Code to block my Access Bank account in 60 Seconds

Is there any Code to block my Access Bank account? Yes, you can block your Access Bank that is compromise to protect your funds, in this guide I will show you how to block your Access Bank account at any time.

The importance of securing money in a bank account cannot be overemphasized given that fraudsters are on the rise.

For example, several customers have lost every damn kobo in their accounts to criminals through phone theft or ATM cards. It becomes unbelievable how these fraudsters and thieves drain an account balance within minutes, in case someone falls victim to their activities.

Reasons You Might Want to Block Access Bank:

  • If the phone is stolen
  • If the business card is missing:
  • If the phone is used by someone else for a transaction that is not yours.

The guide below will help you with the Code to block my Access Bank account.

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Most customers often seem helpless in the face of this evolution. In this regard, Access Bank decided to improve the situation by offering a quick exit in such a situation.

This service is called “Opt-out from USSD Banking”, which implies that you can perform this task from any mobile device that is not necessarily your own, as linked to your Access bank account.

This service involves using code or the Access Bank USSD code to stay safe in case of danger.

Code to block my Access Bank account / USSD bank opt-out (*901*911#)

For security reasons, using *901*911# allows you to return to safety when attacked or in an emergency.

What this service does is immediately opt out of the USSD banking effect to ensure that anyone who accesses your mobile device does not cause further harm.

How to block Access Bank account from another phone with USSD code (*901*911#)

From any available telephone line, which is not necessarily connected to the Internet,

Dial *901*911#

This will take you to a page where you will be asked to enter your phone number associated with that account.

For example:

You dialed *901*911# from a third-party phone number and got a warning;

Deactivation of USSD Banking:

Enter the mobile number to be deactivated, by default the first 3 digits and the last 2 digits of the mobile number associated with your account are displayed, this is the number to be deactivated.

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Assuming “07034567890” is the number associated with your account, enter it as shown on the prompt screen.

Once this is done, immediately disable the USSD bank effect.

How To Block Access Bank Atm Card If Stolen?

In addition to short code to block access bank account, it is also necessary to block your ATM card in case you lose it or someone else gains unauthorized access.

You must protect your card data at the maximum level to avoid stories.

To secure your ATM card you may need to follow the instructions below,

  • Do not write your pin code down anywhere, keep it in your memory
  • Do not disclose this PIN to anyone, not even your partner
  • Don’t set the date of birth as PIN, they can be decoded easily
  • Make sure you know the account number and phone number of the card. This will help a lot in case your card is lost or stolen.
  • Never give out your card numbers over the phone
  • Inform your bank immediately in the event of theft or loss
  • It is dangerous to use your card for purchases on sites you do not trust, where it is a fraudulent site, card details can be used to make online purchases
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You can block your Access Bank ATM card by following one of the guidelines below;

Please contact: +23412802500, +23417332000 or +234 12712005-7 for card related issues.

You can also block ATM cards via the Access bank mobile app.

  1. Launch your mobile app
  2. Click on the map and check
  3. Manage cards
  4. Click on your account if you have multiple accounts
  5. Block
  6. Enter your pin and block the Access Bank ATM card and you’re done.

How To Unblock Your Access Bank Account

After deactivating your USSD bank card or ATM card, to return to its status, you must visit the nearest Access Bank branch, where you must make your intentions known in writing and sign where necessary.

You can also unblock your account by clicking this link.

Enter your username in the appropriate column and click on the “unlock icon”.

Code to block my Access Bank account Conclusion

You can block your Access bank account by signing out of the USSD bank and blocking your ATM card in the previously advised ways.

You can learn more from Access bank.