Android’s Pros and Cons That You Should Know Before Getting Your New Android Phone


Having a smartphone that uses the Android system in hand, is like having the world in your hands. If you are not already familiar with the term “Android” is an operating system for smartphones and tablets that allows you to run many applications on your smartphone or tablet. One of the main reasons for phones and tablets that use the Android system has been a leader in the market is that Android allows users to develop their own applications by requiring developers to write applications that can expand several phones or tablets. However, before you decide to get a new Android phone or a new Android tablet, it is always best to research the pros and cons.

Using an Android phone or tablet will give you the freedom to experience the latest mobile phone technology. You can develop any application you like, or simply use the excellent applications already available. Android is the most used by those who like to upgrade and test the latest application technology. If you are not that kind of person, your Android might not be used completely if you can not be bothered in learning how to do these technical aspects with your phone or tablet. Second, as far as choice, Android is available from several manufacturers. Among the renowned brands, HTC Android remains at the top. In addition to smartphones and tablets, Android also offers more specific devices, such as media players and devices specially designed for reading purposes. The great variety of options that undoubtedly confuses. You should investigate the pros and cons of each device and each brand. You may want to consider purchasing an Android phone associated with a particular service provider. However, it is not possible to switch from one provider to another with these types of phones. In some cases this may be possible, but the change could be costly.

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The last important thing you have to do when you have an Android phone or tablet is that you always update the software. Otherwise your Android will not be updated regularly launches Android software updates. The disadvantages of updating software that upgrades to new versions of software require the support of vendors and manufacturers, and this may or may not occur. Therefore, people move from an Android phone to a new one with the most recent version of the software, the first version 1.5 to 2.3, called gingerbread, as the upgrade might or may not be possible. ……


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