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Samsung partners with Snapchat for timely AR watch simulation

Samsung Partners With Snapchat For Timely AR Watch Simulation

Snapchat has partnered with Samsung to allow users to try out the new Galaxy Watch 3 in augmented reality (AR) from the back of the app developing wrist-tracking technology.

Snapchatters can try out the gadget from the comfort of their own home thanks to some innovative wrist-tracking technology that materializes the timepiece in augmented reality.

The hi-tech clutch gives new meaning to the term ‘popped wrist’ and can be activated by simply opening the camera and scanning a patented QR code or manually selecting Samsung.

From there, potential buyers of a Galaxy Watch 3 can try a mix of faceplates and straps from the range to find the best fit – plus of course, since this is Snapchat, full Bitmoji support will be offered to fully customize the experience.

If you like what you see, a handy ‘shop’ button will take customers directly to the Samsung store to get the real deal.

In a statement, Snapchat wrote: “Snapchat has partnered with Samsung Electronics UK to launch a wrist-tracking campaign for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, allowing Snapchatters to try out and experience the watch features. This is Samsung’s first time using wrist-tracking technology and it is one of the first brands worldwide to embrace this feature, which was launched at the Snap Partner Summit in May this year.”

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Snapchat has invested heavily in augmented reality, harnessing the medium’s creative potential for a range of commercial opportunities and social causes, most notably by honoring forgotten black football players with virtual statues.

Samsung itself is no stranger to using VR to promote its watch wares.

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