How To Block Firstbank ATM Card in 60 Seconds?

How to block Firstbank atm card? Are you looking for how to block First bank atm card? you’re on the right page to learn how you can block your lost or stolen or misplaced First bank ATM card in Nigeria and USA.

An unauthorized withdrawal of funds from your account or misplacement of your FirstBank ATM card can contribute to the factors why you want to deactivate your FirstBank Nigeria ATM card.

So in this simple article, we will guide you on how to block Firstbank ATM card in Nigeria in 60 seconds.

It is in your best interest to read to the end of this guide to help you understand all the information about how to block first bank atm card.

Day after day, fraudsters are alert, ready to seize opportunities.

Therefore, it is always advisable to handle your ATM card with care and to resist making your card details public.

There are instances where you can lose your ATM card.

If this happens, do not hesitate to take the necessary steps to block the card as anyone who puts their hand on your card has a higher chance of withdrawing money from your account.

Due to errors, setbacks, and disasters that are about to happen, FirstBank Nigeria has made provisions for essential measures that can be taken to protect your money and accounts from fraudsters.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to block Firstbank atm cards on the mobile app, let’s move on to getting more detailed information.

Does Firstbank Nigeria Allow Customers To Block Their Lost ATM Card?

It is not mandatory to always go to a nearby FirstBank branch to block your ATM card as your problem may have started on a non-business day of the financial institution.

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Due to the circumstances surrounding the bank holidays, the institution has provided customers with self-service procedures that customers can perform even on FirstBank Nigeria’s days off.

Why You Should Block Your Firstbank Nigeria ATM Card?

Below are some of the top reasons why you should block your FirstBank ATM card:

  1. Loss of your ATM card
  2. Noticing Unauthorized Withdrawals From Your Account
  3. Display your card details in the public domain

Requirements for Blocking Firstbank Nigeria ATM Card

The list below contains the requirements that should be made available to help you through a successful ATM card blocking process:

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Active phone number (must be the number associated with your FirstBank account)
  3. FirstBank Mobile App
  4. Active Internet Connection

Who Is Eligible To Block Their ATM Card Firstbank Nigeria?

FirstBank Nigeria has made ATM card blocking available to all of its customers. To the extent that you can provide the necessary details that approve you as the rightful owner of the card, you are eligible to block your FirstBank ATM card anytime, anywhere.

How to Block First Bank ATM Card?

In today’s world of mobile banking and a cashless economy, ATM cards are the easiest way to carry cash. So carrying the ATM feels more like carrying your entire investment, but still comfortable. But sometimes these ATMs can be lost, stolen or used by someone who knows your PIN to withdraw your money without your permission.

Therefore, this article explains the possible ways to block your First Bank ATM card in case of theft, unauthorized withdrawals, and fraudulent acts, especially during weekends when banks are not open or in cases where the bank is not at home, or even when the customer has no time to go to the bank.

Ways to Block Your First ATM Bank Card

There are several ways to block your First Bank ATM card. These ways include:

  1. SMS Alert
  2. mobile phone application
  3. Contact First Bank Customer Service or Services
  4. First, visit the nearest bank branch.
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How To Block Firstbank ATM Card by SMS?

It is very easy to block your First Bank ATM card by SMS. It is a 24/7 service and offers card blocking functionality.

Send “BLOCK” to 30012 via SMS.

You must text from the phone number associated with that bank account and you will be charged an SMS fee.

Your debit card and your account will be blocked within 24 hours after sending this SMS. After that, you can no longer pay or withdraw money using that ATM card.

These procedures can be performed wherever you are or even in the comfort of your home. It is a 24-hour active service. So you don’t have to go to the bank to have your ATM blocked in critical situations.

How to block First Bank ATM Card Using Mobile App?

If you have an android phone, this method of how to block first bank atm card using mobile app is for you. The procedures involved in blocking a First Bank ATM card using the First Bank mobile app include;

  • Open the First Bank (First Mobile) mobile app on your phone or device.
  • Click on “Option”.
  • Then go to “Map services”.
  • And select the card type.
  • Click on “Hotlist card”.

By following these instructions carefully, you will complete the action and your card will be blocked successfully.

How To Block Firstbank Atm Card by contacting customer service?

You can also block your First Bank ATM card by contacting customer service and accessing their services to avoid significant losses. You can let them pass;

  • Calling: You can call First Bank Customer Service at +234 1 9052326 or +234 1 9052000.
  • First contact: You can also contact them at 0700 FIRSTCONTACT- +234 700 34778 2668228 or +234 708 062 5000 and

 Social media handle:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

You can also email their email address to tell them to block your ATM card.

Email: Send an email to

You can also visit After contacting them, reporting and requesting an ATM lock, your request will be granted after correctly answering specific questions.

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How To Block Firstbank Atm Card By Going To The First Bank Branch?

Going to the nearest bank first and filling out certain forms solves the problem of completely blocking your ATM. However, this is an analogous process, quite laborious and time-consuming, and presents opportunities for more losses every day.

What happens after your debit card is blocked?

Once your First Bank ATM card has been blocked, it will no longer be useful or accessible in any way. Therefore, it would no longer respond whether to allow you to access money through ATMs, POS or make online payments. So if your card details fall into the hands of scammers or the card is found by someone, there’s no point.

So to get a new ATM card that will activate your banking information, go to the nearest First Bank store, fill out certain forms and your account will be active again.

What should I do if blocking is not possible?

Locking your ATM is not complicated, but in cases where it was not possible to protect your ATM due to specific network issues or more, certain precautions must be taken.

Transferring your money to another account is one of those precautions taken when process blocking has gone wrong or in cases where the process is not trusted.

Also, transfer the money to another bank. The account gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about losing money to fraudsters or scammers.

Conclusion – How To Block Firstbank ATM Card?

The missing and theft of ATM cards are events that happen almost daily. It provides scope for fraudulent activities and scams that lead to loss of money.

First bank customers would find the how to block Firstbank ATM card procedures in this article helpful. It will clear them up ahead of time or even help those who are currently struggling with lost ATM card cases. So, what should you do, if you lost your phone? Here is How To Block First Bank Account When Phone Is Stolen. You can also check Code To Block Bank Account In Nigeria if you’re using a different bank from the first bank.