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How To Get POS Machine From Opay?

How to get POS machine from Opay? This page contains essential information on how to get Opay POS machine, how to become an Opay agent, and apply for an Opay POS machine. As you learn all that, you will learn what it takes to complete Opay agent registration

First of all, make sure that Opay is an online mobile transaction in Nigeria owned by Opera software, the main owners of Opera Mini and web browsers. The app is already operational in Kenya and South Africa.

To become an OPay agent, certain rules apply. Number one, you have a mobility resource, you also download the Opay app for Android and register in full.

However, the application procedures are very simple but if you are skeptical about registering an Opay agent yourself, you can quickly read our article on how to get Opay POS machine.

At this point, we would like to show you how to apply for an Opay POS machine. Keep in mind that this process only happens after you are done applying for an opay agent online.

How do I qualify to apply for an OPay POS in Nigeria?

Agents should be familiar with the transaction patterns and user interface of the app. You must therefore be able to perform multiple transactions with the OPay App.

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The full high transaction volume within four weeks of using the OPay app.

How To Get Opay POS Machine – How to get POS machine from Opay?

1. Create an Opay Account

Before you can apply for an Opay POS machine, you need to have an Opay account. If you don’t have one already, download the Opay mobile application or visit their official website to register. Ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process.

2. Business Registration

To be eligible for an Opay POS machine, you must register your business or brand on the Opay platform. This step is crucial as it helps Opay verify your legitimacy as a merchant. Make sure to have all the necessary business registration documents ready for submission.

3. Upgrade to Level 3

Once your business is registered, open the Opay app and go to the “Me” section. Click on the picture icon at the top left to access your Account Details. Here, you’ll find the option to upgrade your account to Level 3. Follow the prompts and upload a clear picture of yourself to complete the upgrade.

4. Log in to the Opay App

After upgrading to Level 3, log in to the Opay app on your device. Navigate to the ‘Merchant Apply’ section, where you will be prompted to enter all the necessary information requested by Opay. This may include details about your business, contact information, and other relevant data.

5. Upload Transaction Details

During the application process, you’ll be required to upload transaction details to provide Opay with a better understanding of your business activities. Ensure that you accurately input all the required information and upload the necessary documents to expedite the approval process.

6. Wait for Approval

Once you have submitted your application and provided all the necessary details, patiently wait for Opay to review and approve your request. This process may take some time, so regularly check your email and the Opay app for updates.

7. Receive Your Opay POS Machine

Upon approval, Opay will provide you with a POS machine, allowing you to accept digital payments from your customers. Ensure that you follow any additional instructions provided by Opay for the setup and use of the POS machine.

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Opay POS Machine Price In Nigeria

How much is Opay POS machine? The OPay POS application is FREE. The latest official Opay POS machine Price In Nigeria is N50,000 for OPay Smart POS, N35,000 for OPay Traditional POS, and N8,500 for OPay Mini POS.

The Opay Android/Smart POS price is N35,000. Opay recently lowered the Opay POS machine Price In Nigeria of their POS because they removed the target. This means that after paying this amount, you don’t have to complete any more goals and you have full control over the POS. However, remember that Opay will automatically block your POS if you haven’t used it for 6 consecutive days.

How much does OPAY POS Charge?

The fee for OPAY is 0.5% on withdrawals up to N20,000 and N100 on withdrawals over N20,000 and N10 for deposits of N5000 and under, N20 for deposit forms N5,001 and up to N10,000 and any transfer over N10, 000 is N30

Important note: Opay gives you a commission/bonus out of these fees and the amount of commission you receive is determined by your current tier. There are 3 different tiers at Opay based on the total amount of your monthly withdrawals as shown below:

Different categories of sellers on Opay POS machines

  1. Regular trader: < N2,9999,999 withdrawal monthly
  2. Gold Dealers: Between N3,000,000 and N4,999,999 total withdrawals per month
  3. Platinum Trader: N5,000,000+ monthly total withdrawal

This means you will be charged N5 for every N1000 you pay out to a customer for an amount under N20,000 and N100 for every payout over N20,000 (note this applies to all merchants but the difference between the various dealers in the commission) /bonus Opay returns to their wallets based on merchant level).


  • Platinum traders receive a 15% discount (commission) on withdrawal
  • Gold traders receive a 10% discount (commission) on withdrawal
  • Regular traders get an 8% discount (commission) on withdrawal

While deposit

  • Platinum traders receive a 30% rebate (commission) on the deposit
  • Gold traders receive a 25% discount (commission) on the deposit
  • Regular traders receive a 15% discount (commission) on the deposit
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The above is the breakdown of fees for each category of a merchant at Opay for both withdrawals and transfers/deposits

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should You Apply For OPay POS Machine In Nigeria?

The OPay POS application is ABSOLUTELY FREE. While you must keep at least N20k in your OPay wallet, it is called a security deposit. Once the POS request is approved, the deposit will be charged to your wallet. The N20k will only be refunded when the agent returns the payment terminal.

When will I get the OPay POS after signing up?

The turnaround time for pending OPay POS requests is 24 hours. This means that if you apply for the OPay POS machine in Nigeria at 2 pm today, you can have it before 2 pm tomorrow. You will receive a text/email once it has been approved or declined.

What is the OPay POS Fee and Commission Structure?

Opay POS fees and commission structure vary depending on the volume of the transaction made through the terminal.

Do I need BVN to apply for Opay POS?

No, you do not need a bank verification number to request an Opay cash register.

Where can I pick up my POS terminal?

After registration and registration for Opay pos, your pick-up location will be sent by email.

What should I do if I have a problem with the Opay POS machine device afterward?

Once your request for the POS terminal is approved, you will be contacted by the support team responsible for agents about retrieving the POS device for immediate use. A technician will also be assigned to take care of you and other OPay agents in your area. The business has begun.

For issues and questions regarding any of these steps, please contact OPay via email at


Obtaining an Opay POS machine is a straightforward process that involves business registration, upgrading your account, and submitting necessary details through the Opay app. By following these steps, you can enhance your business operations, provide a seamless payment experience for your customers, and stay at the forefront of the digital payment revolution.

Now that you know how to get a POS machine from Opay, take the first step towards transforming your business into a cashless and efficient operation. If you have any further queries or need assistance, refer to Opay’s customer support or visit their official website for additional information.

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