How do I claim unemployment insurance in UAE?

Are you facing job loss or unemployment in the UAE? Worried about how to claim unemployment insurance? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of claiming unemployment insurance in the United Arab Emirates, ensuring you have all the information and practical tips you need to navigate this crucial phase with confidence.

Unemployment insurance in the UAE provides much-needed financial support to those who find themselves without a job. It offers a safety net to ease the burden of sudden unemployment. So, if you’re wondering, “How do I claim unemployment insurance in UAE?” or have related questions, read on for all the answers you need!

Understanding UAE Unemployment Insurance

Before we dive into the details of how to claim unemployment insurance, it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of the UAE’s unemployment insurance scheme. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Eligibility: UAE nationals and residents working in the private sector or the federal government are eligible for this insurance.
  • Benefits: The eligible employees will receive a monthly cash benefit, which can go up to 60% of their average basic salaries for the six months preceding their job loss.

Now that you have the basics down, let’s move on to the nitty-gritty of the claim process.

Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance

Before you start the process of claiming unemployment insurance in the UAE, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible, you should:

  • Be a UAE national or resident working in the private sector or federal government.
  • Have been contributing to the unemployment insurance scheme.
  • Have lost your job through no fault of your own.
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Remember, eligibility is a crucial first step, and it’s essential to meet these criteria to access unemployment insurance benefits.

Documents and Information Needed

To successfully claim unemployment insurance in the UAE, you will need to gather the following documents and information:

  • Emirates ID: This is your primary identification in the UAE.
  • Passport and Visa Information: Copies of your passport and UAE residence visa.
  • Labour Contract: Your employment contract or proof of your previous job.
  • Bank Account Details: Information about your bank account where the benefits will be deposited.
  • Reason for Job Loss: A statement explaining the circumstances of your job loss.

Ensuring you have these documents and information readily available will expedite the claiming process.

The Claiming Process

So, how do you actually claim unemployment insurance in the UAE? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Access the official website dedicated to UAE’s unemployment insurance scheme.

Step 2: Create an Account

Register for an account on the website if you don’t already have one. You’ll need to provide personal information and create login credentials.

Step 3: Submit Your Claim

Log in to your account and fill out the unemployment insurance claim form. Provide accurate and truthful information about your job loss.

Step 4: Attach Required Documents

Upload the necessary documents mentioned earlier, such as your Emirates ID, passport, visa, labour contract, and bank account details.

Step 5: Review and Submit

Review all the information you’ve provided to ensure it’s accurate and complete. Once you’re satisfied, submit your claim.

Step 6: Await Confirmation

After you’ve submitted your claim, you will receive a confirmation of your application. The insurance company will then begin processing your request.

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Claim Channels

You have several options when it comes to submitting your unemployment insurance claim:

  1. Official Website: The most common and convenient method is to use the official website dedicated to unemployment insurance in the UAE.
  2. Smart Application: You can also use the smart application available for mobile devices for a user-friendly experience.
  3. Call Center: If you prefer a more personal touch, you can contact the call center at (+971 60 059 0000) for assistance with your claim.

Remember that you should submit your claim within 30 days from the date of your unemployment to ensure your eligibility.

Choosing the Right Channel

To make the process more accessible, the UAE offers several channels for submitting your claim. You can choose one that suits you best:

  • Insurance Pool’s E-Portal: The insurance pool’s e-portal is a convenient online platform for submitting your claim.
  • Smart Application: If you prefer using a smartphone app, you can submit your claim through the smart application.
  • Call Center (+971 60 059 0000): For those who are more comfortable with human interaction, you can contact the call center for assistance in filing your claim.

Real-life Example: If you’re tech-savvy, you might opt to use the insurance pool’s e-portal for a seamless claim submission process.

What to Expect After Claim Submission

After you’ve successfully submitted your claim, it’s natural to wonder what happens next. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Review and Verification: The insurance company will review your claim and verify the information you provided.
  • Monthly Compensation: If your claim is approved, you will receive monthly compensation. This financial support will continue for up to three months from the date of your job loss.
  • Communication: You may be contacted for further information or clarification during the review process. Ensure you stay reachable at the contact information you provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s address some common questions about claiming unemployment insurance in the UAE:

How much compensation can I expect?

You can receive a monthly cash benefit of up to 60% of your average basic salary for the six months before your job loss.

Is there a deadline for submitting a claim?

Yes, you must submit your claim within 30 days from the date of your unemployment.

What if my claim is rejected?

If your claim is rejected, you can contact the insurance company for clarification or appeal the decision if you believe it was unjust.

What if I face difficulties during the claim process?

If you encounter any difficulties while filing your claim or have specific queries, don’t hesitate to contact the call center at +971 60 059 0000. They can provide guidance and assistance.

How long can I receive monthly compensation?

You can receive monthly compensation until three months after the loss of your job. It’s crucial to actively seek new employment during this period.


Navigating the process of claiming unemployment insurance in the UAE may seem daunting, but with the right information and preparedness, it can be a smooth experience. Remember that timely action, accurate information, and adherence to the guidelines are essential for a successful claim.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to claim UAE unemployment insurance, follow the steps outlined in this guide, and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. By doing so, you can access the support you need during this challenging phase.

For more information and official guidelines, you can visit the Official Portal of UAE.

Don’t hesitate to take action and secure your financial stability during unemployment – it’s your right, and the process is designed to be as straightforward as possible. Claim your unemployment insurance and move forward with confidence!


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