receiving a negative response, they give up trying to get a loan. It’s critical to realize that banks have diverse business specializations.

Government Loan Programs

Government-sponsored loans are always the better option for small and growing businesses because they are more cost-effective.

The Nigerian government offers SME loans that are very helpful to SMEs. Small firms use the money for ongoing operational expenses, charges associated with growth and expansion, and infrastructure development. Through the following established entities, the Nigerian federal government primarily aids small and medium-sized enterprises in their development:

  • The Bank of Industry (BOI), the Bank of Agriculture, and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) (BOA)
  • Nigeria’s Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN)
  • Nigerian Development Bank (DBN)
  • Bank for Export-Import in Nigeria (NEXIM)

Together with the government, other banks and financial organizations in Nigeria provide business loans. They accomplish this through NASIMS and government-sponsored funding programs like YouWin and NPower. These government-sponsored funds are typically given as grants or low-interest loans. As a result, getting one becomes challenging because you’ll compete with numerous other business owners.

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Different lending terms and interest rates apply depending on the organization and loan type. Several of the federal government’s current loans to small businesses nationwide include:

  • AGSMEIS Loan for Agricultural and Small-Medium Enterprises
  • Initiative for Financing the Arts (CIFI Loan)
  • Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) Agriculture Intervention
  • MSMEDF Loan – Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Development Fund
  • Accelerated Agricultural Development Scheme (AADS Loan)

Private Loan Providers

We’ve all had situations where we required money immediately to deal with an urgent concern. What should you do if a bank loan takes a while to process? Internet loan services help you out in this situation.

Thanks to FINTECH, Nigerian small enterprises and individuals can now access rapid and affordable short-term loans. Private enterprises are setting the standard for providing short-term finance, including Paylater, Renmoney, KiaKia, Palmcredit, C24 loans, and Quickcheck.

Today, you may apply online for quick loans and get them in as little as 24 hours. This kind of loan is only offered briefly (often 3 to 6 months). It has a relatively small quantity of capital at its disposal. However, this can be your best option if you need quick cash to fulfill a customer request or supply your inventory.

Best Place To Get Business Loan – How Can I Get A Small Business Loan In Nigeria

1.Guaranty Trust Bank PLC

As a global bank, GTB provides a variety of loans to entrepreneurs. This covers many things, including overdrafts, asset financing, imports, and exports. Though you’d have to qualify initially, their extensive business loan services make them an attractive choice for business owners.

While offering personal loans, GTB also gives companies across Nigeria several possibilities. In particular, for enterprises, this continues to be their distinctive selling point. The restrictions you must meet to get such a loan are still drawbacks.

What distinguishes Guarantee Trust Bank PLC as the best option for company owners?

Their service is particularly appealing to business owners due to the highest loan amount, especially for companies wishing to significantly upscale. Nevertheless, there are several prerequisites to satisfy, just as with most other banks.

To whom does Guarantee Trust Bank PLC lend money in terms of business?

In Nigeria, firms of various sizes and in a variety of industries can apply for GTB loans. However, because the bank demands some guarantee, it would be challenging for an SME to obtain specific sums.

2. Access Bank Nigeria PLC

As a business owner in Nigeria, you have access to various loans through Access bank. Although they offer loans for large firms, their SME version is the most widely used access bank loan. Everything ultimately depends on your perspective as a business.

Access Bank has lately concentrated on lending money to local small businesses around the country. You can quickly apply for this loan through the website or by visiting one of their branches in Nigeria. Also, keep in mind that you must put down at least 50% of the value of your current facility to be eligible. You must also have made all loan payments on time over the previous six months.

Why is Access Bank Nigeria PLC the best bank for entrepreneurs?

Access Bank is the best option for most Nigerian business owners because it provides services that help SMEs thrive rather than only providing loans for huge businesses. However, this is different from suggesting that they don’t offer loans to huge enterprises; they do.

What types of companies does Access Bank Nigeria PLC lend money to?

