How To Get Airtel Nigeria Double Data Offer

How to get the Airtel Nigeria Double Data offer

How to get double data on airtel 2020? Airtel, Nigeria is back with this great data package offering. Airtel recently introduced another great way to activate low-cost data. MTN has duplicate data, but the volume is not up to par like other networks in Nigeria.  Airtel Nigeria recently launched a new service, through which you buy data at cheap prices. As it’s shown in the following:

  1. 100MB – 100 Naira / Daily
  2. 400MB – 200 Naira / 3days
  3. 700MB – 300 Naira / 7days
  4. 1.5GB – 500 Naira / 14 days
  5. 3GB – 1000 Naira / 1 month

Right? And this double supply of data is not misleading but sponsored by Airtel Nigeria, then do not panic. Let’s go to the next level, so you know the codes and how to sign up and get your double bid Airtel Nigeria data.

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First, make sure you have enough balance in your phone, then dial  * 144 # to check if you qualify for the offer. If you get a positive response, you are good to go. Simply subscribe to one of the data plans by selecting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to activate a data plan from the options shown in message. Dial 3 for airtel double data code for 500. 

How To Get Airtel Nigeria Double Data Offer

Select what you could pay and send, within minutes, you will receive a response from Airtel Nigeria.

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Congratulations, you received 100% FREE data bonus Check * 140 # to verify data balance Free data is available every day for 6 months “

After successful activation, you can enjoy your data all over the Internet as it works perfectly without limitations.

This is another way to get airtel 200 for 400mb code – a very cheap and affordable plan. It’s time for you to activate and enjoy one of the data of your choice!

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I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any issues or issues activating this offer, ask more questions and if it works for you, share your experience!

Then start having fun, downloading, chatting, and doing what you want until your data runs out.

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