Migo Loan Code – How To Apply For Migo Loan in 2023?

Migo Loan Code – What is Migo loan? How to apply for Migo loan? How to pay migo loans? How to pay back Migo loan? Are these or more questions troubling your mind about this lending company? This Migo loan code – how to apply for Migo loan post is for you.

Life seldom presents us with the opportunities we need to meet our immediate needs. That’s why we take loans. Migo – instant loans in Nigeria Lagos is a loan company that offers quick and easy loans to meet your immediate needs.

This article reveals Migo Loan’s various services and juicy loan offers.

About Loan Migo

Migo loan is a cloud-based platform that deals with companies such as banks, telecom operators, and merchants.

It allows these companies to give credit to their customers to improve traditional banking and card payment systems.

This is done by integrating Migo with that company’s app. Migo, in turn, subverts customers, providing them with a digital account and line of credit. In this way, customers can use this line of credit to make easy and direct financial transactions.

The main objective of this company is to make prosperity available to everyone. Reinvent the way we access and use credit and also provide full customer satisfaction.

How To Apply For Migo Loan in Nigeria

There are two methods how to get Migo loan. You can apply for Migo loan using the Migo website or using Migo Loan Code. We will explain how to get Migo loan in this section.

How To Apply For Migo Loan Using Migo Loan Code

Follow these steps to get a Migo loan using Migo loan code:

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1. Dial *561#

Using your cell phone simply dial Migo loan code*561#. The same way you dial a code to check your credit balance.

2. Select loans

You will see many options. Select loans.

3. Select apply for a loan

On the next screen, select apply for the loan from the options

4. Wait for the loan offer

You’ll receive a loan offer, accept it, provide account details, and do everything else to get your loan.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the mobile code, you can do so on your website. Please note that if you have already used the code, you will receive the loan, do not continue with the steps below. These steps are for people who prefer to do it online rather than over the phone.

How To Get Migo Loan From Migo Website

5. Visit the loan portal on the Migo website

This step is for those who don’t want to use the code, but the website. Just access the loan portal

6. Enter your phone number

Enter your phone number to continue. You may be asked to verify that you are human by completing a captcha.

7. Complete verification

A code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code on the website to verify that you have the phone number.

8. Select a check lending offer

Select the check lending offer and proceed to view the offers available to you

9. Provide your account number and details

Click continue and provide your account number and all required details.

10. Get your loan!

Your loan should arrive soon. Usually in a few minutes. Learn about Migo loan login and how to access your account.

At the time this post was published, there was no Migo Loan App. However, you can get a loan using the Migo loan USSD code: *561#.

The Migo loan guarantees the legality of all your agreements. Accordingly, such agreements shall be governed by and construed following the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It also provides its clients with the necessary terms and conditions. This is to ensure due knowledge of the contract, the rights and obligations contained therein.

How much can I borrow from Migo?

Migo offers loan amounts ranging from N500 to over N500,000.

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However, first-time clients often start with small loans. Loan offers grow over time as trust between both parties is built.

Additionally, a customer’s personal information acts as a determining factor for the unique loan offers they receive. That is, Migo offers each client a range within the available credit limit. It is important to note that Migo does not currently honor requests for specific loan amounts.

What Are The Migo Loan Interest Rate?

Migo interest rates are not fixed. They provide interest rates ranging from 5% to 25%. The applicable rate depends on the payment history and term of the loan in question.

When payment history is good, Migo loan interest rate can decrease while loan amounts increase and vice versa.

Migo also offers reduced interest rates for customers who get referrals.

Requirements To Get Migo Loan?

Migo Loans qualifies your potential customers for a loan based on the personal information you provide. The more information they get, the easier it will be to qualify for their loans.

Also, Migo loans do not require any collateral or documentation for your loan applications.

Now you can compare the interest rates of different lenders with our loan simulator and get the best offer. Making an informed loan decision requires comparing different loan offers before committing. Through our simulator, you will be able to see loan offers from different lenders at a glance in less than 5 minutes, so you can make the right decision regarding your financing.

How Quickly Are Migo Loan Funds Released?

Migo Loans generally makes loan disbursements after each application.

In other words, once you meet all the requirements, the Migo loans are released with immediate effect.

How To Pay Back Migo Loans – Repayment Of The Migo Loan?

After knowing how to apply for Migo loan and how to get Migo loan, it’s time to talk about how to pay back Migo loans. Migo Loans, for convenience, has provided several ways for its customers to repay their loans, including:

  • Transfer payments
  • Online payments
  • Payments in USD
  • Cash/bank payments
  • ATM payments

All loans must be paid within 14 to 30 days of being granted. This is the rule that governs the Kwik Money loan.

Paying off the loan is easy. There are many options. You can dial *561# and follow the corresponding instructions to pay. Or visit the Kwik Money refund portal.

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You can also pay the loan with any ATM card or cash at any supported bank or agent.

Keep in mind that if you don’t pay off your loan by the due date, you’ll receive an automatic transfer (called a “transfer”) that doubles your interest with an additional 5% late fee.

If you are in financial trouble and unable to repay your loan, please dial *561# and navigate to “Extend Loan”.

What happens if I don’t pay back Migo loan?

What happens if I don’t pay my Migo loan on time? So that we can continue to increase your loan offerings and offer loans to more people, we ask that you pay your loans when they are due. In the unfortunate event that you do not repay your loan by the due date, you will incur additional default charges.

Is Migo registered in Nigeria?

Because Migo does not directly operate in Nigeria, it is not registered with the CAC,” he said. He said none of its business models directly provide loans to borrowers; instead, they offer technological and financial support to Nigerian banks to issue loans to borrowers.

Is Migo registered with CBN?

Is Migo compliant with regulation? Migo is fully compliant with all regulations including the following: CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria)

Quick Migo loan information

Headquarters of Migo

  • Migo’s headquarters are located at 3B Adekunle Lawal Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Migo customer service phone and email

  • The customer service telephone number is +23417002274
  • The customer support email is
  • You can also text help to 561 only from the 9mobile line

Migo Loan Code

  • The Migo loan code is *561#. With this code, you can apply for a loan, pay off the loan, and access all services. To avoid multiple screen selections, you can use USSD menu shortcuts by placing your menu selections in the Migo USSD code you dial. Here are some examples:
  • ‍*561*1*1*1# Take out a loan
  • ‍*561*1*2# Repay a loan
  • ‍*561*1*3# Check loan balance
  • ‍*561*1*4# Extend your loan
  • ‍*561*1*5# Terms and conditions

Migo Loan Website

Who is the owner of Migo loan?

  • Who owns migo loan? Mr. Ekechi Nwokah is the owner of Migo loan, you can learn more about him on LinkedIn.


Migo Loans provides easy and unmatched loan services, making it stand out from all its competitors. Migo Loans gives its customers the “Power of Yes!”


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