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How To Migrate to 9mobile More Talk Plans in 2021

How To Migrate to 9mobile More Talk Plans – 9mobile network has a large number of tariff plans with different tariffs and benefits. Some may argue for more calling, while others may surf the web because as mobile users, we are more interested in some services than others. Whatever your choice, you will get it on the net.

More importantly, we’ll be discussing the 9mobile more talk and Etisalat talk more code tariff plan. We will discuss its features and benefits. Since the tariff plan determines how you are billed on the network, it is worth understanding how this tariff plan works. You may need to migrate to 9mobile talk more immediately.

The 9mobile more talk tariff plan offers more talk time by name. This increased speaking time is mainly for friends and family. Isn’t that what you want? Be able to talk more with friends and loved ones. It doesn’t stop there, it also offers free internet access with a week’s charge.

Features of 9mobile More Talk

The 9mobile more talk tariff plan has four (4) main features that set it apart from other tariff plans on the network. Among which;

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You & Me

It allows you to save numbers of friends and family and call them with a certain bonus that is awarded when recharging.

  • To add a number to 9mobile you and me, dial * 233 * 1 * number #. For example, if you want to add 08091234567, dial * 233 * 1 * 08091234567 # and it will be added immediately.
  • To delete a number, dial * 233 * 2 * number #. That is, call * 233 * 2 * 08091234567 # to delete 08091234567.
  • To see your numbers added to you and me, dial * 233 #.

9mobile moretalk Receiver Pays

This feature allows you to make calls even if you don’t have enough credit to make the call, while the person calling you pays for the call. Is not it fun? You can use that for your boss, parents, etc. To use this feature, dial 268 together with the number you want to call. If you want to call 08091234567, dial 26808091234567, the recipient will be notified of the payment and if they accept, it will start immediately.

MB weekly free

After a successful charge, you will receive free data to access the Internet. Charging at least N100 will give you 10MB of valid data for a week.

Airtime bonus

Once you recharge this tariff plan, you will receive an airtime voucher that will be used to call you and me. When you recharge N200 you get N300 to call you and me, while you get N100 when you recharge N100. It is valid for a week.

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Cost in 9mobile More Talk

In this tariff plan, you will be charged 40k / s until your costs reach N25. Then it drops to 25k / s. This tariff applies to all networks.

Etisalat Talk More Code

To migrate to the 9mobile more talk tariff plan, dial the etisalat talk more code, the 9mobile talk more migration code is * 244 * 2 #. Also, you can migrate to 9mobile more talk by dialing 200 and press 1 to migrate to the 9mobile Moretalk tariff plan.

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For more information, you can visit one of the 9mobile experience centers or simply call customer service at 200 toll-free from a 9mobile line.


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