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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ With Awesome Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ With Awesome Features
The phone of the year is here! Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and it seems that soon these phones will dominate the smartphone market. The phone was launched in March 2018 and has already become a success. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S9 review that you can quickly check.
The two new phones with its dazzling features can easily carry the market for Apple iPhone X and Google’s Pixel 2.
Both the phone has breathtaking features such as:
For the first time, they’ve enhanced the camera in slow-motion features. In a super-speed dual pixel sensor, they integrated a dual-aperture lens (f / 1.5 and f / 2.4). It is powered by a dedicated processor and memory chip.
Automatic motion detection is available on both devices. This is a feature that detects motion in the frame and by itself starts recording – the only thing users need to do is set the shot. Your camera also supports animated emoji. In a desire to make the camera its best feature, the South Korean giant used a data-driven machine learning algorithm that analyzes a user’s 2D image and maps more than 100 facial features to create a 3D model reflecting and mimicking expressions such as winks and waves, for personalization.
A longtime tech lover has been picky about double stereo speakers on Samsung. With the Samsung Galaxy S9, your patience is compensated. The smartphones are equipped with stereo speakers set by the AKG audio specialist. The speakerphone also supports Dolby Atoms for a 360-degree surround sound experience.
Knox 3.1, Samsung’s latest security defense platform, protects the S-series phone. Iris, fingerprint and face recognition are three biometric checks that the smartphone provides. There is also a smart feature that the devices used to verify the user. It’s a new verification process that brilliantly uses the collective power of iris recognition technology and facial recognition to unlock a user’s phone in unfavorable situations.
To improvise the tech-savvy experience, the next generation of the Samsung Dex enables the full-screen experience with the DeX Pad. It is the latest system that has the ability to connect the two phones to a larger monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It enhances the user’s mobile experience.
If you are planning to invest in the latest smartphone technology, then religiously buy Samsung Galaxy S9+. Samsung is dominating the world of smartphones and, with the launch of the S series, will continue to do so.
Although Samsung Galaxy S9 is no different than the Samsung Galaxy S9 + “As S9+”, the Samsung Galaxy S9 also has a faster processor, more memory and larger screen. Both have almost the same features yet little different prices!


  1. I've always (mostly) enjoyed Samsungs Galaxy S series. Reasonably decent quality, and their widespread large sales and capable hardware have kept them alive for ages through Cyanogen(Mod) and other custom, community projects and ROMs. But without those custom ROMs though… I was originally intent on uograding from S4 to S6. But I needed wifi calling, and cell operators here would introduce it with Nougat. It took so damn long waiting for, by the time the correct region Nougat update (due to the carrier-specific wifi calling bit) was available for longer than a few hours before being pulled down again, not only had the S7 been launched, with Marshmallow, but S8 release was only weeks away! So I waited a few weeks for the S8 release, and got an S7 (edge) here : for $350'ish instead

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