How Image To Text Conversion Has Become So Easy With Prepostseo’s OCR Tool?

How Image To Text Conversion Has Become So Easy With Prepostseo’s OCR Tool?

Using Image to text convertors has become a necessary and common practice in the world of writing. Not because writers have extensive requirements but also because businesses need data storage. So, extracting data from images or existing physical manuscripts is a necessity for them.

But, how is it that this advanced-looking technology became so common? It’s not only common; it’s relatively easy. Because many images to text convertors only need you to upload the content to get things done. That’s why it has also become easy to store physical data in virtual form.

However, what’s the one thing that drives this? Is it a necessity? Or is it the overabundance of these tools and their availability? It’s a bit of both, as data requirements will never be enough in marketing or businesses.

So, let’s dig in deeper and find out how the image to text conversion has become so easy with prepostseo’s OCR Tool.

What’s Image To Text Conversion?

Image to text conversion is the practice of copying or extracting text from images. This process allows writers and professionals to store bulk data from pictures without manually extracting them. The process started around a century ago when OCR was first introduced.

OCR or optical character recognition is the technology that identifies individual characters present in a text. Then, it converts them into virtual devices, acting like a machine reader. This process isn’t only essential to save time but space as well—quite literally.

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Consider this: a vast library of manuscripts or text present in a professional or academic environment might hog space. Whereas virtual data storage occupies the space of a computer or two. This is what allures many institutions and businesses to employ Image to text conversion.

Since the technology’s primary job is to convert images into text, it allows the employer to store any and all data present in physical or virtual form. Moreover, while scanning does the same, OCR allows better indexing and 100% more convenience.

This alone has made OCR a necessity for businesses and academies around the globe. So, the need for these convertors for students and professionals stems from their peers acquiring them.

How Has It Become Easy by Prepostseo?

OCR sounds like a complicated tech, and it might be expensive, right? While only corporations could afford it around 2-3 decades ago, everyone can have it on their phone nowadays. It’s not only a testament to humanity’s progress but also their growing requirement.

So, when requirements grow, they become easier to obtain—or so the human mind wishes for it to be that way. However, OCR happens to be one of the technologies that have become easily acquirable for consumers.

Prepostseo’s OCR is one of them. This technology helps its users to convert images into text with just one click. With the help of Prepostseo’s image to text converter, you can extract text from images free of cost. It is simple and useful to use for its users. It’s easily available for mobile phones and computers.

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But, how exactly is that? How does Prepostseo  Image to text conversion become so easy for users like us? Here’s how:

·        Online Availability

Screenshot 1 2

Prepostseo’s online image-to-text converter is remarkably easy to find that extracts text from images.  This online presence of the programs allows a vast majority of the world’s population to access it—both professionals and students alike.

Since most professional writers and students require this tech, its easy availability also makes for higher usage. Moreover, this tool is free and allows extensive costless usage. This is one of the leading reasons it has become easy to convert images into texts.

·        Remarkable OCR Tech

Like all the other tech today, OCR technology used to be very big. Therefore, it wasn’t very common for everyone to acquire it, even universities or businesses. However, since technology has come so far, the size of technology has shrunk remarkably—you can take phones, for example.

Therefore, OCR isn’t too far behind in this aspect, as it began to shrink and became smaller. What was once like a huge scanner in appearance began to become a pen-like scanner of documents. Nowadays, it’s available on mobile phones, requiring only its camera to scan several documents.

·        Data Storing

Businesses, academics, students, professionals, and marketers all need virtual data. Since the internet began taking over the world in the late 90s, so did the growing requirement of virtual data. While data storage has been a practice for well over two decades, it only picked up the pace in the 2010s.

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This growing need for virtual data also brought extensive OCR or image usage to text conversion. While scanning documents was highly convenient, it was very difficult to index that data or make it searchable. That is when Optical Character Recognition made life easier for many people.

·        Sharing

Storing data aside, sharing it is more important. Collaborating with fellow writers, students and marketers used to be very difficult. People would have to travel distances just to be able to collaborate with fellow writers—professionals and students alike. That’s not the case now.

Nowadays, all you need to do is use a program like Google Docs, Zoom, or Team Viewer to be able to collaborate with your colleagues or fellow students. However, it also requires them to share textual manuscripts, which aren’t easily available online. Enter OCR, and this problem fades away too.

So, you can attribute the need to share work with others as one of the leading reasons for the image to text conversion has become easier.

·        Mobile Apps

pre 1 1

As mentioned before, the mobile phone app of this program is easily available. Prepostseo’s Image to text app on Android allows you to convert any images to text extensively within seconds. This mobile app is a leading reason for this tech to become easily acquirable.

This factor is one of the chief reasons that technology grows today and helps many professionals and writers. Moreover, it also allows for extensive data storage, sharing, and collaboration.


OCR continues to grow and make life easy for writers around the globe. So, when you think of the need for data automation growing, you can only guess how much more this technology will be needed in the coming years.

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