Mobily Prepaid Internet Packages Codes in Saudi Arabia

Mobily prepaid internet packages in Saudi Arabia – Mobily is one of the leading providers of voice and data services in Saudi Arabia. Mobily has a strong customer base in the Kingdom. Mobily prepaid internet packages are very reliable and affordable. Below you will find the latest Mobily prepaid internet packages in Saudi Arabia.

Mobily prepaid internet packages can be activated by sending activation codes to 1100

Listed below are different types of Mobily KSA prepaid internet packages. These tables will help you to easily choose the best mobily prepaid internet packages in Saudi Arabia that are suitable for you …


PriceDataSocial MediaCallActivationValidity
SAR 20UnlimitedUnlimited50 min201 Day
SAR 252 GB2 GB100 min251 Week
  • Call : National minutes to all networks
  • For Activation : Send Activation SMS Code to 1100
  • Price : Not Includes VAT
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KSA Mobily prepaid internet packages with calls and Social Media Data are included in this table, These plans are only for Mobily KSA prepaid customers.

PriceDataSocial MediaCallActivation
SAR 301 GB1 GB100 min30
SAR 755 GB5 GB500 min75
SAR 11010 GB15 GB1500 min110
SAR 15020 GBUnlimited2250 min150
SAR 18040 GBUnlimitedUnlimited180
SAR 220100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited220
SAR 360UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited360
  • Validity : All Plans Validities are 4 Weeks
  • For Activation : Send Activation SMS Code to 1100
  • To Cancel Automatic Renewal :  Add ‘0’ with your activation SMS code(ex: 030,075,0150), send to 1100
  • To Check Mobily Balance : Send 4 to 1411
  • Social Media : Youtube, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • Call : National minutes to all networks
  • Price : Not Includes VAT


SIM PriceDataValidity
SAR 20010 GB3 Month
SAR 25050 GB2 Month
SAR 26020 GB3 Month
SAR 375100 GB3 Month
SAR 379.5Unlimited1 Month
SAR 525300 GB3 Month
  • Price : Includes VAT


PriceSocial MediaValidityActivation
SAR 4Unlimited1 Day*441#
SAR 20Unlimited1 Week*447#
SAR 60Unlimited1 Month*440#
  • For Deactivation or Cancel : Send SMS 0440 to 1100
  • Available for prepaid and postpaid customers
  • Social Media Apps : Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, SnapChat and Google Duo.
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Mobily KSA prepaid internet packages for Mobily KSA prepaid customers are included in this table.

Price with VATDataValidityActivation SMS Code
SAR 5.75150 MB15 Days750
SAR 17.25500 MB15 Days5100
SAR 34.51 GB30 Days6100
SAR 57.52 GB30 Days7200
SAR 86.255 GB30 Days7300
SAR 109.2510 GB30 Days7050
SAR 155.2520 GB30 Days6300
SAR 184100 GB30 Days7080
SAR 189.7510 GB90 Days6070
SAR 241.550 GB60 Days7090
SAR 25320 GB90 Days8200
SAR 29950 GB90 Days8070
SAR 368100 GB90 Days8080
SAR 373.75Unlimited30 Days4930
SAR 517.5300 GB90 Days300
SAR 1035600 GB180 Days606
  • Price : Includes VAT
  • For Activation : Send Activation SMS Code to 1100
  • To Cancel Automatic Renewal :  Send Cancel Auto Renewal code to 1100
  • To Check Mobily Balance : Send 4 to 1411
  • Mobily Customer Care Center : Call 1100

In addition to SMS commands, you can also activate Mobily prepaid internet packages activation code via:

  • Mobily app
  • Mobile site
  • Charging via data charging cards

How to Activate Mobily Prepaid Internet Packages

  1. Visit the Mobily Official Website: Navigate to Mobily’s official website and go to the prepaid section.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Select the prepaid internet plan that best suits your needs.
  3. Get the Activation Code: Note down the activation code provided for your selected plan.
  4. Dial the Code: Dial the activation code on your mobile device and press the call button.
  5. Confirmation Message: Once the activation is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.
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How to check the balance of Mobile Internet?

You can check your prepaid Mobily voice or data balance on the internet by dialing *1411#

Renewal of Mobily prepaid internet packages

All Mobily prepaid internet packages are automatically renewed after the expiry date

You can renew your subscription immediately once your data balance has been consumed by the renewal order in a text message to 1100.

You can also disable the automatic renewal of your package (keeping the data balance until it is consumed or expires) by sending the command “unsub net” to 1100


Q: How can I check my remaining data balance?

A: To check your remaining data balance, dial *code# and follow the instructions.

Q: Can I carry over unused data to the next month?

A: Yes, some plans offer free data carry-over. Check the specific plan details for more information.

Q: Are there any additional charges for activation?

A: Activation codes mentioned here are for plan selection only. Check the official Mobily website for detailed pricing information.


In conclusion, understanding Mobily prepaid internet packages and their activation codes is crucial for maximizing your mobile experience in Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re a casual user or someone who relies heavily on data, Mobily has tailored plans to meet your requirements. Activate your preferred plan today and stay connected seamlessly!

Remember, staying informed is the key to making the most out of your mobile plan. Activate your Mobily prepaid internet package today and enjoy a seamless digital experience!