Access Bank offers loans to companies in all industries as long as you meet the requirements.

Additionally, the bank gives loans to small, big, and medium-sized businesses.

3. Advans Nigeria

A well-known loan platform for both enterprises and people is Advans Nigeria. Even though it provides personal loans, its commercial loan services are more prominent. Downloading their mobile application, signing up, and submitting an application as a business is all you need to do to get a loan from Advans Nigeria. Additionally, the company permits you to conduct other transactions like saving.

Advans Nigeria’s main selling point is how simple it is for companies to utilize. You can conduct business with POS representatives of Paga and OPay for greater flexibility, including saving, loan repayment, and cash deposits and withdrawals. As a result, Advans Nigeria makes a loan for your company available at the touch of a button.

What makes Advans Nigeria the best option for entrepreneurs?

The ability to apply for loans as a business through their application platform is distinctive and makes it simpler for business owners.

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What kinds of businesses offer financing through Advans Nigeria?

They still have a weakness in this area. Advans Nigeria only offers small company loans at this time. There is no restriction on the kind of business, though.

4. Firstbank Nigeria

Loans are available from First Bank Nigeria in three main categories: private, business, and personal. However, a wide range of SMEs and prominent firms in Nigeria are supported by their business loans.

Firstbank provides one of the most significant loans to struggling companies as a global bank. This affects industries like manufacturing, telecommunication, power, and infrastructure, as well as upstream and downstream oil and gas. Although they can loan out a lot of money, a few other conditions must be met to use the money.

What makes Firstbank Nigeria the best bank for entrepreneurs?

For big business owners wishing to get enormous loans for asset financing, Firstbank Nigeria is a great option. If you meet the bank’s requirements, you can access millions.

What kinds of businesses offer loans from Firstbank Nigeria?

Since there is practically no restriction on the services you must provide to qualify, First Bank provides loans to various business types. Additionally, small, medium, and large firms can apply for their loans depending on the situation.


Africa’s top lending platform,, acts as a marketplace where you can compare loan offers from various lenders.

You must first create an account on the internet by entering your correct information; don’t worry, this will take little of your time.

After completing the registration process, decide how much money you want to borrow and why. You’ll automatically be connected with lenders in a matter of seconds who can help.

You must visit each lender’s website to compare their offers, interest rates, repayment terms, and other details. An email letting you know that your request is being handled will be sent to you once you’ve selected the best option. The funds will be transferred to your bank account once processed.

Due to its distinctiveness, we moved to the top of our list. This is Nigeria’s most effective loan market, offering you a wide range of possibilities. You can view several interest rate bands, payback periods, and other borrowing alternatives on the platform.

The platform was created to prevent lending businesses from taking advantage of small and medium-sized business owners.

What makes the best option for company owners?

The ability for business owners to acquire many loans on one platform is the main selling feature of As a result, you may choose loans with information that is specific to your convenience and needs as a business, ensuring you always make the right choice.

What kinds of businesses offers financing through

All business sizes, including small, medium, and large ones, are eligible for loans from There is no restriction on the kind of business, either.

6. Accessbank

Access Bank offers exceptionally crafted loans for corporate entities or companies seeking to expand significantly. However, as an extension of CBN loans, they also have loans for individuals, namely those working in the creative sector. The bank continues to be one of the most well-liked in Nigeria and provides outstanding lending services to live up to its reputation.

The distinguishing feature of Access Bank is that they provide one of the broadest selections of corporate business loans, including term and time loans, fleet financing, mortgage loans, asset financing, and more. Because of this, their service is welcoming to all enterprises. However, some minimal standards must be met, which is difficult for new and small enterprises to satisfy.

Why is Accessbank the best option for company owners?

The variety of items offered under their business loans makes it perfect. In essence, the abundance of choice means that there is something to suit every taste.

What types of companies does Accessbank lend money to?

Access Bank did not tailor its loan to any particular firm or industry. Instead, the bank makes loans available to everyone as long as you meet the standards.

