March 21, 2023
How To Change My First Bank Phone Number 2021?
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How To Change My First Bank Phone Number? The transaction alert is a way to keep you informed or show you around events happening in your bank account. This way you know how much you will be charged and what the costs are. It also means that you are kept informed of how much money is coming in or going out of your First bank account and from whom, even if it is yours.

At First Bank, there are two types of reporting services available to their customers. All customers can choose one or use both types. These types of notifications are SMS notifications and email notifications. The former incurs a cost, while the latter is free for the customer. These two options are usually made available from any Nigerian bank.

The SMS notification service is normally activated on the mobile phone number registered in the bank account at the time of registration. Please note that this is not done automatically, you must check this in the account opening form. There is usually a monthly fee that varies from account to account based on the number of trades made.

How To Change My First Bank Phone Number?

To remove the SMS notification through the internet banking platform is very easy, but you need to register on the internet banking platform first. With internet banking, you can access your bank account online anytime, anywhere in the world. Start with the registration;

  • Visit a First Bank branch near you
  • Navigate to customer service and indicate your intention
  • You will receive a form to fill in. Fill in the details and make sure to check them before submitting.
  • Your login details will then be sent to your email address. You are now registered on the platform and can log in.
  • Change your password after successful login
  • Choose and answer four (4) security questions

Then create your True Stamp by creating a word or phrase with an image and you’re good to go.

  • To remove the SMS notification via the internet banking platform, follow the steps below;
  • Login to
  • Navigate and click on the Online Banking tab
  • Log in with your access data
  • Select the Warning tab from the menu.
  • From here you can disable the SMS notification service
  • Then run the security check to make sure it’s your account and save the change. Once this is successful, you will no longer receive SMS notifications and you will not be charged.
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How To Change Your Phone Number In Internet Banking At The First Bank

You can also change your telephone number via internet banking from the first bank. Here are the steps to do this;

  • Login to
  • Navigate and click on the Online Banking tab
  • Log in with your access data
  • Select the Information Update tab from the menu.
  • Then click the edit phone number icon to change the number.
  • Check the mobile phone number you entered
  • Go through the security check and save the change.

This process is not really different from other banks. You must first register and then log in to your account to make the desired changes.