Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Among the multitude of Samsung Galaxy S10 videos, you may have noticed that many tech analysts said they didn’t buy the S10 because they were waiting for the Note 10 to arrive.

Not surprising.

The Note 9 was a huge hit with consumers around the world, winning numerous awards, including Consumer Reports’ “Best Phone of the Year” award.

As an early adopter of the Note 1, I fell in love with the phablet and especially the S pen. While most people just use it to tap their screen, there are so many features, tips, and tricks you need to know that will make the Note 9 experience that much better.

Here are 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen stylus tips and tricks that every Note 9 owner should know:

Remove S-Pen

Of course, when the S-pen is removed, a notepad opens so you can quickly jot down a note. If you prefer to launch another application, you can do so in the “when the S Pen is removed” option.

You can also change it to do nothing. Strange as it may sound, you may want it to do nothing to allow you to select which app to open.

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Screen off Memo

Another great feature is that you can use it to quickly take notes while the screen is off. Make sure the “Memo screen off” option is enabled.

To use this feature, remove the S pen from the storage space and start writing on the lock screen. When you’re done, click “save note” in the top right corner.

Translate languages

The floating pen icon allows you to select “translate”. which is very useful when dealing with documents in a foreign language. Just select the languages ​​and hover over the text you want to translate and it will do it for you. You will also find a speaker icon that, when tapped, will speak the highlighted word.

Write Your Messages

Hover your S-pen over a text box and a “T” will appear. Click it to be able to write and the phone will automatically convert it to plain text. This is a feature that can make sending text messages easier for those who don’t like using the on-screen keyboard.

I’m also amazed at how the Galaxy Note 9 can decipher my handwriting!

Edit screenshots

From the pen icon on the screen, select “write on screen” to capture an image and write or draw over it with different font and color settings. Alternatively, you can use “screen selector” to cut out a specific part of your screenshot so that you can save and share it. You can also easily combine the two functions.

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Coloring books for adults are in vogue to kill time or de-stress, so why not do it on your phone? Look for an app called PENUP. If it is not installed, download it from the Samsung App Store.

Now you have something to do when you’re waiting in line, waiting for the kids to finish school, and any other waiting time…


The Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen is beautiful and has made my life so much easier. With so many options and customizations, there is no limit to what you can configure to meet your daily tasks.

I recommend exploring your Note 9 beyond just using the S Pen to click. You will soon discover how powerful it can be!

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