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Introducing Airtel Binge Data Plan (2GB for N500) And How To Get It

Airtel Binge data
One of the leading mobile networks in Nigeria, Airtel has just announced a new data package for all types of mobile phones, known as Airtel’s charter plans. The Airtel Binge Plans is a convenient plan that allows you to enjoy affordable data rates by providing 2GB per day for just the N500.

The 2GB from Airtel Binge data plan for the N500 is affordable and reliable for quick use, especially for heavy Internet users who want to install or stream online videos quickly.
There is a smaller version of Airtel Binge data, which is the 1GB for the N350, but if you decide to increase your game, simply opt for the 2GB version. More affordable and faster.
It’s a daily plan, but you still can not limit your decision to broadcast the file or video you hoped to see.
Airtel previously unveiled a data-busting plan for the N350 For 1 GB, but when they found that they bothered their customers by reducing the nightly plan, they decided to compensate their subscribers by revealing a 2 GB data plan at the price of just N500.
This message was sent to almost everyone “Introducing Airtel Binge Plans. Get 2GB daily for just N500. Dial * 141 * 504 # now to activate or simply dial * 141 * for more options “
It is very simple to understand since you can subscribe to this Airtel Binge data plan for the N500 and get 2GB of data plan. And the validity is only 24 hours (1 day).
This is obviously a business strategy.
Those who enjoy browsing, downloading or streaming online content, such as games, live soccer videos and other things that consume data, find this data plan appealing.
If you are the only one, the files you plan to install on your phone can now be resolved.
In addition, you may not be happy with the shelf life of just one day (1 day). They supposedly extended the validity to a week or a month, but they know people would require more than the official plans. Airtel decided to shorten its validity period.
I think shelf life should not be a problem for Internet users. If you still want to keep your data for an extended period of time, simply choose the official Airtel Binge data plans.


  • STEP 1: It is simple to activate, please dial * 141 * 504 # or dial * 141 # and follow the on-screen command.
  • STEP 2: You would see two options: 1GB for N350 and 2GB for N500. Choose the one that best suits your personal needs. All valid for one day.
  • STEP 3: VoilĂ ! You have activated the Airtel 2GB plan. Now, minimize and start surfing the internet until Mom calls.
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What is your opinion on this new Airtel Binge data plan? You have any further questions, please drop them below for an instant response.


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