All About Cellphone Batteries

All About Cellphone Batteries

Even if you have a high-quality phone, you need to replace the battery from time to time. A indicates that the time to replace the battery has a short life. If you could spend days without recharging your phone and you need to recharge after a few hours, it’s time to get a new battery.

Types of Phone Batteries

There are many types of phone batteries on the market that you can use. The most common are:

Thin batteries: their appearance, they are designed to fit the thinnest cell phone units. Although they come in sleek designs, their biggest problem is that they tend to have a shorter life.

Standard battery: These are the standard batteries that are seen in most stores. They are compact enough and offer excellent battery life.

Extended battery: from their name, these are units that allow longer periods of the battery before the recharging function. In most cases, they are larger and thicker than conventional batteries.

NiCd batteries: have taken place since 1990. To recharge, you must ensure that they are completely drained and recharged by a process called “conditioning”.

Lithium-ion batteries: Lithium-ion units are slim, lightweight and very popular in the modern telephony market. Unlike NiCd units, they do not require conditioning.

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Li-Poly: these are the latest addition to the mobile phone market. These are the thinnest and lightest units. They also have the longest battery life. Like Li-ion, they do not require conditioning.

Factors to consider when buying the battery

When buying a cell phone battery, you must consider certain factors. Factors to consider include:

Warranty: This is imperative because you can buy a battery and only lasts a short time. To protect yourself and make money, you have to go with a unit with a manufacturer’s warranty. For optimum results, use a unit with a warranty of at least one year.

Manufacturer: like other products on the market. The manufacturer of the product is of great importance as it determines the quality of the product. When you buy, be sure to buy a battery from a known manufacturer. You should avoid buying an unfamiliar brand, as you are likely to buy a lower product.


This is what you need to know about cell phone batteries. As mentioned, be sure to buy a serious company battery.

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