AT&T Mobile Transfer App Download – What Is It, How To Use, And How To Fix It If Not Working

Is your service provider AT&T? Having trouble with your AT&T mobile transfer app? Doesn’t it work for you? If you have the same case like this, here we have the best solution that you can apply to fix it. We will show you solutions for when AT&T Mobile Transfer not working in this post.

If you have been an AT&T user and your carrier for a long time, you are now familiar with the AT&T Mobile Transfer tool, right? If not, let’s tell you about it because we went ahead and fixed the issue when AT&T Mobile Transfer was not working.

What is AT&T Mobile Transfer App?

ATT Mobile Transfer is an application or tool that AT&T’s mobile phone company offers to all its users. This is a tool that allows you to transfer your photos, videos, music, messages, MMS, contacts, and documents from one device to another, as long as the device comes from an AT&T carrier.

Through this application, you can transfer the above-mentioned data to other devices without having to access your computer. However, just like any other application, this tool can also have issues or issues while using it. Therefore, in this post, we are going to show you several ways how to fix when AT&T mobile transfer app not working.

Steps to Configure ATT Mobile Transfer-

  • First of all, using the AT&T mobile transfer app is very easy and available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.
  • Download the AT&T Mobile Transfer app from the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Play Store for iPhones.
  • After installation, connect your old smartphone and new smartphone to the same WiFi network. Open the AT&T Phone Transfer app on both phones.
  • Now open the app from your old phone where you will have an option “From this phone” which will appear on the screen and follow with a barcode. This barcode will help you transfer the content.
  • Now scan the code on your old phone into the code reader that you get on your new smartphone. He will be bound.
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Why should you consider installing the AT&T Mobile Transfer app? How useful can it be?

Installing the AT&T mobile transfer app can be very helpful as it was a great transfer alternative to Google Backup and iCloud. It is a quick and easy way to transfer data if you are considering transferring contacts from Android to iPhone.

How to transfer contacts and data from Android to iPhone? Does it function?

Switching to a completely different operating system can be a huge leap from your usual routine. Follow the steps below to quickly transfer your content from old to new.

  • Download the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on both phones.
  • The next step is to connect both phones to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap the “From This Phone” option that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now scan the device that permits you to access contacts and other files you want to transfer.
  • The QR code is visible on the Android phone.
  • Now open the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on your iPhone.
  • Click the “for this device” option at the bottom of the screen and enter your AT&T phone number.
  • Now the screen appears with a QR code to pair the device.
  • Select the files you want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone and also estimate the duration it will take to complete the process.
  • As the last step, tap the “transfer” icon in the top right corner.

That is it; you can interrupt or pause the procedure whenever you want.

What Are The Things You Can Transfer From One Phone To Another Using AT&T Mobile Transfer App? How Long Does It Take To Switch?

Now it’s time to analyze what can be transferred through this app. You can transfer contacts, photos, videos, music, call logs, SMS, MMS, and documents. Please note that not all music and video formats are compatible with all devices.

  • AT&T only supports DRM-free music, and in the case of iPhone, videos from Android phones cannot be streamed.
  • iOS phones allow the transfer of photos, videos, and contacts.
  • Android phones allow you to transfer contacts, photos, videos, documents, SMS, music, MMS, and call logs.
  • In the case of Amazon Fire, it is possible to transfer contacts, photos, videos, documents, music, SMS, MMS, and call logs.

How long does it take AT&T mobile transfer app to Transfer?

The time it takes to transfer content from one phone to another depends on the data size, connection speed, file size, and download speed. The estimated time is already displayed on the screen and continues to update the duration at the time of the process itself.

As long as the Wi-Fi network you have connected to both phones is similar and there is enough storage space on your device, the process of transferring contacts such as contacts, photos, videos, and call logs will be easier.

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Using the app is very easy, the steps to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone-

Connect the old phone and the new phone to the same Wi-Fi network, a “From This Phone” pop-up will appear on the screen. You will receive a barcode to make the transfer.

Now on the new phone the option “For this phone” is visible, select it and follow the instructions until you see a barcode scanner.

Now as the last step, scan the code shown on the old phone using the barcode scanner on the new phone. It pairs the devices and the transfer starts quickly.

6 Ways to Solve When AT&T Mobile Transfer App Not Working on a Mobile Device

Many users say they have problems using AT&T Mobile Transfer app because the app keeps crashing when they transfer their data from one device to another. Some other users also say that they cannot get a QR code when using the app. They said QR codes cannot create a new one after scanning QR codes on your old device.

So, if in any case, you have experienced this when using AT&T Mobile Transfer, here are the solutions you can apply to fix it.

