How to unblock my gtbank account with 737 – Are you a GTBank customer and probably haven’t used your account with the bank in a while? So your account is now dormant.

That said, you’d like to get your account back inactive status, but you don’t want to go to the branch to do it, due to your very tight schedule and other commitments.

If this sounds like you…I’m happy to tell you that the how to unblock my gtbank account with 737 article you’re about to read will meet and exceed every point of your need in this regard.

How To Unblock My GTBank Account With 737

  • Call *737*11# on your registered mobile phone at the bank
  • Enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN) in the column displayed
  • Enter your account officer code if you know it, please select “1” to continue te
  • You must initiate a transaction by purchasing/upgrading your phone with N100 airtime to complete the reactivation. It’s just that simple.

GTBank Account Restrictions.

Account restriction refers to a situation where your account is not allowed to perform certain transactions. This can be due to incomplete documentation, certain account class, BVN associations etc.

Your account will most likely be restricted from performing the following trades in time like this.

  • Money transfer
  • Top up calling credit
  • Check payment to third party etc.
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Pay bill etc

How do you know if your GTBank account is active?

A bank account automatically becomes inactive if no activity is recorded on such account for a period of nine months and more.

However, it is also noteworthy to understand that an account that is not used for a long time can be inactive or dormant.

An account is called inactive if no activity is recorded in such an account within a period of 6 months. Such an account can be activated by simply depositing into such an account. Once the fund reaches the account, it automatically becomes active and operational again.

Whereas a dormant account needs to be actively reactivated before transactions can be further handled.

On the above question, you can know if your GTBank account is active by at least trying to charge your phone with the 737 USSD if you have some money in your account before you stopped using the account.

If your account is properly funded and you have been able to charge your phone with at least N100, your account is active.

Try making another trade, if you succeed, chances are your account is still active.

GTBank Dormant Account Restriction Form

If somehow you are unable to reactivate your account from the comfort of your home from the above process, visit any GTBank branch. Request a dormant reactivation form for your account from customer service, they will afford you one.

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Fill it out properly and send it back to the officer who will handle and reactivate your account.

How to upgrade your gtb account

Please visit the nearest GTBank branch with the following:

  • Valid ID card which could be (national ID card, driver’s license, international passport or permanent voter card)
  • If necessary, take a passport photo and an energy bill.
  • Upon arrival with the above document, you go directly to customer service and explain your problem. The officer will perform the necessary documentation and then upgrade your account.

GTBank Customer Service

You can contact GTBank customer service through one of the channels below:

  • +234 700 4826 66328
  • +234 1448 0000
  • +234 802 900 2900
  • +234 803 900 3900

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Official website


Conclusion – How To Unblock My GTBank Account With 737

Reactivating a GTBank account is now very simple and seamless, so you have no reason not to activate your account again. If you have a challenge, please mention it in the comment box.