How To Fix Samsung Note 9 LED Notification Light Not Working?

How to fix Samsung Note 9 LED notification light not working? The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a practical notification LED on the front that keeps you informed of new messages, missed calls, or other notifications.

However, if you do not see this LED when there is a new notification, e.g. because it is not blinking, please check the following settings and tips to solve the problem:

Samsung Note 9 Led Notification Light Not Working in Android Settings?

First, open the app menu on your smartphone and then the settings. Go to the menu item “Display”. In the next submenu you can already see the option:

LED screen

Here the controller must be set to “on”. If so, it’s not because of that attitude.

Disable Ultra Power Saving Mode

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to MAX, the LED may stop blinking or glowing when there are new messages, calls, or notifications.

To fix the Samsung Note 9 LED notification light not working, set the power saving mode to “Medium” or “Off”.

Perform a reboot

If the LED does not light up either, we recommend that you restart your smartphone.

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Wipe cache partition

This method will not delete your data! Only old temporary system files are cleared from the cache. However, they are often responsible for a software bug in Android, for example, the LED no longer works properly.

We hope this also helped your Samsung note 9 LED notification light not working to turn the LED back on when a new notification arrives.