Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

What are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra hidden features that people didn’t talk about? Does Samsung S21 ultra even have any special features? This post will be taking you on a trip to some of the wonderful Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra hidden features that most people didn’t know exist on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung has made the Galaxy S21 one of the most capable Android phones available in 2021, but because it offers so much, it can be easy to miss some of its best features. For anyone who has spent a lot of time with Samsung devices over the years, this probably comes as no surprise. As good as Samsung is when it comes to monitors, cameras, and so on, the company has long struggled to overload its software expertise.

This is an area where Samsung has improved dramatically in recent years, especially with the company’s move to its One UI Android overlay in 2018. One UI stood out as a turning point where Samsung worked to simplify its user experience, removing unnecessary clutter, making menus and settings easier to navigate and re-editing various aspects of your UX for easier one-handed use. While some of this simplification has been lost in the months and years since the latest One UI 3.1 software, it’s a pretty fantastic offering.

One UI 3.1 first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S21 earlier this year, and while it’s not a dramatic jump from previous One UI iterations, it might still seem a little scary to anyone who hasn’t already had a Samsung phone in one. has used. few years or the S21 rocks as its first Galaxy. Certain features are easily visible and easy to find, while others are more hidden. Below are five of the Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra hidden features that aren’t talked about much, but are also 100% worth using.

1. Smart home control in quick settings

First, let’s talk about smart home controls in Quick Settings in the list of Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra hidden features that people didn’t talk about. These smart home controls were first introduced on Android 11, and on Google and OnePlus phones, they can be accessed by holding down the power button. Holding down the power button on the Galaxy S21 doesn’t show these controls, but they’re still there.

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Swipe from top to bottom on the S21’s screen to see your quick settings, then tap the “Devices” button from there. This is where smart home controls in One UI come in, and while not as useful as the Google or OnePlus implementation, they’re still incredibly cool for quickly managing smart bulbs, thermostats, or switches.

How to keep your Android phone unlocked at home with Smart Lock

On the Devices page, there are some main settings to play around with. Tap the three dots on the right, then tap “Manage apps” to change which smart home app is used for these controls (like SmartThings or Google Home). There is also a ‘Settings’ option that appears after tapping the three dots, with this page allowing smart home controls to be used even when the S21 is locked.

2. Change Lock Screen Shortcuts

Of the newer features added to the One UI, many older ones are easy to forget if you don’t already know they exist – a perfect example is the ability to change the shortcuts on the Galaxy S21’s lock screen. . By default, the Galaxy S21’s lock screen has shortcuts to access the phone’s camera or apps. They’re fine, but they don’t have to stay that way if the user doesn’t want them to.

Open the Settings app, tap Lock Screen, then tap Shortcuts. There are then two options for ‘Left Shortcut’ and ‘Right Shortcut’ and by tapping either of them they can be changed to open any application installed on the S21. If one wants the left shortcut to open 1Password and the right one to Google Pay, they can. Shortcuts can also trigger some quick actions, such as turning on the flashlight or turning on Do Not Disturb.

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3. Bixby Routines – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hidden Features

While Bixby has received a lot of criticism (and rightly so) over the years, that’s not to say that everything Samsung has done with the Bixby brand has been a total waste. The Bixby Routines feature on the Galaxy S21 is a lot of fun. Like Siri’s shortcuts, Bixby routines can be used to automate certain S21 functions so that it works smarter, not harder.

To access Bixby routines, open the Settings app, scroll down and tap “Advanced Features” and then “Bixby Routines.” The main Discover page shows recommended Bixby routines to configure, tapping “Add Routine” allows users to create their custom recipes, and “My Routines” lists all Bixby routines that have already been created.

The possibilities are virtually endless with what can be done here, and Samsung has some handy suggestions right away to get people started. For example, the ‘Save battery at night’ routine automatically activates the power-saving mode if it is late at night and the Galaxy S21 is not charging. There’s also a “Good Morning” routine that turns the screen on, turns the lock screen shortcuts into calculator and photos, and plays the Wake Up Happy Spotify playlist.

4. Customize side key to open any app

The Galaxy S21’s power switch (which Samsung calls the side key) can be used for functions other than turning the S21 on and off. Double-pressing the button quickly launches the camera app so users never miss the perfect shot, but for someone who doesn’t use the camera often, this double-press action can be reverted to something else.

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To change what the side key does, users need to take another trip in the Settings app. Open the Galaxy S21 settings, scroll down, tap “Advanced features” and then “Side key”. Tap “Open App” in the “double-tap” section at the top of the screen and from here any app installed on the S21 can be assigned to the double-tap shortcut. On the same page, users can also change holding the button to one of two things: display the menu to hang up or initiate a Bixby voice command.

5. Send SOS messages

Believe it or not, there’s even more side-key functionality buried in another settings menu. The world can be a scary and dangerous place, and if someone is in a situation where they need help, the button can be used to send an SOS message in a time of need.

Open the Settings app again and scroll down to ‘Advanced features’. At the bottom of the advanced features, a page is an option called ‘Send SOS messages’ – tap it. Tap the toggle button at the top of the page to activate the feature, which shows a popup of how everything works. When SOS mode is enabled, Galaxy S21 automatically turns on Wi-Fi and location, shares your exact location with emergency contacts for 24 hours, and sends a message to those same emergency contacts who need help.

This SOS mode can be activated by pressing the side key three or four times (this can be changed at any time) and in addition to the functions described above, additional functions can also be activated, such as having the Galaxy S21 call someone after the emergency message. has been sent or automatically takes pictures from the front and rear cameras and sends them with this message. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra hidden features no one wants to use, but it’s also extremely important that it be installed and configured just for your security.

I don’t expect all these Galaxy S21 ultra hidden features to be unknown to you, but I hope this post has given you more insight into Galaxy S21 ultra features. Which of these Samsung galaxy s21 ultra hidden features is truly hidden to you? Would you let me know via the comment section?