How To Know Original Phone Battery
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How to Know Original Phone Battery – 11 Tips

How to know original phone battery? Smartphones with special features have attracted many customers. However, these features tend to drain the battery quickly, leading to numerous complaints about poor battery performance among cell phone owners. This battery problem can be solved by preparing a new backup battery if you have a handset with an original Samsung Galaxy S series / Note series removable battery.

Worse, lately, there have been more and more reports of cell phone explosions. These exploding issues have become the main concern of smartphone users. The explosion could be caused by a faulty battery. It is important to use an original Samsung battery for better safety. Therefore, if you need to replace the old battery or prepare a replacement battery, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about identifying an original battery. So, we will be talking about how to know original phone battery here today.

11 Tips On How To Know Original Phone Battery

  1. To the extent possible, request the formal business units to purchase cell phone batteries to display identified battery company, model, and serial numbers on the invoice when purchasing a battery. Once the purchased battery finds the counterfeit product, you can negotiate with the responsible department according to the purchase invoice
  2. The NOKIA BL-5C battery product identification must be clearly marked with name, address and cell name, model, rated capacity, rated voltage, date of manufacture, warning signs, etc. If the product does not meet the identity standards, it must be best not to buy this cell phone battery.
  3. Check that the cell phone battery manufacturer is listed on the safety label. Like NOKIA words hiding under the driveway, this is one of the tips. The original product is clearly flawless, making the counterfeit product dwarf. If you look closely, you might also find the name of the manufacturer. For example, Motorola battery, HTC 35H00120-01M battery, the counterfeit-proof brands are diamond-shaped and can flash three-dimensional effect from any point of view, while Motorola, original and print are clear, then it should be genuine. On the contrary, if dark color, three-dimensional sense insufficient, vague words, it may be fake
  4. Each cell has its unique original serial number, which means you select the battery, if some cells are marked with the same serial number, you can assume that these products are counterfeit.
  5. Original Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are precision molds for plastic lamination and have a shape, neat appearance, no burr, and the edge of NOKIA 3100 battery should not have the open scene.
  6. The Inspiron’s lithium-ion battery is fully charged and has a life of 1.5 times that of the nickel-hydrogen battery and 3.0 times that of the nickel-cadmium battery. Therefore, a lithium-ion battery with a battery of the same capacity is smaller and lighter than the nickel-metal hydride battery.
  7. By observing the packaging to discern the authenticity. All original parts with heat sealing technology for one-time sealed packaging, non-original parts are usually just simple packaging or no packaging.
  8. Think of plastic surfaces and plastic materials. Real batteries have a smooth surface, using the PC material, no signs of embrittlement; Counterfeit batteries without wear or recycled materials that are too rough are light to brittle.
  9. The original material of the battery case is strong and difficult to damage, making it generally difficult to open the battery. With the original battery, the color texture of the battery surface is clear, uniform, clean, without scratches or damage
  10. The color of the metal contacts on the battery may vary. Metal contacts of the original battery are darker-colored, counterfeit batteries partly light metal contacts. And the metal contacts of the original battery do not reflect. This can be seen under the light, counterfeit batteries are highly reflective.
  11. Insert the SAMSUNG AB533640BU battery into the phone then check the Vostro 1500 battery level corresponding to the mobile phone. The original battery fits the body very well, and the color of the battery is not much different from the mobile phone

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