MTN Night Plan Code For 25 Naira – How to Get 2GB For 200 Naira?

What is the MTN night plan code for 25 naira? This post contains information on how to subscribe for 500 MB for N50 and 250 MB for N25 MTN Night Plan On Pulse – Get the validity, amount, and subscription code for the MTN Midnight Browsing Plan.

Are you an MTN mPulse user? This is where MTN’s browsing capability allows you to surf seamlessly all night long just by spending a token. This post is constantly updated to reflect the current prices of the MTN Night Browsing packages.

MTN Night Plan Code For 25 Naira – How to Get 2GB For 200 Naira? To get 2GB of data for 200 Naira on the MTN Night Plan, simply subscribe to the 500MB for 50 Naira plan four times. This gives you a total of 2GB of data at a very affordable price.

Compared to other nightly data plans in Nigeria, you would find that 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25 MTN night browsing plans are the same on most networks in Nigeria! For example, Glo offers 1 GB for 200, 9mobile offers 500 MB for 50, and Airtel, like MTN, offers MTN night plan code for 25 naira which gives 250MB.

You can read this post about the cheapest MTN rate plans to call Nigeria 2024. It has everything you need to know about their data plans in case you decide against the midnight browse plan shared here.

However, here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to run the MTN night plan on your mobile devices or other MTN devices with internet access. Let’s go right in!

What is the MTN Night Plan?

The MTN Night Plan is a special data plan designed for those who love to use the internet late at night. With this plan, you can access the internet at super-affordable rates between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM. This plan comes in two options:

  • 250MB for 25 Naira: Ideal for light browsing and social media.
  • 500MB for 50 Naira: Perfect for streaming videos or downloading small files.
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How to activate MTN Night Browsing on Pulse via USSD code?

There are two types of MTN night plans: 500 MB for N50 and 250 MB for N25! This step-by-step guide will show you how to activate one of the MTN night plans for midnight browsing. Let’s start…

Step 1: Migration to the MTN mPulse rate plan

Make sure you’re on the MTN Pulse fare. This is the only rate that allows you to surf your line at midnight. Ignore this step if you are already part of this subscription. On the other hand, you can read my post on how to know the current rate plan on your connection to be sure.

Migrate to MTN Pulse; Just dial *123# » Select rate plan migration by entering 2 » Select Pulse » Enter 1 to migrate to MTN Pulse.

Step 2: Activate your favorite midnight schedule

Charge your phone with 25 or 50, depending on your rate. Then follow the methods below to activate a subscription.

Dial *406# and choose your favorite bundle plan from the Pulse Nightlife Bundle menu. or select *406 * 3 * 1 # for 250 MB / 25 bundles and * 406 * 3 * 2 # for 500 MB / ₦ 50 bundles.

Step 3: start browsing

After receiving an SMS success notification. Open your browser and start surfing. To track your data usage, scroll down to learn how to check your Nightlife Bundle balance on MTN.

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Nightlife bundleUSSD CodeSMS
500MB/₦50*406*3*2#SMS NT2 to 131
250MB/₦25*406*3*1#SMSNT1 to 131

How To Get 2GB For 200 Naira – MTN Night Plan

  • Dial * 406 #
  • Respond by pressing 3 to select the MTN nightlife plan.
  • Then answer 2 to select 50 nairas for the 250 MB plan.
  • Go ahead and answer 1 to confirm that you want to buy the data package. You will now receive a message that your nightly rate subscription has expired successfully.
  • Try 3 more times and you will get 2 GB for 200 naira
  • Please note that you cannot exceed 2 GB in one night.

MTN Night Plan Code For 25 Naira And 50 Naira – Important Details To Keep In Mind:

This subscription only works between 11 PM and 6 AM and has a data limit of 250 MB for the N25 and 500 MB for the N50. Also, keep in mind that this plan can be done multiple times and works well on all devices.

You can subscribe to 500MB Pulse Nightlife Bundle packs multiple times, but NOT more than 2GB in one day. For example, you can activate the 500 MB Pulse Nightlife Bundle four (4) times (i.e. 500 MB x 4 = 2 GB).

You CANNOT transfer your unused Pulse Nightlife Bundle credit. All unused Pulse Nightlife Bundle credits will be removed after 6:00 AM.

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How to check MTN night data balance?

In the past, the balance of the MTN Nightlife Bundle could not be verified. MTN recently released a working USSD code that can be used to check the remaining data balance to track your data usage.

To check your Pulse Nightlife Bundle balance, dial *559*96#.

If this code doesn’t work, you need to use a clever trick like the one in this article (see link) below. However, MTN will periodically message you if you use the night schedule slowly.


If you’re looking to maximize your data budget and enjoy late-night browsing, the MTN Night Plan is a fantastic choice. By strategically taking advantage of the 500MB for 50 Naira option, you can unlock 2GB for a mere 200 Naira. Give it a try and see how much you can save!

As always, I appreciate you reading my blog posts here on Let me know if you have any other questions about the MTN Night Plan – I’m here to help!