How To Browse With Airtime on MTN and How To Stop It in Nigeria?

Would you like to know how to browse with airtime on MTN? This post shows how to browse on MTN with airtime.

Let’s go get it. MTN Nigeria is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Nigeria and their network service is widely available.

From time to time they offer both new and existing customers a fantastic airtime and data bonus just like the mtn 1GB for N200 welcome bonus for runaway customers. Learn how to activate mtn 200 for 1gb for 7days here.

Of course, they give airtime bonuses, either on top-up, based on the rate plan you are on when you get your lost Sim back, or by surprise.

Today I’ll show you how to browse on MTN anytime, anywhere with your airtime.

However, you need to follow this how to browse with airtime on MTN article step by step.

How To Browse With Airtime On MTN?

There is a simple code to browse on MTN with airtime. All you need to do is open your device chooser and apply the following:

  • Just dial *131*200# or use the MTN Pay As You Go code
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How To Browse With Airtime On MTN Using  PAYG Code?

  • Text “RESET” to 131 to start browsing with airtime.
  • As soon as you choose the code above, you will receive a message from mtn that you are browsing on PAYG N3/MB.
  • Now even MTN Pulse subscribers with airtime browse on MTN.

Each time you have used up your data plan, you will continue to browse with your account balance.

What To Know About “MTN Browse With Airtime”

It’s called MTN PAYG, which means Pay As You Go, and allows you to browse with your airtime.

Yes, the service was started by MTN to enable users to browse at a speed of 3 Naira per megabyte (N3/MB).

It cannot activate itself. Even if you have exhausted your active data packet and have airtime, all data connections will be broken.

You must choose PAYG to power all browsers and access the internet with your airtime.

It’s funny when most people enjoy free browsing on their mobile phones without realizing that PAYG is activated and they browse with the money in their account.

How to browse with airtime on MTN? Follow these simple recommendations below.

Do you notice an unnecessary deduction from your MTN balance? Here is how to stop MTN from deducting your Airtime balance.

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How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On MTN

If you want to know how to stop browsing with airtime on mtn, you have to deactivate PAYG, and do the following:

  • Just dial *131*201# to log out.

How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On MTN – Stop PAYG Code

  • Text “SUSPEND” to 131 to cancel or deactivate browsing on MTN.

Yes, after entering the code above or sending the message to MTN, all data connections are broken and you will no longer browse with airtime the next time (unless you activate it again).

Short Questions And Answers About PAYG (Q&A)

In this section, I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions. See the answers below.

Will I be billed for using the PAYG service?

No, registration is free. You will be charged 0.00K for Pay-As-You-Go activation on your connection.

Do I have to pay to unsubscribe?

No, you don’t pay a cent to cancel it. It is free.

Will it work if I upgrade my MTN line and activate PAYG?

Yes, you browse at the N3/MB rate.

Make sure to upgrade your MTN SIM card to 4G LTE and get 10GB or 4GB of data for free

How do I sign up for PAYG browsing?

To sign up for PAYG browsing, easy;

  • Dial *131*200#.
  • Send RESET to 131.
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How can I deactivate PAYG browsing? To deactivate PAYG browsing, it is enough:

  • Dial *131*201#
  • Send SUSPEND to 131.

Can I browse on Airtel & Glo with Airtime?

Yes, other networks have PAYG service. All you need to do is enter the activation code to get started. However, Glo Nigeria may activate Flexi Recharge browsing without your permission.

Conclusion – How to browse with airtime on MTN

It can be very annoying to have airtime on your account that you don’t use. And these broadcast times were usually made available to you free of charge, now what?

The guide above shows how to browse with airtime on MTN. Share this post with friends and family on social media using the provided share buttons.