How ASUS Is Now Ruling – History of ASUS

How ASUS Is Now Ruling - History of ASUS

ASUS has become a well-known name in the world, but a few years ago was virtually unknown. Everyone thought and still think it’s a Chinese brand.

In fact, it is a Taiwanese company.

The name “ASUS” is taken from a Greek word meaning Pegasus “winged horse”.

ASUS was founded by four hardware engineers who previously worked for Acer in 1989.

There is a great story about the initial success of ASUS.

“The company has created a prototype of a motherboard using the Intel 486 processor without access to the actual processor

They approached Intel to request a processor for testing and Intel faced some problems with the processor so that this genius solved and guess what, ASUS began receiving engineering samples from Intel before all competitors and subsequently there was no look back.

ASUS has created some of the most reliable motherboards that are still in use today.

In 2008, ASUS was divided into three parts:

ASUS – focused on brand computers and electronics.

Pegatron – concentrating on OEM manufacturing base plates and components.

Unihan Corporation – focused on manufacturing non-PC (cases etc).



Graphics card

Sound card



Eee Slate

Zenfone 2 (New)
Pegasus 2 (below)
Zenfone series
ASUS Padfone is a product that needs special mention.

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It was released in 2011 and features were notable (compared to any phone at that time):

5 inch Full HD screen (on phone)
2GB of RAM
Full HD 10 inch (tablet based)
64 GB internal memory
Quad-core processor
13 megapixels and more.
Some strange facts about ASUS:

ASUS notebooks are one of the first such devices to arrive on Mount Everest (working well as well).

In 2001, ASUS released wireframe video drivers that allowed players to use wallhack, announcing adjustments such as “special weapons.” This was criticized by the gaming community to encourage unfair gambling and after anti-fraud software, Punkster to detect and began to bar players using ASUS screen drivers.

Asus Zenfone 2 (recently released) is the first of its kind to have a 4GB RAM after many companies followed suit.
Best of ASUS is that it is not constant, it is always trying something new unlike the big brands Apple and Samsung. ASUS in every way you can put a lot of competition for all major brands and hope to see some more innovative developments for them soon.

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