How to enable Google Assistant on your Android smartphone

How to enable Google Assistant on your Android smartphone

Google Assistant was first released in October 2016 when the search engine giant unveiled its smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL. At this time, Google strongly confirms that the new AI personal assistant will be limited to some Google devices were quite surprised that even after the Nexus devices could not prove Google wizard.

However, things are gradually changing last month at the Mobile World Congress, several providers like LG, Nokia, and Lenovo (for Motorcycle devices) have announced that their next smartphones come with the built-in Google Wizard. Shortly after, the multinational US Google announced deputy come finally to Android devices Marshmallow and Nougat.

However, the update is planned to deploy only the English regions (USA) with other variants of English as well as soon German to follow. However, we have managed to hand a little nifty trick that actually allows Google to wizard on a smartphone with Android Marshmallow and Nougat. Follow this guide. Note that this tip does not work on your device because it does not work in some of our devices.

Step 1: Make sure your Google Play devices are updated to version 2.10.98 or later. Otherwise, download the latest version from here or wait for your device to update automatically.

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Step 2: Change the language of your device to English (United States ..). To do this, go to Device Settings> Language and Input> Switch to English (UU).

Step 3: Make sure your Google app is updated to the latest version. Otherwise, go to Google Play Store and update the Google app. My device works under version at the time of writing this story.

Step 4: Clear the Google Apps data cache. This will remove all previous settings from the Google app. Also, make sure that the language of your Google app is English (US)

Step 5: Once done, touch and hold the Home button on your device and see a pop-up message asking for the background starting with ‘Google Wizard’. Have fun!

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