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How To Check GLO Bonus Balance In 2021?
How To GLO

How To Check GLO Bonus Balance and Data Balance in 3 Methods

Would you like to know how to check GLO bonus balance and how to check GLO data balance? GLO Nigeria is a very popular telecommunication company in Nigeria known for its huge bonus and cheap data plans. This article explains how to check the Glo Bonus balance in 2024.

You can enjoy great Glo subscriptions and save money by regularly updating your balance to a certain amount and renewing the subscription for the next period. Bonuses or free airtime are some of the benefits of such regular updates, and these bonuses can be used by Nigerians to make calls and send text messages (sometimes to surf the web).

How To Check Glo Bonus Balance?

Globacom Nigeria account users should have no problem checking their balance, bonuses, and data package type. There are several methods to check the Glo bonus balance.

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Method 1: USSD Glo Bonus Code

Take your smartphone and prepare to call the USSD number

Dial the number 122# and you will see the information about your bonuses and their expiration date. This includes all the bonuses you have, both Nigerian and international.

  • #122*34# – a simple USSD number for Glo Welcome Back offers for users who want to know their blocked bonus balance
  • #122*35# – This is a quick code to view unlocked bonuses for those who have subscribed to the Glo Welcome Back offer
  • #122*2# – It’s a quick code that you can use if you are subscribed to the BUMPA package
  • #127*0# – Use this simple USSD number to verify your Glo data plan bonus
  • #122 * 10 # – Dial this number for information about your campus amplification voice.

Method 2: How To Check Glo Bonus Balance Using USSD Code

This is another method you can use if you want to know your bonus balance on the Glo network: take your smartphone. Press the combination *777# on it. Dial this number and select the “Manage data” option. Now simply select “data credit” and you will receive information about the Glo bonus credit.

Method 3: How to Check Glo Bonus Balance Using SMS

This is a great way to check your bonuses and balance:

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Create a new text message on your smartphone. It must contain a capital INFO.

Text this message to a quick 3-digit number 127. Wait for the reply. In return, you will receive a text message with details of your balance, expiration date, and other details. By the way, you can learn more about bonuses that you can enjoy when you upgrade your data plan by visiting the official Glo website, and checking your data plan along with the additional free call or data options.

Bonuses or free airtime are one of the benefits of such regular updates, and these bonuses can be used by Nigerians to make calls and send text messages (sometimes to surf the web).

How To Check Glo Data Balance?

After discussing how to check the GLO airtime bonus balance, let’s now discuss how to check the Glo data balance.

How to Check Glo data balance online?

As you can check your GLO bonus online, you can also check your GLO data balance online as well. To do this, go to the Glo HSI portal and enter all the necessary details.

How to check Glo Balance data via USSD?

The USSD code option on Glo is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To check your data balance through the USSD code, dial *127*0#, and a pop-up message will appear on the data balance screen with the offers. You can also dial *777# and select your current subscription. Then select manage data to get your data balance.

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How To Check Glo Data Balance Via SMS

How to check the glo data balance via SMS? Glo Data Balance can be checked via SMS through these simple steps.

Send INFO to 127 and you will receive a text message with your data balance.

Conclusion – How to check Glo bonus balance

Here is a full article on how to check your glo bonus balance. You can check your Glo Bonus balance using the easy-to-remember USSD codes or other two cool methods. Write your questions and your contribution in the comment box.

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