What is Student Liability Insurance?

What is student liability insurance? Students who participate in clinical, internship, apprenticeship or cooperative courses related to technical training, health-related professions, childcare, teacher training, interpretation, and cosmetology must obtain medical professional liability insurance for their benefit and protection.

We answer all the important questions about liability insurance and show you how to protect against claims from third parties.

What Is Student Liability Insurance?

The student liability insurance is voluntary private liability insurance. It covers you if you cause harm to others through an oversight for which you are responsible.

The purpose of liability insurance is to protect students from claims arising from actual or alleged malpractice when the claimed injury is the result of professional misconduct, accident, or negligence while participating in activities that are part of and required by students’ Curriculum.

Private civil liability insurance offers your students security in the event of claims and lawsuits from others.

  • Personal damage,
  • Damage to property,
  • Financial losses and
  • False claims.

Types of Liability Insurance

There are different types of student liability insurance. Whether you are unlucky or prefer to take security for granted, there is an insurance policy that adapts to you and your activities without a doubt. On this page, you will find an explanation about all types of student liability insurance and the corresponding cover.

Liability Insurance

Normal liability insurance covers damage caused by you or your pet unintentionally. The damage that is compensated can vary. Some examples of what a liability insurance covers:

  • Compensation for material damage
  • Compensation for damage assessment by experts
  • Cost of a trial after liability

It is usually insured for an amount between €500,000 and €2,500,000. If your parents have liability insurance with a family policy, you are probably also co-insured as a student.

Additional Liability Insurance

Standard liability insurance covers many accidents in everyday life, but not all cases. There are several exceptions to the rule that generally relate to a specific activity. For example, coverage may not apply in the following cases:

  • During a risky sport
  • When you are at work
  • Abroad

For these situations, you can take out additional liability insurance through the insurer or, for example, the sports club with which you are affiliated.

Collective Liability Insurance

Group insurance means that a large group has taken out the same insurance. Associations and governments are often involved in this. You can also take out collective liability insurance. Think of:

  • Insurance through your student association
  • Be insured through your sports club
  • Be insured through your employer during your job or internship
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When you take out collective liability insurance, you often get a discount. So it may be worth checking whether or not you can join a collective liability insurance policy.

Legal Liability insurance

The Legal Liability Insurance (AVP) is often incorrectly referred to as Liability Insurance. You are obliged to take out liability insurance if you buy and use a motor vehicle, flying vehicle or boat, while you do not have to take out regular liability insurance. This is a voluntary insurance policy that you take out to limit the risk of high costs as a result of accidental damage.

Civil Liability Insurance for student entrepreneurs

Do you have plans to set up your own company during your student days or to work as a freelancer? It is therefore advisable to take out business liability insurance to cover the financial risks if you suffer damage while providing a service or if the product you produce causes damage.

Why Is Student Liability Insurance Useful For Me As A Student?

When you go to college, it’s probably your first time leaving your parents’ house and going to a big city. Everything is exciting and new: the atmosphere on campus, student life, your first apartment or living together in a shared flat. However, with your newfound independence, your responsibilities will also grow. Check whether you are automatically covered by your parents’ family liability insurance. This is usually the case until the end of their vocational training. But not all families have private civil liability insurance and the terms and conditions of the insurance also differ.

An accident or accident can happen quickly:

Imagine you were partying late at night with your classmates and at the end of the party, you were walking home excited. It rains. You’re drunk and you keep thinking about your nighttime adventures. When you cross the street, you don’t pay attention to the traffic. A car can dodge it, but when it tries to dodge it, it collides with a moped driver. The moped driver is seriously injured. He needs to be treated in hospital. Then he has to go to physical rehabilitation.

If you cause damage through negligence, you are responsible for all your assets, including your future assets. In the case of personal injury, in particular, you can have to deal with millions of dollars in claims.

The student Civil Liability Insurance from Luko protects you against claims for damages from third parties. Third parties are persons who do not belong to the group of persons covered by private civil liability insurance.

The following persons are insured with private civil liability insurance at a family rate:

  • A single-person civil liability insurance policy that protects only you, and
  • A family liability insurance that covers others than yourself.

