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Advances in technology have made the provision of a remote loan system one of the advantages of a modern bank. Which in turn means you don’t have to wait in long lines or fill out a multitude of documents.

Zenith’s loan offer can be helpful, especially in an emergency, no matter who or where you are. As long as you have a bank account, getting a loan from Zenith bank just got easier.

Zenith Bank offers a wide range of loans, from personal loans, mortgage loans, and SME loans, which are designed to meet the financial needs of its customers. However, you can always compare different loan offers in just a few minutes here.

Zenith Bank is the pioneer in the banking industry of Nigeria and it is easy to see why. From excellent customer support to a variety of financial services carefully tailored to each customer, it’s easy to see why Zenith is at the top. Here we take a look at How to borrow money from zenith bank using ussd code.

How can I borrow money from Zenith Bank without collateral and what is the interest rate?

Zenith Bank Payroll Advance is a line of credit offered by Zenith Bank that comes with a relatively low-interest rate. They offer up to 60% of the borrower’s salary at less than 5% interest with an easy repayment option. It is one of those quick money loans offered by Zenith Bank that does not require collateral and provides financial assistance to those in need but who for some reason cannot get regular loans.

Zenith Bank Loan Eligibility

After meeting all the requirements of the bank, they quickly approve your loan. The age limit is at least 18 years and younger than 60 years. You must also earn a minimum of 10,000 Naira per month as salary and not have a pre-existing loan from the bank or any other bank.

How much can you borrow from Zenith bank?

With the Zenith Salary Advance Loan, you can borrow up to 60% of your monthly income.

How long does Zenith Bank loan application take?

The application process is usually immediate and, at best, takes a day to be approved and paid to the applicant.

Application for a loan

You must contact the bank through one of the available communication channels. This can be done by e-mail or telephone at 234-1-2787000. You can also visit the nearest Zenith bank branch.

Code to get a loan from Zenith Bank

The Zenith Bank easy loan code is *966#. This is the bank’s USSD code that allows you to perform almost all banking transactions directly from your mobile phone. You can also apply for the salary advance credit from the bank using the USSD code. However, you must register before making any trades.

How To Borrow Money From Zenith Bank Using USSD Code?

The code to borrow money / take out a loan from Zenith Bank is *966*11#, but below are the steps required to make the acquisition a success:

  • Start the keypad on your mobile phone and enter 96611# loan code
  • Enter the amount/loan you want to borrow
  • Enter 1 (Yes) to confirm the loan purchase.

How to repay the Zenith bank loan?

You don’t need to do anything unusual to repay Zenith’s bank loan when it’s due. All you need to do is make sure that the Zenith bank account you used for the loan has enough funds. The bank will debit your account directly.


We can all find ourselves in a difficult financial situation one day, and this is nothing to write home about. Things can get tough and we need a little push now and then, and the loan from Zenith Bank is doing its job well. Buy one today if you need it.