Palmpay Cheat – How to Get 30000 Palmpay free Money via Palmpay Awoof Money

What is the Palmpay cheat to get Palmpay free money? Palmpay awoof money, as the name implies, is a promotion currently running on the Palmpay cheat apk that allows all users, new and existing, to receive free money of as much as thirty thousand naira (N30,000) per person.

Yes! You heard me right, you can get up to N30,000 through the Palmpay free Money promotion if you are know-how.

What is PalmPay?

PalmPay is the money app that rewards you! The simple and secure app to quickly send money between friends and pay for airtime, utilities, and more in Nigeria and Ghana. Earn PalmPoints as you spend and use them to cash in on your trades! Earn PalmPoints for using PalmPay and for inviting your friends.

You can redeem your PalmPoints to redeem your airtime, bill payment, and money transfer fees up to 50%.1 PalmPoint = 1 Naira

Palmpay Referral Cheat – How To Get N30,000 through the Palmpay free Money?

You may be wondering how to do this. But guess what? How to do that is what this article is going to reveal and give you a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of this Palmpay cheat 2024 to get Palmpay awoof Money.

If you have not forgotten, I have shared many guides on how to make money online without spending a cent, ranging from Kuda Bank, an animated money app that is still on the rise, and more.

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Today I will show you how Palmpay awoof Money works and how you can win a token or a large amount through the promotion depending on your stake.

We all know that Palmpay offers many wonderful services and incentives to recommend the app to your friends and family, but this money is a standalone offer that was recently added to the app, and Palmpay reserves the right to make changes at any time.

Yes! You heard me right! awoof Money is a giveaway hosted by Palmpay to celebrate its users and as a result, it may be coming to an end soon.

So if you’re here right now, after reading this guide, just take the supposed action and secure your freebies before it’s too late.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the steps required to get money from Palmpay.

Palmpay Free Money – How To Get Palmpay Awoof Money

Palmpay awoof money gives you up to N250 per awoof link you have claimed and you can use that money to buy airtime or data.

But how can I earn up to N30,000?

That’s a very good question, the steps to reach that amount through PalmPay Awoof money is to collect it by sending your link to your friends and family. It’s called send awoof to get awoof!

Like it?

Take it easy, just follow the step-by-step instructions below and you’ll be fine.

Now let’s continue Palmpay cheat to get palmpay awoof money up to N30,000

  1. Make sure your palmpay app is up to date and if you are not yet a palmpay member, click here to download the palmpay app and register with your favorite phone number. If prompted for a reference code, use BSMCM as your referral code.
  2. Now that you have downloaded the palmpay app or your palmpay app has been updated, click here to redeem all the money and go to N250.
  3. By clicking on the link from step 2 above you will be redirected to the palmpay awoof money page, enter your mobile number registered with palmpay.
  4. Now after you have exchanged all the money, open the Palmpay cheak apk and click on buy Airtime or data, whatever you want.
  5. Click on the voucher position at the checkout point and the amount you receive with the money will be deducted from the amount you are going to pay.
  6. After completing step 5 above, this means you have claimed and redeemed your awoof.
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The next thing now is to send all the money to family and friends to get more money.

How To Accumulate Palmpay Awoof Money And Get Up To N30,000?

As mentioned above, it’s time to send a lot of money and get a lot of money back.

But the money you will receive in return is cash and not a voucher as you claimed in step 2 of the steps above.

The accumulated money can be transferred directly to your bank account and can also be used for all services provided by Palmpay.

Follow the instructions below to collect more palmpay awoof money;

  1. Open your Palmpay app and select an Awoof Money.
  2. You will be taken to a page as shown in the image above. Click the button that says send a lot of money to receive a lot of money.
  3. Clicking the button will take you to a page with options to send money. Now choose the desired option and send the money via a link or contact.
  4. Once the person clicks on your link and claims all the money, you will receive the amount received back as a bonus and can be withdrawn.
  5. Keep sending the link and your money will keep counting until you reach N30,000.

If you didn’t earn up to N30,000 fine, but the maximum amount you can accumulate with one Palmpay Account is N30,000

How Palmpay Awoof money is calculated and how it is distributed?

There are three steps in awoof Money before you get the final money that will be added to your balance. And each step is explained below.

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Unclaimed money

1. Unclaimed: Once you send a money link and someone clicks on it and claims it, your winnings are unclaimed meaning they haven’t been redeemed yet.

Claimed money

2. Claimed: Once the person has redeemed all the money they received by clicking on your link, the money is moved from unclaimed to claim, after which their money is ready to be paid out. All you have to do is wait until the next day, after which the money has to be transferred to claimed.

Ready for cash – ready to use

3. Profits: These are your final winnings ready for withdrawal. It will be transferred to your balance the day after the person clicks your Redeem Money by purchasing airtime or a data link.

What To Look For In The Palmpay Referral Cheat?

  • The person you send the awoof money to must claim and redeem it to clear the bonus.
  • The highest an awoof link can get is the N100.
  • You earned the same amount as the person who claimed the money from your link.
  • The sender of regular money receives cash while the recipient receives their bonus in the form of a voucher.
  • Your actual winnings will be finalized one day after the recipient redeems them.
  • If you don’t understand something, please leave it in the comment box and get a quick response.

How to withdraw your earnings from Palmpay

You can withdraw your earnings from Palmpay via airtime top-up or bank transfer,

  • To withdraw money by bank transfer, click on Bank Transfer, select your bank account and proceed
  • To withdraw via Airtime, select Recharge Airtime, enter your mobile number, and continue.

To enjoy!!!