Your partner who lives with you in a matrimonial community, if he or she does not have your private liability insurance and is registered with you,

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Your unmarried children (including stepchildren, adopted children or foster children) if at least one of the following applies:

Married children or others living in your home (for example, roommates, grandchildren, parents, in-laws, grandparents, siblings), as long as they do not have your private liability insurance and are not covered by other private liability insurance and are registered with you at the authorities.

Individual liability insurance and family liability insurance

The terms “single” and “family” do not refer to marital status:

  • A single student liability insurance policy only covers you as one person.
  • Student family liability insurance covers you as a policyholder and all other persons who live in your home and are registered with the government.

As a student, am I obliged to take out civil liability insurance?

No, private civil liability insurance is one of the voluntary insurances. But liability insurance is one of the most important insurance policies of all. Like your student health insurance in Germany, which is mandatory on arrival and an absolute necessity, your liability insurance (though not mandatory) is equally important. Both will help you avoid high bills while away from home.

It may be obvious to save the cost of insurance. Your budget is tight anyway. But if damage does occur, a little carelessness can get you into financial trouble for this very reason. “Not planning is planning to fail”! Under this motto, we advise you to take out private civil liability insurance. It will only cost you a few euros per month, but in the event of damage, it will reimburse your justified claims of up to 30 million euros.

When do I still have family insurance as a student?

It depends on which insurance company and under what conditions your parents have taken out family liability insurance. Every insurer has its guidelines and rules. If you are not married, you will be covered by Luko’s family plan until you complete your vocational training.

Vocational training can be company training, school training (technical schools, vocational schools, or vocational schools), dual system training (apprenticeship together with vocational training and intercompany courses) or training.

You can also go through several training phases in succession. If you first opt ​​for training in a company and then for training, you are insured through your parents until the end of your studies. There are many possible combinations. Do you want to alternate a vocational training between the bachelor’s and the master’s? – No problem.

The insurance cover ends when you reach legal age and start working between the internship periods. (Part-time job is possible during vocational training).

Your co-insurance with your parents also ends after completing your vocational training, unless you are officially registered with them.

This is when you need to arrange your liability insurance.

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What damage does my private Student liability insurance cover?

Your student liability insurance covers damage you cause to other people’s property, including damage to rental properties, personal injury, and economic loss. Certain internet risks are also covered.

Here are some examples:

  • You work together with a fellow student on a joint project. In the heat of battle, you accidentally spill your coffee on his laptop.
  • Having left his smartphone at home, he borrowed it from a fellow student and accidentally dropped it.
  • To get to class on time, hurry to the university by bike. This deprives another cyclist off the right of way. There is a collision in which the other cyclist ends up with his head on the asphalt.

Do I Need To Add Private Student Liability Insurance?

Independent students, international students, students not covered by a parent’s homeowners policy, or students who are required by the administrator to show separate insurance may all require liability insurance. U.S. students covered by a parent’s homeowners policy generally do not require additional liability coverage, although we strongly recommend that they purchase separate property coverage.

If you live in someone else’s home, the owner or manager can oblige you to take out this insurance. They want to make sure that any claim or lawsuit against them is defended by a high-quality insurance company that can name them too. The insurer will pay on your behalf, within the limits and terms of the policy, any amount for which you are legally responsible, including legal fees associated with your defence.

Your policy protects your landlord against certain damages, such as fire and smoke damage caused by your negligence. However, the policy cannot be modified to specifically show your landlord as an additional insured or stakeholder. We can, however, issue a certificate of insurance to your landlord as an Interested Party, so that they are informed when your cover ends.

Even if your landlord or property manager doesn’t require it as part of your lease, getting this insurance can still be a smart choice if you aren’t covered by parental liability insurance. For a very low additional premium, you are protected against potentially devastating financial loss of thousands of dollars. Potential claims can come from the property owner for damage to their property, from other tenants or their families, from visiting guests or even from the general public.

Liability coverage is available with a $100,000 limit. There is no deductible for the Liability Cover and the deductible for your selected home remains unchanged. Liability coverage is often available for less than $40 a year.

Our liability coverage at each level includes $10,000 in pet damage coverage and $500 in third-party medical payments.

Liability coverage can be added to your homeowner’s policy at the time of purchase or added at a later date if you don’t know your physical residence yet while you attend school.

Liability coverage is available for most U.S. homes, except for the states of AK, FL, CT, and RI.