How To Check Medical Insurance Status With Emirates ID?

How To Check Medical Insurance Status With Emirates ID? In the UAE, residents can present their Emirati ID as a health insurance card at a hospital or clinic, bearing in mind that Emirati ID and health insurance are linked.

Residents can also reportedly check their health insurance status with their Emirati ID. It also helps people learn about their health insurance network and the benefits these policies offer.

Emirates ID and linked health insurance

Since 2017, health insurers in the UAE have linked their policy to the customer’s Emirates ID. Hospitals and clinics also provide Emirati ID card readers that allow the facility to monitor health insurance status and patient coverage benefits. The decision was made because of the efforts of the UAE government to digitize services.

At the same time, authorities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi demanded health insurance for all citizens and residents with valid visas issued by the Emirates. This means that the Emirates ID application process also includes providing valid health insurance.

In this regard, Dubai-based Public Relations Manager Sirajudeen Umer of Supreme Businessmen Service emphasized that an Emirates ID application can be used to apply for health insurance.

“The Emirates ID application is mandatory when applying for health insurance. Once you have the Emirates ID application, you can apply for an insurance policy. The insurance company will issue you a ‘Certificate of Health Coverage’, which can be used to complete the rest of the visa procedures. Once the visa is stamped in your passport and the Emirates ID printed, the policy number and Emirates ID number should be emailed to the health insurer. The insurance is directly linked to your Emirates ID,” explains Umer.

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Residents must email a copy of the Emirati ID and policy number to the health insurer to link the insurance to the Emirati ID.

How To Check Medical Insurance Status With Emirates ID?

People can also use their Emirates ID to check their health insurance details online as most health insurers allow their customers to use their Emirates ID to view their health insurance details online on websites or mobile applications.

Individuals can visit the health insurer’s website or download their app to check the details by simply entering their Emirates ID number.

However, if the online service is not available, customers can call their insurance company’s customer service hotline to obtain the required details.

According to Hitesh Motwani, Marketing Director of, online options makes it easy for people to get the necessary information about their insurance policy.

“That can be done by calling the insurer for reconfirmation. Also, most insurers or TPA (Third Party Administrators) have their mobile apps where the insured can log in with their Emirates ID to keep track of all their coverages, claim approval requests, and carrier network.

By entering your Emirates ID number on the website or mobile app, you can receive an overview of your care plan, including:

  • The advantages
  • Requests for approval of pending medications or treatments
  • Hospitals and clinics that accept your health insurer

People can also use their Emirates ID to check if their insurance has been activated.

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“This is an exercise in which the insured customer can check with his insurer whether his insurance policy is active. In general, the health insurance card is linked to the Emirates ID and policyholders can contact their insurer to confirm if this has happened,” explains Motwani.

In addition, people can also use their Emirati ID as a health insurance card. According to Motwani, it has now become a widely accepted practice.

“Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are now using the Emirates ID to verify on their end which insurer and cover the insured person qualifies for,” it added.

Which health insurers are involved?

All the leading medical insurance providers listed below will follow the change:

  • OMAN
  • RAK

However, all health insurers in the UAE will follow suit to improve the flow of digital information and simplify Emiratis life.

In addition, 2,000 Emirates ID readers have been sent to medical clinics in the city. Once Emirati ID readers have been successfully distributed and installed, it is common practice for clinics and hospitals to accept Emirati IDs in lieu of health insurance cards. These Emirates ID readers help determine the type of health insurance and cover chosen, along with the policy number.

How Is This New Initiative Helpful?

The “Dubai Health Authority (DHA)”, “Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD)” and “Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA)”, “Armed Forces Health Care Services and Pure Health” are part of this massive project. † This new initiative by the leading health authorities in the United Arab Emirates will further improve the quality of healthcare by submitting only the right claims. The database associated with the platform helps:

  • Performance evaluation.
  • Provide a continuous flow of digital information.
  • Automate the health system
  • Give members the convenience of carrying just one card.

Keep patient medical records all in one place – this will help make effective medical decisions by maintaining accurate clinical records and ensuring quick access to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Check Medical Insurance Status With Emirates ID

Q1. How can I check my Emirates ID details?

Answer: Just visit the official website of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority. Locate the Emirates ID details portal and enter your Emirates ID number in the assigned column. Click submit to check the available details of your Emirates ID.

Q2. Is my health insurance linked to my Emirates ID?

Answer: The Emirates ID is used as a form of identification when purchasing an insurance plan. The recent change of the government of the UAE regarding health insurance allows an individual to avail health insurance policies using Emirati ID. This means that your health insurance is linked to your Emirates ID number.

Q3. How can I check the full coverage of my health insurance?

Answer: You can check your health insurance details by using your health insurance card number or emirates ID number. Simply log into your provider’s official website, locate the existing policyholder login portal and log in. Use your insurance card number or your Emirates ID here.

Q4. How can I check the status of the Emirates ID?

Answer: You can check the status of your Emirates ID by going to the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Log in with the application number without hyphens or use your Emirates ID number if you have one. A pop-up window will appear with the latest updates related to your Emirates ID.

Q5. How long does it take for my Emirates ID to arrive after the medical examination?

Answer: Once the medical examination report is received by the authorities, the application is sent to the visa office for the stamp of approval, which can take between 10 and 20 days. Once stamped and approved, you will receive a text message to collect your Emirates ID on your phone.

Q6. What does it cost to get an Emirates ID?

Answer: The cost of the Emirates ID card depends on the validity period of the card and the status of the applicant. For example, an Emirates ID with a validity of 1 year can be had at AED 100 for expats.

Q7. What documents are required to apply for an Emirates ID?

Answer: The documents required for Emirates identification include:

For expats:

The applicant’s original passport

Applicant’s original visa

Birth certificate with a color passport photo with a white background, if children under 15 are also applicants.

For residents of the UAE:

Original passport and family book proving parentage.

For GCC Nationals:

Any document proving their residence as a citizen of the CCG.


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