How To Check GOTV Balance And How To Check DSTV Balance 2024?

How to check GOTV balance and how to check DSTV balance? If you are a DsTV or GoTV subscriber and want to know your balance, this article will help you. Please take a moment to read through to the end. Be sure to try it out right away and then share your experience.

How To Check DSTV Balance?

Check your DsTV balance, there are several ways to check it. You can view the website online, via SMS, and through the DsTV app.

How to check DSTV balance Via SMS?

Follow the steps below to check via SMS;

  • Navigate to your texting menu on your phone to create one.
  • Enter “BAL”, leave a space, then enter the DSTV smart card number, which is 10 digits long
  • Forward the SMS to 30333
  • You will receive an answer from DSTV.

How To Check DSTV Balance Through The App?

Follow the steps below to check your DSTV balance through the DSTV app;

  • Launch the app on your device
  • Log in with the DSTV smart card and your mobile phone number.
  • Navigate and click on “Account” and your account balance will be displayed.
  • The app must be set to Nigeria when the app was set up. This is very important.
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Checking the DSTV balance on the DSTV website

Follow the steps below to check the DSTV balance through the website;

  • Log in to
  • Log in with your DSTV smart card and phone number
  • Navigate and click on “Account”
  • Your DSTV balance is displayed.

With the above information, you can use any methods suitable for you to check your DSTV balance.

How to check the GOTV balance?

It’s a lot easier to check your account balance on GoTV. You can check your balance by SMS or online through the GoTV website. Below are the procedures for checking the GoTV balance;

How to check my GOTV balance via SMS?

Follow the steps below to check your GoTV balance via SMS;

  • Navigate to your SMS menu on your phone to create one
  • Enter “balance”, leave a space followed by the IUC number or smart card number, and skip to 4688.
  • You will receive a response with the desired details.

How to Check GoTV Balance Online

Follow the steps below to check your GoTV balance online;

  • Log in to
  • Navigate and click on the menu icon
  • In the menu list, click on eazy self-service
  • Navigate through the eazy self-service list and click on my account
  • Log in with your IUC number and phone number. Your account information will be displayed.
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For further questions, you can contact the GoTV or DsTV customer service representative online via social media (Facebook, Twitter) to help you check the balance if you wish. Be sure to include your country when registering your request. You can also ask your installer, he will help you.