Dhgate Vs Alibaba – Which Is Safer and Better?

Dhgate Vs Alibaba – Which Is Safer and Better?

If you are looking for DHgate vs Alibaba Review, then, you are on the right page, this post will review Dhgate Vs Alibaba and help you choose which is better and safer between the two.

Dhgate Vs Alibaba

It is really nice to put all these eye-catching products in the shopping cart when you shop online. But for some people who are new to buying products from suppliers, it is not so easy to find cheaper and more reliable service. Especially if you’re not staying in China.

You could define ‘cheaper’ differently (depending on your budget), but that’s what we all want when it comes to reliability. This DHgate and Alibaba comparison will tell you which is better for US orders and which is better for orders from all over the world.

So if any of this sounds like the question you’re asking?

  • DHgate vs Alibaba, which is better?
  • DHgate vs Alibaba which is cheaper

Keep calm… and read on


Founded in 2004 by Diane Wang, DHgate is one of the world’s leading online wholesale marketplaces for goods from China.

As one of the 1,000 most visited websites in the US, China, and the UK, DHgate helps connect international buyers with Chinese wholesalers who offer the same quality products as elsewhere at a discounted price.

DHgate, which hosts more than 30 million products, including apparel and accessories, computers and networking, consumer electronics, toys and hobbies, health and beauty, bags and jewelry, household, auto… also offers fiduciary services, logistics services, international payment services, trust, and security, in US-based product distribution warehouses and internet financing services.

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For more information about DHgate, visit DHgate’s Wikipedia page.

Is DHgate reliable?

DHgate is not a supplier itself, it is a platform on which several suppliers are listed. So you should know that this list consists of the good and probably less good suppliers.

Before you buy anything, do some background research to make sure you are dealing with a reliable supplier. If you do your homework, you’re sure to find reliable suppliers for generic or unbranded products.


Founded in 1999, Alibaba is currently the leading global wholesale platform. This wouldn’t surprise you if you know who the richest man in China is.

If so, you might also want to know why Jack Ma decided to name the company Alibaba.

How did the name Alibaba come about?

According to Alibaba’s Wikipedia page, the name of the company, due to its universal appeal, comes from the character Ali Baba from the Arabic literature One Thousand and One Nights.

One of the founders, Jack Ma, explains;

“One day I was in a cafe in San Francisco and I thought Alibaba was a good name. And then a waitress came and I said, “Do you know Alibaba?” And she said yes. I said, “What do you know about it?” And she said, “Open sesame seeds”. And I said, “Yeah, that’s the name!” Then I went out on the street and found 30 people and asked them, “Do you know Alibaba?” People from India, people from Germany, people from Tokyo and China… they all knew Alibaba. Alibaba – Open sesame. Alibaba is a nice, smart businessman who helped the village. So … easy to spell and known worldwide. Alibaba is opening up sesame seeds to small and medium-sized businesses. We’ve also entered the name “Alimama” in case someone wants to marry us! “

… Good

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Is Alibaba Trustworthy?

It is not so easy to buy from Alibaba, how to find a reliable supplier and how to find the best quality/price products, these questions can make you dizzy sometimes.

This DHgate and Alibaba comparison will tell you which is better for US orders and which is better for orders from all over the world.

When it comes to online shopping, one of every shopper’s biggest fears is getting ripped off.

Fraud cases are no longer new, with a growing number of cases it could be said that the number will increase in the coming years.

So you need to learn how to avoid possible scams.

A few options are not to bypass Alibaba in the hopes of saving money.

You must learn to confirm that a supplier is a genuine manufacturer. Manufacturers cheat you less than dealers.

Dhgate Vs Alibaba: Comparison of Shipping Options

  • DHgate and Alibaba do not offer free shipping, but you may receive a discount on the shipping cost.
  • Delivery time may vary depending on location.
  • For DHgate, here is a table illustrating different shipping options, with estimated tracking and delivery times available for each country.

Dhgate Vs Alibaba: Payment Options Comparison

  • DHgate supports multiple payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Diners, Discover, UnionPay, Maestro Card, and other international payment methods.
  • By partnering with an independent online payment platform (Alipay), Alibaba offers both buyers and suppliers payment security.

How does Alibaba Secure Payments work?

Alibaba Secure Payment is committed to providing all parties with a secure payment service so that they can trade with confidence.

With Alibaba’s Secure Payment, your money will not be released during the trading process until you confirm the successful delivery of the order. After confirmation, Alibaba will release the payment to the supplier. All your information is securely encrypted.

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Dhgate Vs Alibaba: Refund and Exchange Policy Comparison

DHgate offers free refunds and exchanges.

If the supplier does not ship your order on time or for any reason, if you do not receive it and it is determined that the supplier is at fault, your payment will be returned directly to you.

Alibaba also supports partial refunds and product holdings.

If the products you receive deviate significantly from the contracted product requirements, you can get a partial refund and keep the products.

Dhgate Vs Alibaba: Price Comparison

For various reasons, the prices of the products vary on both platforms.

Dhgate Vs Alibaba  – Conclusion

Both Dhgate Vs Alibaba have their pros and cons,” although it makes it harder for scammers because they have a more robust reputation rating system

If you are ever asked by a supplier or seller to pay via Western Union (WU), it is more likely that that seller is illegal and a scam. You should instead look for a genuine supplier.

One of the biggest fears of people buying and selling online is the fear of being scammed.

The problems of fraud are no longer new, as the number of cases is increasing, it could be said that the number is likely to increase in the coming years.

So you need to learn how to avoid possible scams.

There are some ways not to bypass Alibaba or DHgate in hopes of saving money. You must learn to confirm that a supplier is a genuine manufacturer. If there are things that you are not sure about and you noticed that were not covered in this Dhgate Vs Alibaba comparison. Ask in the comments below.

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