How Do I Stop Loan App From Accessing My Contacts?

How do I stop loan app from accessing my contacts? There have been problems with loan apps getting access to people’s contact lists and sending defamatory messages to their contact lists when people don’t pay back their loans when they’re supposed to. This only happens with fake loan apps that say their shortest loan repayment period is 61 days and then start to threaten you after seven days. So, most Nigerians want to know, “How do I stop the loan app from accessing my contacts?”

How do I stop loan app from accessing my contacts?

The best way to stop loan apps from accessing your contacts is to not download the apps at all. If you already have them on your phone, don’t borrow money from them because that would let them see your list of contacts.

If none of those work, follow these steps to stop loan apps from accessing your contacts:

  1. Step 1: Go to your phone’s settings: The look of the menu might be different from what we show here, but the steps are the same.
  2. Step 2: Open Apps under settings
  3. Step 3: Click Permissions: This will open the permission manager so you can see which app is using a certain permission.
  4. Step 4: Choose Contacts from the list of permissions
  5. Step 5: Choose the loan app you want to turn off and take permissions away from.

You can repeat the same steps to take away location permission, etc. But the truth is that you can’t stop a loan app from accessing your contacts when you borrow from them. When you use a loan app to borrow money, your contacts are often used as a guarantee that you will pay back the loan. It just acts as your security.

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After you take out a loan from them, your personal information, such as your name, passport photo, BVN, and phone number, is uploaded to an external database. This is done as soon as you give them your contact information. The truth is that you are still at their mercy even if you delete or uninstall the app after borrowing from them because they already have access to your contacts.

But if you act quickly enough, you can stop them from getting any more information from your phone. You have to take away the permission you gave them. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, scroll down to “permission,” and stop the loan app from accessing your phone’s storage, gallery, contacts, or SMS. For this to work, you have to be very quick. In this case, they only have your name and phone number, so they only deal with you.

You can also stop loan apps from accessing your contacts by paying back the loan when it’s due and removing the app from your phone. So you must first pay up before you can delete the app. This way, they can’t hold you any longer.

How to stop loan apps from sending messages to my contacts?

The best way to stop loan apps from sending messages to your contacts is to never take out a loan from them. If you don’t buy from them, they won’t be able to get your contact information. Don’t send them messages.

When you don’t pay on time, loan apps only send messages to the people on your contact list. Most of the time, these messages are dangerous and hurtful. Please keep in mind that this only works for fake loan apps, which we’ve already talked about in this article.

This is not what original loan apps are known for. Sometimes they even call the people on your list of contacts and tell them to warm you up. You’ve probably heard that fake loan apps have ruined people’s reputations by sending threatening messages to their contact lists.

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If you need to borrow money, please only use real loan apps. Fake loan apps will only make you look bad. This post is about how loan apps are sending a lot of messages to people in Nigeria. I hope that our guide will help you out.

How do I stop an app from getting to my information?

It’s very easy to stop an app from getting to your information. Please do these things to stop an app from getting access to your information.

Option 1: Don’t let the app do anything.

First, you need to know that not all apps should be allowed to access your information. Some of them should just be installed, and you should never give them access to your private information like your contacts, messages, and so on.

Option 2: Go to Settings and take away permissions

If you gave the app permission to access your info, that’s fine. You can still remove the permissions by going to your phone’s settings, selecting the app, and then removing the permission. The app would no longer be able to see your information after that.

In some cases, these apps might download a copy of your information that is already on their server (database), and it would only take an employee to remove it. Try to read the app’s terms of service before you download it so you know what information they will be collecting about you.

Option 3: Get rid of it.

You could also get rid of the app from your phone completely. If you remove an app from your phone after permitting it, it will stop collecting your information.

Can a loan app still see my contacts after I delete it?

When you uninstall the loan app, it usually can’t get to your contacts or send messages to them.

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Once you uninstall the app, it will no longer be able to do anything on your phone.

When you uninstall the loan app, it can only access your contacts if it has downloaded and saved your contacts’ information, like your friends’ WhatsApp and phone numbers. In this case, they will keep calling and texting you until you pay your Department.

If you’ve already paid off your loan but the app keeps calling your friends and family, you can file a complaint with the FCCPC Act.

What happens if you don’t pay back an online loan?

If you get a loan from one of these apps and don’t pay it back when it’s due, the app will be able to use your BVN and bank information to take out the amount you owe plus any interest.

This loan app will do everything it can to get you to pay back the money, even if you didn’t put in your bank information or if the money in your account wasn’t enough to cover the loan.

If the way they treated you and how they bothered you didn’t make you pay them the money, blogging your BVN could mark you as a fraud.

If you don’t pay back your loan, your BVN may mark you as a fraud, which could make it harder for you to get a visa to travel outside of the country.

If you try to trick the app and they can prove it, they might sue you in court, depending on how bad it is.

Conclusion – How Do I Stop Loan App From Accessing My Contacts?

Fake loan apps have been known to access your contacts and send them threatening messages when you don’t pay back the loan after a ridiculously long period. The best way to avoid all of this is to never take out one of these fake loans. Check out “How to Apply for a CBN Non-Interest Loan?“.