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Best OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks That You Must Know

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks
OnePlus has gone beyond the usual antics with OnePlus 7. With a sleek new display and the Snapdragon 855 the processor in tow, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro have set high standards for their counterparts.
And as expected, the new version of the Oxygen operating system includes many new features. And well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I tell you that these features help improve the smartphone experience on many levels.
So, if you’ve recently purchased OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro (or are planning to buy), take a look at the tips and tricks below to get the most out of your new phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #1. ENTER THE ZEN ZONE WITH THE ZEN MODE

Digital wellness is the flavor of the season and most phone manufacturers are doing their best to incorporate it in one way or another in their phones. Until OnePlus 6T, the company had not included any digital wellness module on its phones. This has changed with the new flagships as it comes with the Zen mode.
Zen mode avoids the usual method of blocking notifications or displaying statistics on phone usage. Instead, this new mode blocks your phone for 20 minutes (during which you can leave the phone aside and interact with real human beings). During this lockout period, you can only use the phone to answer calls or to access the camera.
To enable Zen mode, scroll to the Quick settings menu and touch the Zen mode icon on the second screen.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #2. SAFE DRIVE

Before starting, let me tell you that this is a problem. For this, you need the Warp Charge 30 car charger. Once connected to your phone, you will see the option to set the driving mode.
You can choose to activate DND mode or start an app every time you connect the charger.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #3. ACTIVATE THE FNATIC MODE

Because every other phone has a game mode.
OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a rather special game mode. Named after Fnatic, the popular game export organization, this mode allows mobile players to have a complete experience.
In addition to the aggressive use of the CPU, it also includes an advanced DND mode which interrupts every call, message and notification (except alarm and low battery notification).
Once the game is over, you can see all the calls and messages in the history log. To enable Fnatic mode, look for the game mode in Settings. Once inside, add your games to the list.
From now on, every time you open the games, the game mode will start automatically. All you have to do is tap Switch to Fnatic mode from the notification panel.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #4. TRY THE DC DIMMER

DC Dimming is one of the latest features of OnePlus Laboratory. Adjust screen brightness and reduce screen flicker in a low light setting. However, follow it with caution as this is a laboratory function that can sometimes be buggy.
But if you still want to go ahead, go to Settings> Utilities> OnePlus Laboratory, touch DC Dimmer and activate the switch to activate.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #5. BOOST RAM

Another new feature is the RAM Boost. OnePlus 7 can learn from your usage habits and, in the process, can predict which app you want to load or which data sets to load. In a nutshell, it can intelligently allocate the RAM available to your apps, thus increasing the upload speed.
To enable it, go to System and scroll down until you see RAM Boost. Touch it and activate the switch.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #6. CARRY OUT THE SCREEN RESOLUTION

As you may already know, it is the first OnePlus phone with a screen resolution of more than 1080p. The good news is that you can easily switch between QHD + and FHD + resolution.
To do this, go to View> Resolution and tap QHD +.
Note that switching to QHD + will result in high battery consumption. The smart thing to do is switch to it whenever you have to watch movies and videos and get back to FHD + later.
OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro come with a beautiful display and is clearly designed to watch videos and high-resolution movies (and play). OnePlus also appears to be on the same mission as it has added an elegant video optimization feature to its new flagship.
Video Enhancer does not convert low-resolution videos to HD. On the contrary, it improves the colors of the video, making the colors stand out. The best part is that you don’t need to add apps (like Netflix and YouTube) manually.
To enable it, go to Settings> Display, scroll down and touch Video Optimizer and activate the switch.


So much for videos, but what about audio? Your new phone has Dolby Atmos support to enhance your audio experience. There are three different profiles to choose from dynamic, film and music. And well, I don’t need to tell you what each of them does.
Also, when it comes to earphones, the OnePlus 7 Plus includes three style preferences: balance, warm and fading. These profiles increase your average audio output. I found the Nuanced profile as the best of the three.
You can also change the EQ settings according to your tastes.


