Fastcash Loan Code – How To Get FCMB Fast Cash Loan Using USSD Code

FCMB Fastcash Loan Code – How To Get FCMB Fast Cash Loan Using USSD Code? The FCMB Fast Cash Scheme is a loan scheme designed for both current FCMB and non-FCMB customers.

The FCMB Fast Cash Loan getting loan process should be one of the most convenient and easiest loan application processes.

It is specially made to solve urgent needs such as medical care, food, shelter, and so on as quickly as possible.

Today I am going to show you the fastcash Loan Code, how to apply for FCMB Fast Cash loan, loan proceeds, interest rate, and loan repayment. You may like to know about the fastcash loan app review and how you can apply for fast cash loan using the mobile app, we have it covered in the other post.

What is Fastcash Loan Code?

The FCMB fast cash loan code is *329#, with this Fastcash loan code, you can register for FCMB fastcash loan, apply for an FCMB loan, and do many several things with this code.

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Steps to Apply for FCMB Fast Cash Loan using FCMB Fastcash Loan Code

Follow the steps below to apply for an FCMB Fast Cash loan using USSD Code:

  1. Dial Fast Cash loan code *329# on your mobile phone
  2. Enter 1
  3. Enter your National Identification Number (NIN)
  4. Create a 4-digit PIN code
  5. Choose to accept
  6. Then dial *329*11# and proceed to provide the required information from you

FCMB Fast Cash Loan Requirements

  • A functional bank account with FCMB or other banks
  • National identification number (NIN)
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Features and Benefits of FCMB Fast Cash Loan

The FCMB Fast Cash paperless credit facility for FCMB bank customers and non-FCMB bank customers offers the following benefits:

For FCMB customers:

  1. Instant access to funds
  2. Loan amount up to N200,000
  3. No paperwork needed, just sign up at *329*11#
  4. No warranty is required
  5. It is available to both salaried and self-employed banking customers
  6. Refund cycle of up to 3 months
  7. 30 Day Cleaning Cycle
  8. Customer may apply as many times per year as eligible.

For non-FCMB customers:

  1. Instant access to funds
  2. Loan amount up to N200,000
  3. No paperwork needed, just sign up at *329*11#
  4. No warranty is required
  5. No FCMB account is required
  6. Refund cycle of up to 3 months
  7. Customers can apply as many times a year as they qualify
  8. Interest of 3.5% per month and a one-time administration fee of 1%
  9. The money is transferred to the client’s payroll account at any bank where the salary is located.
  10. All Federal Government Employees EXCEPT military and paramilitary employees
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The FCMB has several other loan options and they are;

  • Salary Plus FCMB Loan: Intended for those with an FCMB payroll account, it allows access to short or medium-term loans before their salary is paid.
  • FCMB Premium Salary Loan: This is for confirmed employees of corporate organizations who have been rated by Moody’s with a minimum rating of BB. The minimum loan amount for this option is 2,000,000.
  • FCMB Car Loan: This loan option allows you to buy vehicles on credit and pay them back later over some time.
  • FCMB Credit Card: This option includes a Visa credit card, which can be used to pay with credit anytime, anywhere.

Getting a money loan is not magic, you have to meet the requirements listed above, although they may vary slightly by platform.

However, a typical lending platform would explicitly list the different requirements you need to get a loan and the different types of loans you qualify for. Always consider the interest rate and the loan term before choosing a loan platform.

You can get quick money loans from sources such as:

  1. Sokoloan
  2. Pay later
  3. page finance
  4. C24
  5. Kiakia
  7. Start credit etc.
  8. Kuda Bank
  9. iCredit
  10. LCredit Loan App
  11. Migo loan

There may be certain restrictions when it comes to getting fast cash loans, including:

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Eligibility: This is often an issue when it comes to applying for loans on online loan platforms. The eligibility criteria for a loan vary from platform to platform and depend on the amount you want to borrow (in most cases). If your eligibility is not determined in advance, you may not be able to access the loan as quickly as you should.

Early repayment: Most loan platforms have policies to increase credit limits when you repay loans before the end of the loan term or when you pay on time. In addition to increasing the credit limit of the loan, some of them also automatically grant access to take out a new loan immediately after (timely) repayment of the previous loan. So if you don’t pay on time, you may not get access on time.

How can I contact the FCMB?

You can contact FCMB in the following ways:

  • Address: Primrose Tower, Rua Tinubu 17A, Marina, Lagos State.
  • Telephone: 01-2798800 or 07003290000
  • Email address:

You can contact them through any of the means listed above.


When the need for fast cash arises and your bank account isn’t funded with money, then you can take up a fast cash loan. This can be achieved by simply going online to apply for a quick loan from a reliable money lending platform.


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