March 22, 2023
Airtel Night Plan Code 2022 – How To Do Night Plan On Airtel and Get 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, and Unlimited for 25, 50, and 100 Naira

Airtel Night Plan Code 2022 – How To Do Night Plan On Airtel and Get 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, and Unlimited for 25, 50, and 100 Naira

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How To Do Night Plan On Airtel? The Airtel Night Plan offers the cheapest midnight navigation rate imaginable. It is a plan that will allow you to sail well into the night. Were you aware of this? Read this article for information How to do night plan on Airtel.

How To Do Night Plan On Airtel In 2022?

One advantage of the Night plan for Airtel code is that you can subscribe as many times as you can in one night, unlike MTN which is limited to just one subscription per night.

However, the Airtel night subscription can be renewed if it runs out, meaning you can re-subscribe after the first 1.5GB has been used up. You also use 3GB for the N100 in just one night.

Airtel’s unlimited night data plan is one of the best things we’ve enjoyed at Airtel Nigeria over the years. The bad news is that it has been discontinued or rather replaced by another nightly data plan which is still very cheap and legal compared to night plans on other networks like MTN’s 500Mb at 25 naira network.

What is the Airtel night plan?

In case you didn’t know, users of the tariff plan called Smart Trybe can enjoy night navigation for a very low price. Besides, it’s just one of the many cool features of this rate. For just 25 you can get 500MB for one night from 12 noon to 5 am, while ₦200 gives you 1.5GB under the same conditions.

The Night plan for Airtel code is *312#. By choosing this combination, you can subscribe to Smart Trybe or, if you are already a subscriber, access the menu that allows you to choose some of its many benefits.

From the menu, select option number 3 (which is Airtel Night Plans) and then 1 (for 500 MB) or 2 (for 1.5 GB) to get those megabytes for nightly web browsing.

Subscription Codes for Airtel Night Plan

To use Airtel’s night plans, you must first migrate to SmartExperimente. You can do this by dialing *312#. Then comment with one to confirm your migration to SmartExperimente.

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500 MB Night Subscription for N25

To activate 500 MB for just 25 naira on Airtel night plan in 2022;

  • Dial *312# which is the Airtel night plan code 2022 on your mobile device
  • Select 3 to see all SmartExperimente offers.
  • Select 1 to subscribe to the N25 which will give you 500MB.

Note: The 500 MB that you are allocated is only valid from 12:00 to 17:00 of the same night.

Airtel Night Plan 100 For 1GB

As mentioned before, the Airtel Night Plan activation code is *312#.

Now, to get activate Airtel night plan 100 for 1gb, you have to activate 250MB at 25 Naira by keying in this code.

So do the following to subscribe:

  • Dial *312#
  • Enter 1 to migrate to SmartTRYBE if you have not already done so.
  • After you become a TRYBE member:
  • Enter 2 to select 1GB for 500 Naira or.
  • Enter 3 to sign 250MB for 25 Naira
  • Activation Airtel Smarttrybe

It’s that simple!

But how do you get Airtel night plan 100 for 1GB? Simply subscribe four times to the 25 Naira package with 250 MB and you will receive 1GB for 100 Naira.

Impressive, right?

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

You can subscribe to Airtel’s 3-hour unlimited night plan by dialing *481*2#. This costs 200 naira. However, the subscription to this subscription expires 3 hours after purchase.

Another Airtel unlimited night plan is the 6-hour unlimited plan which costs 500 naira. To sign it, dial *481*1#.

Keep in mind, however, that these Airtel unlimited night plans are valid daily from noon to 6 p.m.

Airtel Night Plan Duration

What is the Duration of Airtel night plan? Here are few things you should know about the Airtel night plan duration:

  • You can only use the data package from 12:00 to 17:00. So you must burn the night to sail with him.
  • You can resubscribe several times in the same night if your data package is used up.
  • The data plan expires after one day.

In my opinion, Airtel 1.5 GB for N50 is better than MTN 500 MB for N25 because of the possibility to re-activate after it is exhausted. For this reason, you can use up to 3 GB of data for the N100 if you sign twice. Some people may compare this to Airtel Night Unlimited’s previous navigation.

The Airtel night plan only works at night and you cannot use it during the day. Still, the midnight plan works from noon (midnight) to 5:00 (morning), which is about 5 am.

Note: Unlike other regular Airtel data plans, Aitel’s nightly data plan is non-transferable if you cannot use up your data plan before 05:00 AM. Would you like to know how to activate the Airtel youtube unlimited night plan? We have post for you as well.