The OnePlus 7 Pro phones come with two refresh rate options: 90Hz and 60Hz. Needless to say, the 90Hz refresh rate offers a smooth and buttery experience. However, even the 90Hz display has a cost: battery life.
Therefore, if you want your OnePlus 7 battery to last a little longer, you can consider switching to the 60Hz refresh rate.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #10. LAUNCH YOUR SUPER-FAST APPs

Do you need your favorite apps in a flash? Simple, keep pressing the fingerprint icon for a while and your apps will be launched in an instant. Well, right?
To activate it, look for Quick Start in Settings or go to Settings> Utilities> QuickStart. Once inside, activate the switch.
Next, tap on Shortcut Settings and add your favorite apps to the list. In addition, you can also change shortcut positions.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #11. CHANGE THE SCREENSHOT AS A PRO

In the past, you had to root the phone to take a screenshot. Fortunately, things have changed for the better. With the new OnePlus 7, not only can you make a scrolling screenshot but you can also annotate and draw on them, not to mention, blur sensitive information.
All you have to do is capture a screengrab and touch the small thumbnail in the lower right corner. Tap the icons below to change them the way you want.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #12. RECORDER SCREEN

Another interesting feature is the Screen Recorder. Not only does it allow you to record the screen without problems, but it also includes a number of fantastic features. You can select the screen resolution, bit rate and audio source for your videos. The touch-marker is activated by default, making it incredibly useful.
What I liked about the OnePlus 7 Screen Recorder is that the on-screen controls are so subtle. The recording will be automatically paused when the phone is locked. There is a compact transparent control that disappears as soon as you press the record button.
When finished recording, double-tap on the screen to reset the controls and stop recording.
They say it is the small detail that counts and applies to the Screen Recorder. Until you manually exit the app, you will see a permanent notification indicating that the app is running.


Do you want to switch from the default fingerprint animation? Simple. Go to Lock Screen and Security> Fingerprint> and tap the Fingerprint animation effect. Choose one of the three available settings and press the Save button.
TIP FOR COOLING: If you are someone like me who is not a fan of the elevator to reactivate the gesture, keep the “Touch the screen to show” option enabled.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #14. UNLOCK SMARTLY

Even with the pop-up camera, Face Unlock of OnePlus 7 Pro is super fast. This means that the phone will unlock when the screen is turned on and this happens several times.
If you prefer to land on the lock screen instead of on the home screen, you’re in luck. There is a way to change the default way of unlocking.
To do this, go to Security and lock screen> Face Unlock> Default mode to unlock and choose the first option.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #15. SHOW THE BATTERY PERCENTAGE

This is not exactly a new feature, but it is useful if you want to see the remaining battery percentage.
All you need to do is go to Screen Settings, scroll down and tap on the status bar. Now turn on / off the switch to Show Battery Percentage. Simple.
No need, thanks to the no-notch design, but you can also hide the battery icon and choose to keep the battery percentage. To do this, tap Battery style and select Hidden battery.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #16. SET A SNAZZY ENVIRONMENT DISPLAY

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could see all your notifications simply by picking up the phone? Well, the OnePlus 7 environmental display makes it possible.
The OnePlus 7 environmental display lets you choose the watch style and notification style. You can also view a personalized message.
To enable it, go to Display> Ambient Display and choose your watch style. Once done, press the Save button.

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks #17. GET THE HOME ANDROID PIE-STYLE BUTTON

Last but not least, OnePlus 7 also includes Android Pie style navigation gestures. Yes, you can have the elegant pill-shaped home button on your phone.
Here, the Back button is on the left side. Fortunately, the Oxygen operating system allows you to swap the Back button rather easily.
To do this, go to Button and gestures> Navigation bar and gestures> Customize the navigation bar and activate the switch for the Swap buttons.
At the same time, you can also add a double touch and long press action to these two buttons. By default, scrolling up the Home button displays the Pan Selection menu, and pressing and sliding the Home button will open the last app opened in the Recent menu.


OnePlus 7 is one of the few phones so far equipped with the fast Snapdragon 855 mobile processor. And with liquid cooling and a large amount of RAM, it only makes sense to make the most of it.
So which of these will you enable first? Let me guess, you’re dying to try Dolby Atmos.


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