nirsal covid-19 loan portal 2021

How to Get Loan on NIRSAL Covid-19 Loan Portal 2021

Are you one of the many Nigerians eagerly looking for financial assistance during these challenging times? The NIRSAL Microfinance Bank’s COVID-19 loan could be the solution you’ve been searching for! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal 2021, providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to check if your loan is approved, verify your BVN, and manage repayment effectively. Let’s dive in and help you get the support you need!

Unveiling the NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Portal

As of today, the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal continues to serve as a crucial avenue for financial support to individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic.

The NIRSAL Microfinance Bank has taken proactive measures to guide applicants through the process of COVID-19 loan approval, disbursement, and repayment. This comprehensive approach ensures that those in need can navigate the various stages of the loan application journey effectively.

The NIRSAL Microfinance Bank stands at the forefront, offering a ray of hope through its COVID-19 loan portal. This initiative aims to ease the financial burden for Nigerians, providing much-needed relief and support. But how do you navigate this portal? Let’s explore:

Apply For Nirsal Covid-19 Loan Portal 2021

The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal isn’t just another application platform; it’s a gateway to financial stability during unprecedented times. Let’s explore the step-by-step process of applying for this vital support:

Step 1: Access the Official Portal

The journey begins with accessing the official NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal. This can be done by visiting the designated website provided by NIRSAL Microfinance Bank. Remember, authenticity is key, so ensure you’re on the official portal!

Step 2: Eligibility Check and Documentation

Before diving into the application process, it’s crucial to understand your eligibility. While specific eligibility criteria may vary, the following are common requirements:

  • Nigerian citizenship or residency.
  • Valid BVN (Bank Verification Number).
  • Demonstrable impact from the pandemic on your income or business.
  • Adequate documentation supporting your application.
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Step 3: Application Submission

With your eligibility confirmed and documents in order, proceed to submit your application. This typically involves filling out an online form, providing necessary details about yourself or your business, and explaining the impact the pandemic has had on your financial situation.

Step 4: Verification and Approval

After submitting your application, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank’s team will review the information provided. This verification process aims to ensure the accuracy of the data and assess the legitimacy of the financial need. Upon successful verification, you’ll receive an approval notification.

Step 5: Loan Amount and Terms Understanding

Once approved, it’s crucial to understand the loan amount you’re eligible for and the associated terms and conditions. This information is typically provided in the approval notification or within your online account on the portal.

Step 6: Claiming Approved Amount

Claiming the approved loan amount involves confirming your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined. This step may require additional documentation or agreements, depending on the bank’s requirements.

Step 7: Repayment Plan Setup

With the loan amount claimed, it’s time to set up your repayment plan. The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan offers a flexible repayment period of three years. This allows you to repay the loan in manageable installments while maintaining financial stability.

How to Check if Your Loan is Approved

Is the anticipation driving you wild? Wondering if you’ve made the cut for the COVID-19 loan? Well, worry not! The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal has made it simple to check your loan approval status. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Head over to the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank’s official website.
  2. Input Your Details: Enter the required information, including your BVN (Bank Verification Number) and other necessary details.
  3. Check Your Status: Once you’ve entered your information, the portal will display your loan approval status. If approved, rejoice! If not, don’t lose hope – there are still steps you can take.

Unraveling the BVN Verification Process

Verifying your BVN is a critical step in the loan approval process. It ensures that the information you’ve provided is accurate and valid. Follow these simple steps to get your BVN verified:

  1. Locate Your BVN: Your BVN is a unique 11-digit number associated with your bank account. You can find it on your bank statement, your debit card, or by dialing a specific USSD code on your mobile phone.
  2. Visit the Portal: Access the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal and navigate to the BVN verification section.
  3. Enter Your BVN: Input your BVN accurately into the designated field.
  4. Verification Process: The portal will initiate the verification process, and if your BVN matches the information you’ve provided earlier, you’re one step closer to securing your loan!

Repayment Made Easy: 3 Years to Flourish

Securing the loan is only part of the journey; repaying it responsibly is equally important. The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan comes with a flexible repayment plan spanning three years. Here’s how you can make the repayment process a breeze:

  • Clear Terms and Conditions: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the loan. Understanding what’s expected of you is the first step towards smooth repayment.
  • Plan Your Finances: Create a budget that accommodates the loan repayment. Prioritize it to ensure timely payments without disrupting your financial stability.
  • Automatic Deductions: Opt for automatic deductions from your bank account. This eliminates the risk of forgetting a payment and potentially incurring late fees.
  • Early Repayment: If possible, consider repaying the loan before the stipulated period. This not only saves you on interest but also boosts your creditworthiness.
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What are the features of the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal 2021?