How To Check Airtel Night Plan?

We want to discuss how to verify data balance for all Airtel data plans. Airtel Nigeria is one of the best telecommunication companies in Nigeria, with a large user base and wide network connection.

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According to previous NCC statistics, Airtel currently has the third-largest number of mobile internet users in Nigeria after MTN and Glo.

There has been a steady increase in the number of internet subscribers that Airtel Nigeria maintains every month and this can be greatly attributed to the cheap 2G data plans at affordable prices available for various devices.

If you are considering buying a new Airtel SIM card or switching to Airtel because of the 2G package or any other common Airtel data package, then you need to know how to check your data balance.

Checking your Airtel data balance

There are many ways to check your Airtel data balance, which we will list in this article. You can choose the most suitable and easiest to remember in a short time.

Direct USSD code for all Airtel data plans

This USSD code works on all Airtel data plan packages, including Android, except BlackBerry plans.

What you need to do is dial: *141*11*0#, *123*10#, or *141*712*0# and you will see your data balance displayed immediately.

Instant SMS code for all Airtel data plans

This SMS code works on all Airtel data plan packages except BlackBerry plans. It even works on Android.

To check your data balance, just send: “Status” to 141. Make sure to remove the quotes when sending.

Airtel SmartSpeedo USSD Code

This process is somewhat complicated but easy to remember and navigate. You must dial *141# to enter the SmartSpeedo USSD menu. To get the “check data balance” option, you need to press * and then SEND.

After “Check Data Balance” appears on the new page, press 7 and press SEND to select “Check Data Balance”.

A notification will appear on your screen informing you that your data balance will be sent to you by SMS and you will receive your data balance within seconds.

This method intentionally works for normal data balance, BlackBerry data balance, and bonus data balance.

Airtel SelfCare USSD Code

Airtel’s SelfCare USSD menu interface is a complex yet easy-to-understand method that allows customers to check their number, current rate plan, migrate to other plans, check their data balance, and more.

To access Airtel’s SelfCare USSD menu, dial *121#; and on the USSD menu page, press 1 which stands for “My Profile” and then press SEND.

After several options appear on the next page, press 6 and submit to select “My Data Balance”. Once this is done, a notification will appear on your screen informing you that your data balance will be sent to you by SMS. It’s only a matter of seconds and you’ll see the balance of your data displayed right in front of you.

Are you tired of Airtel’s night plan? We have a post on this site to guide you on how to deactivate the Airtel night plan.

Airtel Night Plan Not Working: How To Fix It?

Here are some common troubleshooting tips if you can’t log in or even browse with Smart Trybe night plan:

  1. You have not migrated to Airtel Smart Trybe. Otherwise, dial *312# to migrate as soon as possible.
  2. You have insufficient call credit. Make sure to reload next time before trying to sign in.
  3. SIM card not registered. Is your SIM card registered or expired? Confirm the issue and register your SIM card before attempting to register again.
  4. Wrong configuration settings. Check if your configuration settings are correct. Or set it up by following the guide below.
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Airtel configuration settings:

  • Name – Airtel Nigeria
  • Username – leave blank
  • Password – leave blank
  • Access Point Name (APN) –
  • Home –
  • Now tap on Save.
  • Restart your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airtel Night Subscription

1.) Can I use the airtel night package without switching to a smart trybe?

Answer: No, you can only access this subscription if you use a smart trybe, so you need to migrate first.

2.) What is the Night Plan Code?

Answer: The code to sign up for airtel night is *312#. When choosing the code, choose 3 for Night navigation.

3.) How do I get 1.5 GB on Airtel Night Browsing?

Answer: Before Airtel got 1.5 GB of data for the N200, Airtel discontinued this offer. Currently, you can only get 250MB for N25. So if you subscribe 6 times per night, you can get 1.5 GB for 150 Naira.

4.) How to renew the Airtel night plan data pack?

Dial *312#

The same way you use it to sign up.

If you want to subscribe again, enter the code above and you’re done.

5.) Can I also use the Airtel night subscription during the day?

Do not.

I know you may be wondering how to use Airtel’s night plan during the day.

Unfortunately, it’s called the Airtel Smart Trybe Night Plan, which means it can only be used at night.

Have you seen the best Airtel rate plans that offer bonuses right now? Check them out.

6.) Can I transfer data from the night subscription?

No, you can’t

There is currently no option to transfer the data package from the night subscription, perhaps in the future.


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