2 Methods To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

2 Methods To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile
Have you ever wondered who saw your profile on Facebook? I know he did it several times. Unfortunately, there is no formal way to get visitor information to your Facebook profile. But do not worry! I do not officiate means to find who has visited your profile on Facebook. You do not have to build your brain to do it. I will guide you through the process to meet visitors to your Facebook profile.

Should you solve the “chaos that saw my Facebook profile”? Here it is.

How to see who is looking at your Facebook?

You are looking for ways to get your FB profile information for Facebook does not provide us with a way to do the same. I am well aware that there is some game in this area as well. But you read some real answers to the question “who does View my Facebook?”

Can you see who sees your Facebook profile?

If you can! Although there are no official forms, you can do it through ‘one’ that viewed Chrome Facebook extension profile.
And, during my research, I discovered a really simple way for this, which does not include downloading the application. However, he is not sure of its validity.
You carry around the open question “who went to see my Facebook profile?” Then you’ll love my solution in the next section.

Find out who saw my Facebook profile – 2 Methods
I will describe two completely different walk but the cake as well as the process to see who saw his profile on Facebook. So let it take you to the heart of this position without much blabbering.

Method 1: Using the Chrome Profile Notification Extension Screen

For people who want to know who has visited your profile on Facebook, you need to add the Google Chrome browser. Follow the steps below to learn how the extension can be used to find details about visiting the FB profile.
First, you must download the browser extension. As for Google Chrome, you should download it from the Chrome Web Store. Just visit and search on the Facebook Profile Notice there. And it’s good to go.
If you are a lazy man like me, you can use this direct link to the ‘throw’ hit extension, which saw my Facebook profile saga.
Who saw my chrome profile on Facebook
Step 2: A web page will appear as the image above. When installing another extension, simply click the blue button to add it to Chrome. Be patient enough to give you time to complete the download and installation process.
Step 3: You can see an extension installation notification then completely entered in the browser. Wow! With this, he went halfway to know who has visited your Facebook profile.
Step 4: Now, visit Can you find something new there? Just send your eyes to the blue navigation bar for your timeline, home, friend requests, messages, and notifications.
Who saw my facebook chrome profile
There, you can undoubtedly see a new link called visitors.
Step 5: Whenever you want to know “who has just seen my Facebook profile” visit Facebook and click on the new link visitors called. Here you can see the list of people who visit your Facebook profile.

NB.– I know this is a very useful extension. In fact, you can not find all the people who visit your Facebook profile using this browser tool, it displays the names of people just using this supplement. In recent times, it has seen my Facebook profile virus is spreading across the web. Fortunately, this was not designed for the user’s operation.

Many who have seen my profile on Facebook extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store for the sole purpose of stealing personal data. So, make sure to install the extension from the link above.

Method 2: Use the Only Browser

You only need a browser to check who’s viewing your Facebook profile using this method. The steps are listed below.
Step 1: Visit You will see your news feed. But you have to be on your calendar here. Then, click the first sound name of the blue navigation bar at the top of the site.
Step 2: Click the right mouse button anywhere on the page to get the menu. And click Show Source in the small menu page that you get. You can press Ctrl + L instead. Both actions return the same result.
Step 3: Now you can see a long page with the code incomprehensible. Press Ctrl + F at this point to get the search box. Then look for “InitialChatFriendsList” without the quotation marks.
Who saw my facebook chrome profile
Step 4: As you can see in the picture, you will see a lot of numbers after this text. These are the ID profile of people who have recently visited your Facebook profile. To see which IDs are these, you must add the same after “” and type in the address bar of your browser.

N.B.– I am not sure of the readability of this method. As I said, I have it for my research. The first method is limited because it only displays people with the Facebook extension notification profile. But has no limits. Personally, I tried both methods and both worked for me. Proceed at your own risk.


I think you answered your question “Who looks at my Facebook profile”, right? I acknowledge that it is very difficult to find our FB profile visitors due to the lack of an official method. But the methods presented above serve their needs in a more secure way.


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