The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal 2021 comes with a range of features designed to provide much-needed financial assistance to individuals and businesses impacted by the pandemic. Let’s delve into the key features that make this portal a lifeline for those in need:

  1. Application Assistance: The NIRSAL Microfinance Bank takes an active role in assisting COVID-19 loan applicants throughout the application process. They provide guidance and support to ensure that applicants can navigate the application with ease.
  2. Status Checking: Once you’ve applied for the loan, the portal allows you to check the status of your application. This feature keeps you informed about the progress of your application, reducing uncertainty and providing clarity.
  3. Access to Loan Categories: The portal provides access to different loan categories tailored to the specific needs of applicants. This means that whether you’re an individual or a business, there’s likely a loan category that aligns with your circumstances.
  4. Repayment Details: Understanding the repayment process is crucial, and the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal ensures that borrowers are well-informed. It provides comprehensive information about the repayment terms, including the duration of the repayment period and any associated interest rates.
  5. Transparent Loan Repayment: Transparency is a key feature of the portal. Borrowers are informed that the loan amount is repayable over a specified period. Additionally, there is a 5% deduction from the loan amount to cover administrative and insurance charges.
  6. Flexible Repayment Period: Borrowers have the convenience of repaying the loan over a span of three years. This flexibility in the repayment period allows borrowers to manage their finances effectively and make regular payments without straining their budgets.
  7. Assistance for Repayment: Recognizing that repayment can be a concern for borrowers, the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank provides guidance on how to repay the COVID-19 loan. Borrowers are informed about the steps to take, ensuring a smooth repayment journey.
  8. Targeted Credit Facilities: The COVID-19 loan portal is part of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s targeted credit facilities aimed at supporting households and businesses impacted by the pandemic. This highlights the significance of the loan and the commitment to aiding economic recovery.
  9. Substantial Loan Amounts: Reports indicate that the loan amounts provided through the portal can go up to N25 million. This substantial financial support can make a significant difference in helping borrowers overcome their financial challenges.
  10. Support for Households and Businesses: The portal has been instrumental in disbursing loans worth N503 billion to households and businesses. This showcases the broad reach of the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan program and its impact on various sectors of the economy.

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Support:

The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal operates under the support of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which has shown a commitment to aiding Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and households facing economic challenges due to the pandemic.

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Loan Amounts and Impact:

The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal provides financial assistance of up to N25 million, a substantial amount that can significantly alleviate financial strain. The relief is not only aimed at businesses but also at households, recognizing the diverse impact of the pandemic.

Recent Disbursement and Beneficiaries:

Recent reports indicate that the CBN released ₦20.18 billion to NIRSAL Microfinance Bank for COVID-19 relief. This fund was disbursed to 12,238 small businesses. While the relief has reached many, there have been concerns over transparency in the beneficiaries’ list and mixed feelings about the impact of the SME loan on Nigeria’s economic landscape.

FAQs – Your Nirsal Covid-19 Loan Portal 2021 Queries, Our Answers!

Can I apply for the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan without a BVN?

Unfortunately, a BVN is a mandatory requirement for loan application and verification.

What if my loan application is rejected?

Don’t lose hope! You can review your application and correct any inaccuracies before reapplying.

Is the loan available for businesses as well?

Yes, both individuals and businesses can apply for the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank is committed to transparency. The terms and conditions clearly outline all associated fees.

Can I repay the loan before 3 years?

Absolutely! Early repayment is encouraged and benefits you in terms of reduced interest and improved credit history.

What is the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan, and how can I apply?

The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan is a financial assistance program designed to support Nigerians impacted by the pandemic. To apply, follow these steps:
Visit the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank’s official website.
Locate the loan application section.
Fill out the required details accurately, including personal information and financial specifics.
Submit the application and await approval.

What is the maximum loan amount available through the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal 2021?

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank offers loans up to N25 million to eligible applicants. This substantial amount aims to provide substantial financial support during these trying times.

How can I check the status of my NIRSAL COVID-19 loan application?

To check your application status, follow these steps:
Navigate to the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank’s official website.
Find the application status or loan tracker section.
Enter the required details, such as your application reference number or BVN.
The portal will display your application status – whether approved, pending, or rejected.

What are the eligibility criteria for the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan?

While eligibility criteria may vary, common requirements include being a Nigerian citizen or business owner, possessing a valid BVN, providing accurate financial information, and demonstrating the need for financial assistance due to pandemic-related impacts.

How can I ensure my loan application gets approved?

To increase your chances of approval:
Provide accurate and complete information.
Meet all eligibility requirements.
Submit necessary documents promptly.
Present a compelling case for needing financial assistance.

What is the repayment process for the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan?

The loan comes with a flexible repayment plan that spans several years. The specific terms and conditions are outlined by NIRSAL Microfinance Bank upon loan approval. Generally, it’s advisable to make regular payments to ensure a smooth repayment journey.

Can I repay the loan before the stipulated period?

Yes, the loan can be repaid before the stipulated period. Early repayment is encouraged and can save you on interest payments while also enhancing your credit history.

How can I contact NIRSAL Microfinance Bank for further assistance?

Visit the official NIRSAL Microfinance Bank website for contact information, including customer service numbers and email addresses. Additionally, you can visit their physical branches for in-person assistance.


The NIRSAL COVID-19 loan portal 2021 is a beacon of hope in challenging times, providing much-needed financial support to Nigerians. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’re well on your way to securing approval, verifying your BVN, and managing repayment responsibly. Remember, the journey doesn’t end at loan approval; it’s about using this opportunity to strengthen your financial foundation. So, seize the moment, navigate the portal, and let the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank lend you a helping hand as you stride towards a brighter financial future!

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