How to unfreeze my UBA account? Customers usually get frustrated by the bank because the Post No Debit (PND) is illegally placed on the customer’s account. Post Geen Debit (where the customer is blocked for transactions with his account). The law protects the customer by establishing rules that the bank must follow before depositing PND into a customer account. However, these rules are often violated. This short and insightful article is for you if your UBA bank is trying to violate your legal rights. It is important to point out in legal parlance that there is a technical meaning for bank, banker, customer, and employee (for the sake of simplicity, the common usage of the above words is used in this article).

There are several reasons a customer’s account can be blocked by the bank. However, it is good to start by listing the bank’s obligations towards a customer and vice versa. This post will show you why UBA bank can freeze your account and how to unfreeze my UBA account.


  • Confidentiality
  • Obligation to cash a check
  • Don’t pay without authority
  • Duty to provide precise investment advice
  • Due diligence


  • Check requirement to avoid fraud
  • Reporting obligation for counterfeit/fraudulent transactions


In general, the bank cannot block a customer’s account without a court order. However, the banker is authorized to block a customer’s account if there is evidence of fraud in the account. In principle, the bank can block a customer’s account for the following reasons;

  • A debt of the customer towards the bank: The customer can take out a loan from the bank, but in the event of default in payment, the bank reserves the right to block the customer from revocation.
  • Fraudulent Transaction: This can happen when bogus checks are issued, money laundering, terrorist financing, illegal activity, etc.
  • Tax Duty / Student Loans: The government may ask a bank to freeze an account with unpaid taxes and student loans.
  • Court Ruling: There are several reasons why the court can issue an order to block a customer’s account; for example, a believer can demand a judgment against the customer. If the creditor has successfully obtained a court order against the customer, the bank is authorized to block the customer’s account. The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria may exercise his powers under BOFIA and other relevant laws to obtain an injunction against the client’s account. The security authorities such as EFCC, ICPC, police, DSS, and other public prosecutors can apply to the court to have the customer’s account blocked.

The reasons in the preceding paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 give the bank the unrestricted right to block a customer’s account without a court order. All reasons other than those mentioned in numbers one to three require a court order. In practice, however, banks resort to arbitration blocking customer accounts without following the due legal process. The court has warned the bank against the temptation to freeze a customer’s account without a court order.


  • Visit the bank and look for an explanation. The bank will inform you of the reason for the account being blocked. If you are not at fault, ask for the PND to be lifted.
  • If there is no fraud, you are not obligated to the bank, you are not liable for tax if the bank immediately revokes the PND, otherwise, you can sue for damages.
  • If there is a court order against your account, see your lawyer.

Conclusion – How To Unfreeze My UBA Account

From the foregoing, it has been established that the customer’s exclusive right to their bank account is protected by law. If the bank violates the rules, the customer can assert his right in court and claim damages. The bank must exercise its power of PND with caution to avoid unnecessary lawsuits that go beyond monetary claims and destroy hard-earned goodwill.