Solution 1. Make sure your mobile device is up to date

The first thing to do if AT&T Mobile Transfer isn’t working on your mobile device is to make sure your device has the latest operating system version, whether you’re using an Android device or an iPhone device. The operating system requirements for you to use AT&T Mobile Transfer are as follows:

  • iPhone – iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Android – OS 4.4 or higher.

Solution 2. Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection

If you’re having trouble with AT&T Mobile Transfer on your mobile device, the next thing to do is make sure you’re connected to stable and fast Wi-Fi. If you’re ever connected to a Wi-Fi connection that isn’t stable, your AT&T Mobile Transfer may crash when you transfer your data from one device to the new. In this case, you can disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network and reconnect after a few seconds.

Solution 3. Transfer data in smaller sizes

Another way to do this is to batch-transfer your files and make sure you don’t overload the app with a ton of gigabytes all at once. You can perform multiple transfers to avoid the app crashing when you transfer your data from one device to another.

Solution 4. Restart your mobile device

If AT&T Mobile Transfer is not working on your mobile device, you can also fix it by restarting your device. This may seem very simple and impossible to solve the problem, but it is possible. When you restart your device, all the apps you have been using will also restart and any glitches will be cleared up.

Solution 5. Clear cache on AT&T Mobile Transfer – Applicable to Android devices only

If you are using an Android device and are experiencing problems using AT&T Mobile Transfer, you can take advantage of this to resolve the issue by clearing the cache of AT&T Mobile Transfer. Here’s how to do that.

  • Step 1: On your Android device, go ahead and tap Settings.
  • Step 2: Continue from there and tap on Manage apps.
  • Step 3: And then, go ahead and look for the AT&T Mobile Transfer app in the list of apps you can see on the screen and tap on it.
  • Step 4: Then go ahead and tap on Clear data and choose Clear cache.
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Solution 6. Uninstall and reinstall AT&T Mobile Transfer on the device

The last option to do when your AT&T Mobile Transfer is not working is to uninstall it on your mobile device. Then you can reinstall it on your device by going to your App Store or Google Play Store.

5 things to know about AT&T Mobile Transfer in 2020

The AT&T Mobile Transfer app has proven to be an easy solution to help you switch between iPhone and Android. Let me tell you five things you should know about the AT&T Phone Transfer app.

1. You can transfer 16 GB of data transfer

The limited content you can transfer with an AT&T app is limited to 16 GB. On the contrary, contacts do not count towards the storage limit, but thumbnails associated with contacts are not transferred.

2. 3D Phone

If you move the contents of the 3D phone to a non-3D phone, the process may have some issues.

3. Multiple transfers

You don’t have to worry about recovering all your data in a single session. You can complete the process with multiple transfers.

4. Uninstall the application.

The AT&T Mobile Transfer app can be uninstalled after use. If you reinstall it, there will be no problems.

5. Check if both phones are compatible

You need to text TRANSFER to 6565 from your old phone to check if the transfer is compatible. If this happens, you’ll receive a text message with a link to download the AT&T mobile transfer app.

You can also search the app directly in the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, or Apple Appstore.

Does the AT&T mobile transfer app contain a virus? Is it safe to install?

File security is an important thing to consider when downloading an application, which is why the AT&T Mobile Transfer app is virus-free. If anything suspicious is identified, you will be notified immediately. And yes, it is safe to install.

Where can you download the AT&T mobile transfer app? Is it free or paid?

You can download the app from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Store, and Amazon App Store.

The Mobile Transfer app is completely free and the use of the app is for one-time use where the user has to upgrade or when buying a new phone.

What are the pros and cons of AT&T mobile transfer?

The best advantage of any application is that it increases efficiency and saves time. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the AT&T Mobile Transfer app.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Transferring contacts between phones is easy.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • The data privacy options are fantastic.
  • Option to skip transfer


  • It takes time to transfer the content.
  • Problems transferring some contacts and calendar events.
  • Ringtones cannot be transferred.
  • SMS messages cannot be transferred; only logs are available.
  • iOS only allows the transfer of contacts, photos, and videos.

Conclusion – AT&T mobile transfer app and how to fix it

According to the reviews and my experience with the app, there are some positives and negatives to consider. It is a lifesaver as it saves you a lot of time by not allowing you to transfer data separately.

On the other hand, the app has some issues that frustrate users as well. Please note that the issues generated are device-dependent and may vary. It worked fine for me. I recommend that you try to make your assumptions.

When the AT&T Mobile Transfer app is not working on your mobile device, you can just go ahead and apply all the solutions we mentioned above.