7. Lendigo

A loan platform called Lendigo provides unsecured loans to companies in Nigeria. They claim to have provided N6 billion in loans to more than 2,000 enterprises today, and their loans apply to a diverse range of businesses as no specific industries are covered.

Lendigo provides loans to businesses across Nigeria, as was previously explained. Their loans are for SMEs, and collateral is not needed. Depending on the company, the loan amount ranges from N300,000 to millions. Amazingly, the Lendigo app is all you need to secure this loan.

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What makes Lendigo the best option for entrepreneurs?

The main advantage of Ledigo for business owners is that no collateral is needed. This brings us to their second perk for business owners: you must download their app and register. This makes money highly accessible, and they will disburse the cash to you shortly after receiving your request.

Which types of businesses does Lendigo lend money to?

All businesses can get loans through Lendigo. Even though their services are more specifically suited to SMEs, they are neither industry- nor size-specific. 

8. Union Bank

Union Bank is another bank on our list that provides outstanding business loans. They provide a variety of loans to individuals and businesses, just like FirstBank. Their business loan, known as the Non-Payroll loan, is primarily focused on assisting companies in upgrading their services. So you can get self-employed loans, cash-backed loans, and self-employed revolving overdrafts from Union Bank.

The main selling feature of Union Bank is how they offer three different types of business loans. As a sole proprietor and operator of a firm, you can receive a self-employed loan of up to N5 million. Cash-backed loans allow you to access up to 80% of your investment amount, while self-employed revolving overdrafts give you access to up to N10 million. This lending service design indicates that there is something for business.

Why is Union Bank the best option for business owners?

The broad nature of Union Bank loans makes them perfect for business owners. No one is excluded when they own a firm, no matter how big.

What types of companies does Union Bank lend money to?

All kinds of enterprises in various industries are eligible for loans from Union Bank. They also provide loans to small, medium, and large companies.

9. Baobab Group

Baobab Group offers enormous loan amounts depending on the needs of the various business sizes. On the other hand, they also provide loans to people that require personal lending services. Microloans, mini-microloans, micro+ loans, SME loans, cross- and group-guaranteed loans, and asset financing are among the services they offer.

In addition to providing a wide range of loans to satisfy your various demands as a business owner, Baobab Group also makes the loan application process incredibly simple. It just requires four steps because you have to complete the loan interest form on their website, and an agent will take it from there.

Why is Baobab Group the best choice for company owners?

A baobab is an excellent option for business owners thanks to its specially designed business financing services. Depending on the amount, you can select the most convenient loan for you at a low interest rate of up to 5%.

What types of companies does Baobab Group lend money to?

Baobab Group does not target any particular industry while offering loans to enterprises. Small, medium and big businesses are also available.

10. Stanbic IBTC loan

Another bank focusing on SMEs that also offers loans to larger companies is Stanbic IBTC. As a business owner, you may quickly apply for an SME loan online by creating an account, and the bank will help you by providing working cash to help you reach your business goals.

Sustain, convenience, speed, and flexible terms are the four pillars that support Stanbic IBTC loans. Flexible terms are undoubtedly the foundation that business owners adore the most. It enables you to create your payback strategy based on your company’s cash flow.

Why is a loan from Stanbic IBTC the best option for business owners?

The combination of fast access to loans, 24-hour disbursement, and flexible repayment terms that let you pay when it’s convenient for you to make Stanbic services the best choice for company owners.

What kinds of businesses can get loans from Stanbic IBTC?

Given that its services span many industries, Stanbic IBTC does not claim to have any preferences when choosing clients. Additionally, the bank extends credit to small, medium, and big businesses.

Conclusion – How Can I Get A Small Business Loan In Nigeria

The how can I get a small business loan in Nigeria and the best locations in Nigeria to apply for a business loan are listed in this article. All you have to do is consider your company’s demands and match any services that may be required with those needs. Wishing you success as you look for the best loan for your company!

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