New Xiaomi Security Feature Could Arrive Worldwide With MIUI 13

Xiaomi’s latest software feature offers owners of their devices an extra layer of security. This feature is currently only available on the latest version of Xiaomi’s Chinese software but will hit the global market with the release of MIUI 13 at the latest.

Xiaomi’s MIUI skin can be criticized for a few things, but it’s always been one of the most versatile Android skins and Xiaomi has stuck with that path until now. The company has consistently implemented new features and the latest is designed to further increase the security of Xiaomi phones.

The latest version of the Mi Security app implements a new feature that makes the theft of Xiaomi devices more difficult or at least more inconvenient. This new feature requires a user to enter a pattern before the device can be turned off, as long as the device was previously locked.

To be fair, this is not a breakthrough feature as Samsung has had the same thing for years. Or at least as far back as One UI 2.5, the oldest version of Samsung software I have access to. However, it is still a useful feature that should give Xiaomi owners some extra protection.

Currently, this app is only available in the latest version of the China MIUI Security App. We expect it to move to the global version of MIUI soon, perhaps in a standalone update or when MIUI 13 is fully rolled out.


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