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What is UBA User ID & Referral ID in UBA – What You Should Know?

What is UBA User ID & Referral ID in UBA – How Do I Get My UBA Referral ID?

Did you forget your UBA User ID? For most banks, your user ID can be the one you created or your account number. Many customers complain that they forget their user ID, which is easy to recover. You can simply select the “Forget User ID” option when you want to log in.

Also, your UBA Client ID (UCI) is always on every document you receive from UBA. It is usually composed of 8 to 10 digits (in either of these formats: 0000-0000 or 00-0000-0000). Those doing business with UBA for the first time must be given this ID.

Read on as this article dissects everything you need to know about UBA and its innovative Internet banking services.

UBA Internet Banking

The Internet banking platform is easy to use. It is very secure and helps UBA customers to plan their expenses and transactions faster.

UBA Internet Banking will allow you to buy airtime for yourself or your family and friends. You can also book airline tickets directly from the platform. Pay bills and receive digital receipts with a click of a button.

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UBA Secure Pass

The UBA Secure Pass is a custom upgrade of the UBA mobile token. It is often used to authorize all forms of transactions. It also manages identities across various digital channels owned by UBA – such as mobile banking solutions, email moni, UBA’s internet banking solution, and others where transaction authorization is required.

How can I install the UBA Secure Pass on my mobile?

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the app store on your mobile – whether Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Apple Store, or Blackberry World.
  • In the search option, type “UBA Secure Pass”. If you are using Blackberry, search for “U-Token” in Blackberry World.
  • Now when the search result appears, download the app. Wait for the automatic installation on your device.
  • Enabling UBA Secure Pass is the next step after the app is installed on your phone.
  • Just log in to the app. Before logging in, please make sure that you already have your UBA ID – it will be provided to you if you registered with mobile or internet banking. If you don’t have mobile or internet banking with UBA, you can complete this step.

How do I know my UBA User ID?

To find your UBA user ID, you need to visit the bank’s internet banking homepage at Then click on the “Forget Your User ID” option. Then enter your UBA account number and click the “Submit” button. Your UBA User ID will be forwarded to the email address you registered with the bank.

It’s that simple.

How to get my UBA Mobile Banking User ID?

How do I get my ID for UBA mobile banking? Getting your UBA Mobile Banking User ID is simple. Just go to or the mobile banking app. When you get to the homepage, click on the “Forget your User ID” option. Enter your account number and tap the “Submit” button. You will receive your User ID in your email.

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What is my user ID for the UBA secure pass?

After downloading the UBA Secure Pass app, you must activate it by logging in.

How to log in to the UBA Secure Pass?

Follow these steps:

  • Enter your user ID. This is the same as the ID you received when opening a UBA Mobile Banking or your Internet Banking. This is your user ID. If you have not registered with any of the banking solutions, you cannot use the UBA Secure Pass.
  • Then choose your country. If you have registered for your UBA account in Nigeria, select Nigeria.
  • Finally, to complete the process, an OTP will be sent to your phone number (the number you registered with UBA).

That is it!

How do I get my ID for UBA mobile banking?

  • To receive your uba referral id, follow these simple steps.
  • Go to or the mobile banking app.
  • When you go to the homepage, click on the “Forgot your user ID” option.
  • Enter your account number and tap the “Send” button. You will receive your user ID in your email.

UBA Reference ID?

Some UBA customers wanted to know what the UBA reference ID is. This code is the ID of a team that referred or recommended an account to you. Either way, this is optional because you can skip the step – especially if no one specified it.

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UBA Online Banking Registration?

There are various registration methods for UBA Online Banking. But the fastest of them all is Instant Self-Registration.

With your debit card, you can start and complete the registration process yourself.

To get started, visit Then select the “Instant self-registration” button. You complete your registration in a few minutes.

UBA Internet Banking App?

UBA continues to work on ways to make the banking experience easier and faster for its loyal customers. With the UBA Internet Banking app, you have more control over your bank accounts and transactions.

UBA Internet Banking Code

The UBA Internet Banking code is *919#. Just call in and follow the simple instructions. You will find that you can do many trades with it.

Make sure to use the phone number registered with UBA to dial this code. That’s the only way you can solve it.

Conclusion – How Do I Get my UBA Referral ID

Getting UBA User ID & Referral ID in UBA shouldn’t be a problem for you, if you read the post, follow all the instructions carefully to check your UBA referral ID. If you have any questions or suggestions, make use of the comment box below.

Thanks for reading UBA User ID & Referral ID in UBA and how to check it.

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